Object-Oriented Programming in Common Lisp: A Programmer's Guide to CLOS

Object-Oriented Programming in Common Lisp: A Programmer's Guide to CLOS (1988, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-17589-4) is a book by Sonya Keene on the Common Lisp Object System. Published first in 1988, the book starts out with the elements of CLOS and develops through the concepts of data abstraction with classes and methods, inheritance, and genericity towards creating an advanced CLOS program using streams I/O. The book's brief table of contents is given below.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to CLOS Model
2. Elements of CLOS Programs
3. Developing a simple CLOS Program: Locks
4. Programming with Methods
5. Controlling the Generic Dispatch
6. Class Inheritance
7. Defining CLOS Elements
8. Redefining CLOS Elements
9. Creating and Initializing Instances
10. Procedural Definition: Initialization
11. Developing an Advanced CLOS Program: Streams
12. Highlights of CLOS

Appendix A Glossary of CLOS Terminology
Appendix B Syntax of CLOS Operators
Appendix C CLOS Operators Not Documented in This Book


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