"Alfonso" (Italian and Spanish), "Alfons" (Catalan and German), "Afonso" (Portuguese), "Affonso" (Ancient Portuguese), "Alphonse" (Italian, French and English), "Alphons" (Dutch), or "Alphonso" (English and Filipino) is a masculine name, originally from the Gothic language.

The original meaning of the name is uncertain. It could be derived from "adal" "noble" and "funs" "ready" or from the name "Hildefuns", which is preserved in the Spanish and Portuguese "Ildefonso" (Latinised as "Ildephonsus") and means "battle ready" ("hild" "battle" combined with "funs" "ready").

It is the name of many historical personages and others:

=Kings of Portugal=

*Afonso I of Portugal - (1109-1185)
*Afonso II of Portugal - (1185-1223)
*Afonso III of Portugal - (1210-1279)
*Afonso IV of Portugal - (1291-1357)
*Afonso V of Portugal - (1432-1481)
*Afonso VI of Portugal - (1656-1683)

Kings of Castile, León, Galicia or Asturias

*Alfonso I of Asturias - (739-757)
*Alfonso II of Asturias - (791-842)
*Alfonso III of León - (866-910)
*Alfonso Froilaz of Galicia - (925-926)
*Alfonso IV of León - (925-931)
*Alfonso V of Castile - (999-1028)
*Alfonso VI of Castile - (1065-1109)
*Alfonso VII of Castile - (1126-1157)
*Alfonso VIII of Castile - (1158-1214)
*Alfonso IX of León - (1171-1230)
*Alfonso X of Castile - (1252-1284)
*Alfonso XI of Castile - (1312-1350)

Kings of Aragon

*Alfonso I of Aragon - (1104-1134)
*Alfonso II of Aragon -- (1162-1196)
*Alfonso III of Aragon - (1285-1291)
*Alfonso IV of Aragon - (1327-1336)
*Alfonso V of Aragon - (1416-1458)

Kings of Spain

*Alfonso XII of Spain - (1857-1885)
*Alfonso XIII of Spain - (1886-1931)

Kings of Naples

*Alfonso I of Naples, the same as Alfonso V of Aragon
*Alfonso II of Naples - (1448–1495)

Kings of Sicily

*Alfonso I of Sicily, the same as Alfonso V of Aragon

Manikongo (Kings of the Congo)

*Afonso I of Kongo - (1505-1543)
*Afonso II of Kongo - (1561)
*Afonso III of Kongo - (1666-1667)

Other people


*Afonso de Santa Maria de Bragança, 2nd claimant in line to the Portuguese throne.
*Afonso, 1st Duke of Braganza, son of John I of Portugal.
*Afonso, Crown Prince of Portugal, son of John II of Portugal.
*Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese naval officer.
*Afonso, Duke of Porto, son of Louis I of Portugal.
*Afonso, Lord of Portalegre, son of Afonso III of Portugal.
*Afonso Alves, Brazilian footballer
*Alexandre Afonso da Silva, Brazilian footballer.
*Andrey Nazário Afonso, Brazilian Football Goalkeeper.
*Martim Afonso, formerly "Araribóia", leader of the Temiminó tribe in Brazil in the 16th century.
*Cardinal Afonso of Portugal, son of Manuel I of Portugal.
*João Afonso de Aveiro, Portuguese explorer.
*Jorge Afonso, Portuguese Renaissance painter.
*Mor Afonso, Mozarab mistress to Afonso III of Portugal.
*Nadir Afonso (born 1920), Portuguese painter.
*Paulo Afonso Evangelista Vieira, Brazilian politician.
*Zeca Afonso, Portuguese folk and political musician.


*Alfonso I d'Este, Duke of Ferrara during the time of the War of the League of Cambrai.
*Alfonso II d'Este, Duke of Ferrara from 1559 to 1597.
*Alfonso II, Count of Provence, second son of Alfonso II of Aragon.
*Alfonso III d'Este, Duke of Modena and Reggio (1628-44).
*Alfonso of Castile, Prince of Asturias, figurehead of rebelling magnates against his brother King Henry IV of Castile.
*Alfonso of Hauteville, Prince of Capua.
*Alfonso of Leon, Lord of Molina (1203-1272).
*Alfonso Soriano, a current Major League Baseball outfielder playing for the Chicago Cubs
*Alfonso of Spain, Prince of Asturias, heir-apparent of the throne of Spain 1907-31.
*Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso, former Wrestling referee & manager.
*Elvira Alfonso, Queen of Sicily.
*Fadrique Alfonso of Castile, fifth illegitimate child of Alfonso XI of Castile.
*Giovanni Alfonso Borelli, Italian physiologist and physicist.
*Alfonso of Spain, younger brother of current reigning King Juan Carlos of Spain.
*Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, claimant to the title of the head of House of Bourbon Two Sicilies.
*Alfonso John Romero, American video-game designer, programmer, and developer.
*José Alfonso Belloso y Sánchez, former Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador.
*Juan Alfonso de Baena, Castilian troubadour.
*Kristian Alfonso, American soap opera actress.
*Alfonso Pérez Muñoz, Spanish football (soccer) striker.
*Miguel Alfonso Pérez Aracil, Spanish football (soccer) midfielder.
*Michael Alfonso, or "Mike Awesome", American wrestler.
*Nicolás Salmerón y Alfonso, Spanish statesman.
*Ozzie Alfonso, American TV director and producer.
*Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Spanish playboy and businessman.
*Alfonso, Count of Caserta, Duke of Calabria and Head of the Royal House of the Two Sicilies.
*Ricardo Alfonso Cerna, famous suicider.
*X-Alfonso, Cuban hip-hop and afro-rock musician.


*Alphonse Capone, American gangster.


*Ildefonso Schuster, archibishop of Milan, Italy.
*Danny Ildefonso, Filipino basketball player.
*Ildefons Cerdà, Catalan urban planner.
*Ildefonso Lima, Andorran footballer.
*Ildefonso Puigdendolas, Spanish military officer.
*Ildefonso V. Vázquez, Governor of Nuevo León, Mexico, in 1915.
*Ildephonsus of Toledo, Saint and archbishop of Toledo in the 7th century.
*Teofilo Yldefonso, Filipino swimmer.

Fictional characters

*Alphonso MacKenzie, fictional character in the Marvel Universe
*Alfie Atkins, knon as "Alfons Åberg" in Swedish, character created by Gunilla Bergström from Sweden
*Alfonzo Dominico Jones, a dog in the Australian television series "SeaChange"
*Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice, character in the comic strip "Dick Tracy"
*"Alphonse and Gaston", French duo in a comic strip created by Frederick Burr Opper
*Alphonse Elric from "FullMetal Alchemist"
*Alphonse Mephisto, fictional character in the animated television series "South Park"
*Alfons Heiderich from ""
*Alphonso Ali, minor character in "Bloom County"
*Monsieur Alfonse, character in the BBC sitcom "Allo 'Allo!" played by the actor Kenneth Connor
*"Don Alfonso", character in Mozart's opera "Così fan tutte"
*The name of a number of pets and the Patlabor of Noa Izumi from the anime Patlabor.


*Afonso Cláudio, a municipality in Brazil.
*Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya, a municipality in the Philippines.
*Alfonso Lista, Ifugao, a municipality in the Philippines.
*Alfonso, Cavite, a municipality in the Philippines.
*Alphonse Atoll, in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.
*Alphonse Group, a group of atolls in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.
*Alphonse Island, in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.
*Cape San Ildefonso, a cape in the Philippines.
*Ildefonso Islands, group of islands in Chile.
*Paulo Afonso, a city in Brazil.
*Ribeira Afonso, a village in São Tomé and Príncipe.
*San Ildefonso Ixtahuacán, a municipality in Guatemala.
*San Ildefonso Peninsula, a peninsula in the Philippines.
*San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, a census-designated place in the USA.
*San Ildefonso, Bulacan, a municipality in the Philippines.
*San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur, a municipality in the Philippines.
*San Ildefonso, San Vicente, a municipality in El Salvador.
*San Ildefonso, a town in Spain.
*Santo Ildefonso, a parish in Portugal.


*Afonso Pena International Airport, an airport in Brazil.
*Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, also known as "Palmaseca International Airport", an airport in Colombia,
*St-Alphonse/Lac Cloutier Water Aerodrome, airport in Canada.


*Alfonso López Pumarejo Stadium, football stadium in Colombia.
*Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, football stadium in Spain.
*Estadio Alfonso Chico Carrasquel, multi-use stadium in Venezuela.
*Estadio Alfonso Lastras, multi-use unfinished stadium in Mexico.
*Estadio Alfonso Lopez, multi-use stadium in Colombia.
*Estádio D. Afonso Henriques, a football stadium in Portugal.
*Estadio Luis Alfonso Giagni, multi-use stadium in Paraguay.
*Stade Alphonse Massemba-Débat, national stadium of the Republic of the Congo.
*Stade Alphonse Theis, a football stadium in Luxembourg.


*"Ildefonso Altar" ("Der Altar des hl. Ildefonso"), a painting by Peter Paul Rubens.
*"Alfonso und Estrella", an opera by Franz Schubert.
*Alphonso, a mango found in India.
*Alphonso Psalter, a devotional Psalter.
*"Convent of St. Ildefonso", a book by Regina Marie Roche.
*HMS "Ildefonso", a British Royal Navy ship.
*Palacio Real de la Granja de San Ildefonso, a palace in the Spanish province of Segovia.
*"Alphonso", a book by Stéphanie Félicité Ducrest de St-Albin, comtesse de Genlis.

Treaty of San Ildefonso

*First Treaty of San Ildefonso of 1777 between Spain and Portugal.
*Second Treaty of San Ildefonso of 1796 between Spain and France, allying the two nations.
*Third Treaty of San Ildefonso of 1800 between Spain and France, by which Spain returned Louisiana to France.


ee also

*San Ildefonso (disambiguation)

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