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The Common Lisp HyperSpec is a hypertext html document which is not the ANSI Common Lisp standard, but is based on it with permission from ANSI and X3[1]. It is copyrighted by LispWorks Ltd[2]. It is approximately 15MB of data in 2,300 files which contain approximately 105,000 hyperlinks.

The HyperSpec is used by many Common Lisp development environments (examples are LispWorks, SLIME) for looking up reference information for the constructs of ANSI Common Lisp. The HyperSpec is also available for download.

Before the ANSI Common Lisp standard, the book Common Lisp the Language had been used as a Common Lisp standard reference.

Allegro Common Lisp has its own hypertext version of the ANSI Common Lisp standard.


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