Maryland Championship Wrestling

Maryland Championship Wrestling
Maryland Championship Wrestling
Acronym MCW
Founded 1998
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters Baltimore, Maryland
Founder(s) Dan McDevitt
Mark Shrader
Owner(s) Dan McDevitt (1998-present)
Mark Shrader (1998-2003)
Richard Caricofe (2006-present)[1]
Parent MSDM, Inc.

Maryland Championship Wrestling is a regional independent wrestling promotion based in Dundalk, Maryland, and has regularly run events in the Mid-Atlantic region since the late 1990s[2] as well as participating in numerous fundraising events throughout the state.[3][4][5]

Rivaling other east coast independent promotions such as East Coast Wrestling Association, Jersey All Pro Wrestling and the Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation, Maryland Championship Wrestling had many of the top cruiserweight and independent wrestlers in the region including current World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling wrestlers such as Christian York, Danny Doring, Mickie James, Amazing Red, Orlando Jordan, A.J. Styles, Joey Matthews, Samoa Joe and The Hardy Boyz with Amy Dumas.[6][7]

Wrestling Society X wrestler, Ruckus as well as many other popular independent wrestlers from the area and throughout the country are current regulars in the promotion. Other mainstays such as Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Chris Chetti, Mikey Whipwreck and Stevie Richards also regularly competed in the promotion while wrestling for Extreme Championship Wrestling.



Established by wrestlers Dan McDevitt and Mark Shrader as an extension of the wrestling school Bone Breakers Training Center, Maryland Championship Wrestling held its first card at Baltimore's Patapsco Arena on July 19, 1998, featuring Jerry Lynn, Devon Storm, Little Guido, Balls Mahoney, manager Jim Cornette and The Headbangers.

During that event, MCW held a six man match to crown the first ever Light Heavyweight Champion. The winner of the match was Shane Shamrock and due to his shooting death by police the following month, MCW named him as the lifetime Light Heavyweight Champion and replaced it with the Cruiserweight Championship.

Throughout the next year, the promotion featured veteran wrestlers such as Ricky Steamboat, Ricky Morton, Bobby Eaton, Tito Santana, The Iron Sheik, Sherri Martel, the Road Warriors, King Kong Bundy and Jerry "The King" Lawler, the latter two winning the promotion's heavyweight championship. Longtime mainstays such as Joey Matthews, Jimmy Cicero, Judus Young and Mickie James also began gaining popularity in the promotion.[8]

On March 27, 2002, Steve Wilkos of the Jerry Springer Show made a one night appearance teaming with Gillberg to defeat The Slackers, Chad Bowman and Dino Devine, in a tag team match in Glen Burnie, Maryland; the 1,267 in attendance setting a new record for its home arena Michael's Eighth Avenue ballroom.[9]

After holding its final card The Last Dance: Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup on July 16, 2003 at Michael's Eighth Avenue ballroom, in which over 1,000 fans were in attendance, the promotion announced its intentions to merge Maryland Championship Wrestling with its longtime rival the Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation (McDevitt and Shrader had originally left the promotion due to a business dispute with half its roster subsequently leaving for the newly established Maryland Championship Wrestling).[10]

Although operations officially ceased in 2003, McDevitt continued holding occasional cards exclusively at Fort Meade[11] under the "Fort Meade Wrestling" banner during the next several years before returning booking regular MCW events again as of February 26, 2006.

MCW made Baltimore headlines in October, 2006, with the booking of WIYY morning show personalities Kirk McEwen and Mark Ondayko as part of an eight-man tag match. Participating would have been a breach of their contract with their radio station, however. In the ensuing controversy, the longtime DJs left WIYY for rival WHFS.[12]

Although MCW had reportedly been in negotiations to become a developmental territory for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the promotion has had a longtime working relationship with the WWE as early as 2000 when a number of former WWF wrestlers made an appearance at an event in Bally's At Ocean Downs.[13] During the next several years, wrestlers such as Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi and Batista have made appearances as well as a number of former WCW and ECW wrestlers following the closing of both promotions.

Rage TV

The promotion also has a syndicated television show, Rage TV, which is also broadcast via the internet and now in its second season.[14] Both prior to and following its reopening, episodes of Rage TV has also been released to DVD.

In December 2000, local television producer Natasha Small filed a complaint to city officials in Bowie, Maryland in which she claimed she and her daughter had been subject to harassment stemming from a verbal confrontation with Rage TV host Jeff Jones during a television taping at the Bowie Community Television station on October 1, 2002. Although a written response by the city manager's office condemned both parties, no criminal or civil charges were filed against Jones or Maryland Championship Wrestling.

Small's claims were supported by former studio director Milly Hall who had previously filed a complaint accusing Jones of using the studio to produce tapes for sale over the internet and what she described as "pornographic-like images" appearing on the show's official website. Maryland Championship Wrestling denied these charges however and, while city officials admitted the possibility of the promotion using the show to "assist a commercial venture", the city notified producers of new policy updates to guard against such assistance.[15]

In April 2011, Rage TV came back to the air waves taped from the hallowed halls of Gillberg's Professional Wrestling Academy in Severn, MD. Recapturing the magic of the small TV studio tapings that made territories like Memphis and Florida as well as the NWA and WWF shows in the 70's and 80's you'd see on Saturday mornings, MCW has a new web episode available Wednesday nights currently as well as an archived site for those who might have missed an episode. Hosted by up and coming country music singer and the voice of MCW, Mark Bray and Maryland Wrestling legend Duane "Gillberg" Gill, MCW Rage TV provides a hard hitting half hour of non stop excitement that is providing the best wrestling Maryland has to offer.[citation needed]

Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup

One of the premier events held by Maryland Championship Wrestling, the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup is an annual tournament begun in 1999. The premise is that twelve wrestlers are placed in six one-on-one matches at the beginning of the show the tournament is held on, and the six winners advance to an elimination match, which is the show's main event.

The tournament is named in honor of Shane Shamrock, a popular MCW wrestler who was shot and killed during an altercation with police officers in 1998. The previous month, Shamrock had become first and only MCW Light Heavyweight Champion, having won the belt in a six-way match and was retired following his death.[16]

Ring of Honor: Survival of the Fittest

When MCW closed its doors in 2003, an arrangement was made with Ring of Honor, when it made its debut in the Baltimore area, to carry on the tradition of the Shane Shamrock Cup. At ROH's The Last Stand, it was announced ROH would continue the Shane Shamrock Cup on June 24, 2004. In March 2004, Rob Feinstein was forced to step down as owner of ROH when his legal problems became public. Less than a week before the tournament, Feinstein sold his share of ROH to Cary Silkin, proving he had actually had stake in the company for the past three months. This upset Maryland promoter Dick Caricofe, who was letting ROH use his Maryland Promoter's License, so he pulled out of the show. ROH was forced to move the show to Philadelphia, PA and renamed the show Survival of the Fittest. Survival of the Fittest has since become an annual ROH tournament.

Return of the Shane Shamrock Cup

When MCW reopened in February 2006, it was announced that they were bringing back the Shane Shamrock Cup. On July 9 in Dundalk, Maryland, the 2006 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup took place with Ruckus ending up winning the tournament. He also won the MCW Cruiserweight Championship during the tournament's finals.

MCW Shamrock Cup X

Maryland Championship Wrestling held its 10th Annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup (Branded as "MCW Shamrock Cup X") on July 31, 2010. The number one contender for the MCW Heavyweight Championship title, Ryan McBride opened the night in singles competition against reigning and defending champion Patrick Brink, defeating him (despite interference by Adam Cole and Tyler Hilton who were headed off by Cobian and Tommy Dreamer) with the 450° Splash to become the new MCW Heavyweight Champion.[17]

Defending tag-team champions Team MackTion would face off against The Hit Squad, CA Elliott and Nui Tofiga, and The Holy Rollers in a Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match. As a result of an attack on Nui Tofiga by his partner, CA Elliot, The Holy Rollers were able to pin Nui Tofiga and become the new Tag Team Champions.

Later in the night, Adam Cole and Tyler Hilton would issue a challenge to Tommy Dreamer that if they won, they would be able to participate in the upcoming TNA Pay-per-view event, Hardcore Justice. Tommy Dreamer accepted under the provision that if he won, his tag team partner, Cobian, would become the new MCW Rage champion. Adam Cole would be made to submit by Cobian by way of a Backbreaker. MCW Shamrock Cup X also saw the return of Mickie James to Maryland Championship Wrestling in a singles competition against Mia Yim, who she defeated with a Mickie-DT;[18] and a "Battle of the Blogs" match featuring The Baltimore Sun's sports columnist, Peter Schmuck,[19] and Fed-Up who were defeated in a Six-Man Tag Team match against The Baltimore Sun wrestling columnist, Kevin Eck,[20] Cole Calloway, and Ronnie Zukko by way of a Cutter from Kevin Eck to Peter Schmuck.

Prior to the nights events, several qualifying matches were held in a tournament to find out who would be participating in the six-man elimination-style bout. Because Ryan McBride had won the previous year, he did not have to qualify for the match. Rich Swann defeated Ruckus, Sami Callihan defeated Scott Reed, Teddy Stigma defeated Joe Ettell, and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Bobby Shields to qualify for The Cup. Christian York, taking the place of a recently retired Jose Maximo, would qualify for the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup by defeating The Best Around. He would then go on to defeat (in order of elimination from last to first) Ryan McBride, Teddy Stigma, Tommaso Ciampa, Rich Swann, and Sami Callihan to win the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, making him becoming the first man to do so three times.

Match Results

Matches Stipulations
Ryan McBride defeated Patrick Brink (c) Singles match for the MCW Heavyweight Championship
The Holy Rollers defeated Team MackTion (c), The Hit Squad, CA Elliott & Nui Tofiga Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match for the MCW Tag Team Championship
Cobian and Tommy Dreamer defeated Adam Cole (c) and Tyler Hilton|Tag Team Hardcore match
Mickie James defeated Mia Yim Singles match
Kevin Eck, Ronnie Zukko, and Cole Calloway defeated Peter Schmuck and Fed-Up[21] Six-Man Tag Team match
Christian York defeated Ryan McBride, Teddy Stigma, Tommaso Ciampa, Rich Swann, and Sami Callihan Six-man Elimination-Style Competition for the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

Shamrock Cup Results

Competitor Eliminated by
Sami Callihan Rich Swann
Rich Swann Tommaso Ciampa
Tommaso Ciampa Christian York
Teddy Stigma Ryan McBride
Ryan McBride (p) Christian York
Christian York Winner
(p) – refers to the previous winner heading into the match

MCW Shane Shamrock Cup 11

The 11th MCW Shane Shamrock Cup was held on July 30, 2011.[22][23][24]

Scheduled matches

# Match Stipulations
1 Nui Tofiga vs. Ronnie Zukko (with Candie & Jessie Kaye) (c) Singles match for the MCW RAGE TV Championship
2 Fed-Up vs. The Holy Rollers (with J.P. Callahan) (c) Leather strap, No Disqualification, No time-limit, Tag Team Match match for the MCW Tag Team Championships.
* If Fed-Up loses, they must disband forever. If The Holy Rollers lose they must retire from Professional Wrestling forever.
3 The Bruiser vs. Eric Cobian (c) Singles match for the MCW Heavyweight Championship
4 Country Strong, Black Wallstreet, The Darque Karnival, RK Blues, Zachary Shane(, and further unannounced competitors). Battle Royal
5 Kirby Mack, Sami Callihan, Josh Daniels, Oliver Grimsley, A.R. Fox Alexander James, Nathan Crown, Mike Posey, Kyle Matthews, Corey Hollis, Aden Chambers, Black Barrett, Ricky Reyes, and Vordell Walker Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match


Current championships

Championship Champion(s) Previous champion(s) Date won Location
MCW Heavyweight Champion Cobian Tyler Hilton May 19, 2011 Baltimore, MD
MCW Tag Team Championship The Holy Rollers Team Macktion July 31, 2010 Dundalk, MD
Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Sami Callihan Christian York July 30, 2011 Dundalk, MD
MCW Rage Championship Ronnie Zukko Cobian April 2, 2011 Severn, MD

Retired championships

Championship Champion(s) Previous champion(s) Date won Location Note
MCW Light Heavyweight Championship Shane Shamrock Dundalk, MD Shane Shamrock was the only champion. Shamrock was named lifetime Light Heavyweight Championship after his passing due to being shot. The Light Heavyweight Championship was replaced with the Cruiserweight Championship.
MCW Cruiserweight Championship Ryan McBride Adam Cole 12/26/2009 Dundalk, MD After McBride won the Rage Championship, the Cruiserweight championship was combined with the Rage TV title since he held both titles.

Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Winners

Year Name Date
1999 Christian York
2000 Qeenan Creed
2001 Joey Matthews
2002 Reckless Youth July 17, 2002 [25]
2003 Christian York July 16, 2003
2006 Ruckus July 7, 2006
2007 Josh Daniels July 8, 2007
2008 Derek Frazier July 19, 2008
2009 Ryan McBride July 11, 2009
2010 Christian York[17] July 31, 2010
2011 Sami Callihan July 30, 2011


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  • MCW: March Madness. DVD. Maryland Championship Wrestling, 2006.
  • MCW: Monster Mash. DVD. Maryland Championship Wrestling, 2006.
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  • MCW: Tribute to the Legends. DVD. Maryland Championship Wrestling, 2006.
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  • MCW: The Last Dance. DVD. Maryland Championship Wrestling, 2003.

Further reading

  • "Wrestling, all pumped up The violent, adult themes of today's pro wrestling are a far cry from the cartoonish characters of the 1980s. Should parents let their kids watch?". York Daily Record. 23 July 2001


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