List of television theme music composers

List of television theme music composers

The following contains composers of the primary theme music of a television series or mini-series.

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0 - 9

A - B

*Amanda Abizaid - "A Place In Time" (Theme from "The 4400")
*Mike Altman - "Suicide Is Painless" (Theme from "M*A*S*H")
*Jeff Beal - "Theme from "Monk" (first season only)
*Betty - "The L Word Theme (The Way That We Live)" (Theme from "The L Word"), "It Girl" (Theme from "Cover Shot")
*Natasha Bedingfield, Danielle Brisebois and Wayne Rodriguez - "Unwritten" (Theme from "The Hills")
*Drake Bell - "I Found a Way" (Theme from "Drake and Josh")
*Jake Black and Rob Spragg - "Woke Up This Morning" (Theme from "The Sopranos")
*Brian David Blush/Roger Meade Clyne (Theme from "King of the Hill")
*Perry Botkin Jr. - "Nadia's Theme" (Theme from "The Young and The Restless")
*Lou Briel - "No Te Duermas" (Theme from "No Te Duermas" (TV series) Telemundo, Puerto Rico

C - D

*Steve Carlisle - "WKRP in Cincinnati" (Theme from "WKRP in Cincinnati")
* Alex Chilton and Chris Bell of the band Big Star - "In the Street" (Theme from "That 70's Show performed by Cheap Trick")
*Robert Cobert - "Theme from "Dark Shadows"
*John Lennon & Paul McCartney - "A Little Help From My Friends" (Theme from "The Wonder Years")
*Marius Constant - "Theme from "The Twilight Zone"
*Stewart Copeland - "Theme from "The Equalizer"
*Alexander Courage - "Theme from ""
*Miley Cyrus - "Best of Both Worlds" (Theme from "Hannah Montana")
*The Dandy Warhols - "We Used To Be Friends" (Theme from "Veronica Mars")
*Darling Violetta - "Theme from "Angel"
*Daughtry - "Home" (Theme from "Beach House")
*Delia Derbyshire - "Theme from "Doctor Who"
*Gavin DeGraw - "I Don't Want to Be" (Theme from "One Tree Hill")
*Dido - "Here With Me" (Theme from "Roswell")
*Divine Comedy - "Songs Of Love" (Theme from "Father Ted")
*DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (Theme from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air")
*Hilary Duff - "Come Clean" (Theme from "")

E - F

*Danny Elfman - "Theme from "Tales From The Crypt", "Theme from "The Simpsons", "Dilbert Zone" (Theme from "Dilbert"), "Theme from ' ' Desperate House Wives"
*Jack Elliott - "Theme from "Barney Miller", "Theme from "Charlie's Angels", "Theme from "Night Court"
*José Feliciano - "Chico and the Man" (Theme from "Chico and the Man")
*Jerry Fielding - "Theme from "Hogan's Heroes"
*Flatt & Scruggs - "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" (Theme from "The Beverly Hillbillies")
*Foo Fighters - "Next Year" (Theme from "Ed")
*Charles Fox - "Theme from "Happy Days" (with lyricist Norman Gimbel), "Making Our Dreams Come True" (Theme from "Laverne & Shirley") (with lyricist Norman Gimbel), "Theme from "To Tell The Truth" (with lyricist Paul Alter)
*Aretha Franklin - "Different World" (Theme from "A Different World")
*Jesse Frederick - "As Days Go By" (Theme from "Family Matters"), "Everywhere You Look" (Theme from "Full House"), (with Theresa James) "Second Tme Around", "Theme from "Step by Step"
*Charles Fox - "Theme from "Wonder Woman"
*Friendly Indians - "I Know, You Know" (Theme from "Psych")

G - H

*Andrew Gold - "Thank You for Being a Friend" (Theme from "The Golden Girls")
*Carey Gold - "The Life That You Love" (Theme from "Love of Life"), "Here's to Us" (Theme from "Ryan's Hope")
*Ernest Gold - "Final Frontier" (Theme from "Mad About You")
*Jerry Goldsmith - "Theme from '", "Theme from '"
*Ron Grainer Doctor Who Theme The Prisoner
*Charles Gounod - "Theme from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"
*Amy Grant - "Believe" (Theme from "Three Wishes")
*George Greeley - "Theme from "My Favorite Martian"
*Guy Gross - "Theme from "Farscape"
*David Grusin - "Theme from "St. Elsewhere"
*Vince Guaraldi - "Linus & Lucy" (Theme from "Peanuts")
*Earle Hagen - "Theme from "The Andy Griffith Show" and "The Dukes of Hazzard"
*Jan Hammer - "Theme from "Miami Vice"
*Joe Harnell - "Theme from "The Incredible Hulk"
*Isaac Hayes - "Theme from "Shaft"
*Jim Helms - "Theme from "Kung Fu"
*Will Hoge - "You Make Me Happy" (Theme from "Still Standing")
*James Newton Howard - "Theme from "ER"

I - J

*Jerrold Immel - "Theme from "Dallas", "Theme from "Knots Landing", "Theme from "King's Crossing"
*Inner Circle - "Bad Boys" (Theme from "Cops")
*Bob James - "Angela" (Theme from "Taxi")
*Waylon Jennings - "Good Ol' Boys" (Theme from "The Dukes of Hazzard")
*Al Jarreau - "Theme from "Moonlighting"
*John Tesh - NBA on NBC Theme
*Laurie Johnson - "Theme from "The Avengers"
*Jack Jones - "Theme from "The Love Boat"
*Quincy Jones - "Theme from "Sanford and Son", "Theme from "Ironside"
*The Jets - "Theme from "Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers"
*Jami Jamison - "I'm Always Here" (Theme from "Baywatch")
*Tom Jones - "Duck Dodgers" (Theme from "Duck Dodgers")

K - L

*Rex Koury - "Theme from "Gunsmoke", "Theme from "You Don't Say!"
*Frankie Laine - "Rawhide" (Theme from "Rawhide")
*Ken Lauber - "Theme from "CHiPs"
*Lazlo Bane - "Superman" (Theme from "Scrubs")
*Sylvester Levay - "Theme from "Airwolf"
*Jay Livingston - "Theme from "Bonanza"
*Love Spit Love - "How Soon Is Now?" (Theme from "Charmed")
*Lady Sovereign - "Love Me Or Hate Me" (Theme from "Bad Girls Club")

M - N

*Mr. Big - "Shine" (End Theme from "Hellsing")
*Lee Majors - "The Unknown Stuntman" (Theme from "The Fall Guy")
*Henry Mancini - "Theme from "Pink Panther"
*Barry Manilow - "Bandstand Boogie" (Theme from "American Bandstand")
*Richard Markowitz - "Theme from "The Wild Wild West"
*Massive Attack - "Teardrop" (Theme from "House")
*Mark Mancina - "Theme from "The Outer Limits"
*Jack Marshall - "Theme from "The Munsters"
*Johnny Mathis (with Deniece Williams) - "Without Us" (Theme from "Family Ties")
*Dennis McCarthy - "Theme from '", "Theme from '"
*Bear McCreary - "Theme from "Battlestar Galactica (2004)"
*Victor Mizzy - "Theme from "The Addams Family"
*Fred Mollin - "Theme from "", "Theme from "Forever Knight"
*Boyce & Hart - "Theme from "The Monkees"
*Hugo Montenegro - "Theme from "I Dream of Jeannie"
*David Naughton - "Makin' It" (Theme from "Makin' It")
*Nerf Herder - "Theme from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
*Don Nicholl - "Three's Company" (Theme from "Three's Company")

O - P

*Oasis - "Half The World Away" (Theme from "The Royle Family")
*Joan Osborne - "One of Us" (Theme from "Joan of Arcadia")
*Ozzy Ozbourne - "Theme from "Dog the Bounty Hunter"
*Peter Cetera - "Save Me" (Theme from "Baywatch")
*Phantom Planet - "California" (Theme from "The O.C.")
*Stu Phillips - "Theme from "Battlestar Galactica", "Theme from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", "Theme from "Knight Rider", "Theme from "Quincy M.E."
*Steve Plunkett - "7th Heaven" (Theme from "7th Heaven")
*David Pomeranz - "Theme from "Perfect Strangers"
*Gary Portnoy - "Everybody Knows Your Name" (Theme from "Cheers"), "Every Time I Turn Around" (Theme from "Punky Brewster")
*Mike Post - "Theme from "Black Sheep Squadron", "Theme from "Doogie Howser, M.D.", "Theme from "Hill Street Blues", "Theme from "Law & Order", "Theme from "Magnum P.I.", "Theme from "Quantum Leap", "Theme from "The A-Team", "Theme from "Remington Steele", "Theme from "The Rockford Files"

Q - S

*Queen - "Princes of the Universe" (Theme from "")
*Boots Randolph - "Yakety Sax" (Theme from "The Benny Hill Show")
*The Rembrandts - "I'll Be There For You" (Theme from "Friends")
*Remy Zero - "Save Me" (Theme from "Smallville")
*Sonny Rhodes - "Ballad of Serenity" (Theme from "Firefly")
*Nelson Riddle - "Theme from "Batman", "Theme from "Route 66"
*RuPaul - “Queer Duck” (Theme from "Queer Duck")
*Joey Scarbury - "Believe It Or Not" (Theme from "The Greatest American Hero")
*Lalo Schifrin - "Theme from ""
*Sherwood Schwartz - "Ballad of Gilligan's Isle" (Theme from "Gilligan's Island")
*Tom Scott - "Gotcha" (Theme from "Starsky and Hutch")
*John Sebastian - "Welcome Back" (Theme from "Welcome Back, Kotter")
*Simple Plan - "Theme from "What's New, Scooby-Doo?"
*Mark Snow - "Theme from "The X-Files", "Theme from "La Femme Nikita","Theme from "Millennium"
*Sons of the Pioneers - "Maverick" (Theme from "Maverick")
*Irving Szathmary - "Theme from "Get Smart"

T - U

*Michael Tolcher - "Sooner or Later" (Theme from "Life As We Know It")
*They Might Be Giants - "Boss of Me" (Theme from "Malcolm in the Middle")

V - Z

*The Ventures - "Theme from "Hawaii Five-0"
*Von Bondies - "C'mon C'mon" (Theme from "Rescue Me")
*W. G. Walden - "Theme from "Roseanne", "Theme from "The West Wing", "Theme from "Early Edition", "Theme from "My So-Called Life", "Theme from "I'll Fly Away"
*Russell Watson - "Faith of the Heart" (Theme from "")
*Grover Washington Jr. - "Theme from "The Cosby Show"
*The Who - "Who Are You" (Theme from '), "Won't Get Fooled Again" (Theme from '), "Baba O'Riley" (Theme from "")
*John Williams - "Theme from "Lost in Space", "Theme from "Amazing Stories"

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