Common Music Notation
Example CMN rendering

CMN (or Common Music Notation) is open source musical notation software. It is written in Common Lisp and runs on a variety of operating systems and Common Lisp implementations.

CMN provides a package of functions to hierarchically describe a musical score. When evaluated, the musical score is rendered to an image. An example score expression[1] and the image resulting from its evaluation is shown.

(cmn (size 24)
  (system brace
    (staff treble (meter 6 8)
      (c4 e. tenuto) (d4 s) (ef4 e sf)
      (c4 e) (d4 s) (en4 s) (fs4 e (fingering 3)))
    (staff treble (meter 3 4)
      (c5 e. marcato) (d5 s bartok-pizzicato) (ef5 e)
      (c5 e staccato tenuto) (d5 s down-bow) (en5 s) (fs5 e)))
  (system bracket
    (staff bar bass (meter 6 16)
      (c4 e. wedge) (d4 s staccato) (ef4 e left-hand-pizzicato)
      (c4 e tenuto accent rfz) (d4 s mordent) (en4 s pp) (fs4 e fermata))))

The output file format of CMN is Encapsulated PostScript.


  1. ^ CMN Manual

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