LispWorks is a commercial implementation and IDE for the Common Lisp programming language. The software runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and several commercial UNIX systems.

Harlequin ultimately spun off its Lisp arm as Xanalys, which took over management and rights to LispWorks. In January 2005, the Xanalys Lisp team formed LispWorks Ltd. to market, develop, and support the LispWorks software [] .

Some of LispWorks's features are
* the Common Application Programmer's Interface (CAPI) GUI toolkit, which provides native look-and-feel on Windows, Cocoa, and Motif
* an Emacs-like editor (source code is included in the Professional edition)
* a graphical debugger, inspector, stepper, profiler, class browser, etc.
* a native-code compiler
* a facility to generate standalone executables

The Enterprise edition also includes KnowledgeWorks, which adds Prolog features to Lisp; the CommonSQL database interface; and a CORBA binding.

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*Franz Inc's Allegro CL

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