Cottian Alps

Cottian Alps
Cottian Alps
French: Alpes Cottiennes, Italian: Alpi Cozie
Monte Viso in the Cottian Alps, seen from the Rochemelon
Countries France, Italy
Regions Savoie, Piedmont
Part of Alps
Borders on Maritime Alps, Graian Alps, Dauphiné Alps
Highest point Monte Viso
 - elevation 3,841 m (12,602 ft)
 - coordinates 44°40′18″N 7°15′13″E / 44.67167°N 7.25361°E / 44.67167; 7.25361

The Cottian Alps (French: Alpes Cottiennes; Italian: Alpi Cozie) are a mountain range in the southwestern part of the Alps. They form the border between France (Hautes-Alpes and Savoie) and Italy (Piedmont). The Maddalena Pass separates them from the Maritime Alps; the Col du Mont Cenis separates them from the Graian Alps; the Col du Galibier separates them from the Dauphiné Alps. The Fréjus Road Tunnel and Fréjus Rail Tunnel between Modane and Susa are important transportation arteries between France (Lyon, Grenoble) and Italy (Turin).

The Cottian Alps are drained by the rivers Durance and Arc and their tributaries on the French side; by the Dora Riparia and other tributaries of the Po on the Italian side.



The chief peaks of the Cottian Alps are:

Peak Elevation (m/ft)
Monte Viso 3841 12,609
Viso di Vallante 3672 12,048
Aiguille de Scolette 3505 11,500
Aiguille de Chambeyron 3412 11,155
Bric de Chambeyron 3388 11,116
Pic de la Font Sancte 3387 11,112
Rognosa d'Etiache 3385 11,106
Dents d'Ambin 3382 11,096
Punta Ferrand 3364 11,037
Visolotto 3353 11,001
Bric de Rubren 3340 10,958
Rochebrune 3324 10,906
Punta Sommeiller 3321 10,896
Bric Froid 3302 10,833
Grand Glaiza 3286 10,781
Rognosa di Sestriere 3280
Panestrel 3253 10,673
Roche du Grand Galibier 3242 10,637
Peou Roc 3231 10,601
Rocca Bernauda 3225 10,581
Pic du Pelvat 3218 10,558
Pointe Haute de Mary 3212 10,539
Pain de Sucre 3208 10,526
Mont Thabor 3180 10,440
Pointe des Cerces 3180 10,434
Tete des Toillies 3179 10,430
Monte Granero 3170 10,401
Monte Platasse 3149
Rocce del Rouit 3145
Pic du Thabor 3144 10,316
Mont Chaberton 3130 10,286
Tete de Moyse 3110 10,204
Monte Meidassa 3105 10,187
Pelvo d'Elva 3064 10,053
Rocca Bianca 3059 10,307
Monte Albergian 3041
Bric Ghinivert 3037
Monte Barifreddo 3028
Mont Politri 3026
Pic Caramantran 3025 9925
Bric Bouchet 2998 9836
Pointe du Fréjus 2934 9626
Pointe des Marcelettes 2909 9545
Pic du Malrif 2906 9535
Punta Cournour 2868 9410


The chief passes of the Cottian Alps are:

name location type
(as of 1911)
elevation (m/ft)
Col Sommeiller Bardonecchia to Bramans snow 2962/9718
Col de la Traversette Crissolo to Abriès bridle path 2950/9679
Col d'Ambin Exilles to Bramans snow 2854/9364
Col de St Veran Valle Varaita to the Queyras Valley foot path 2844/9331
Col du Parpaillon Ubaye Valley to the Queyras Valley foot path 2780/9121
Col d'Etache Bardonecchia to Bramans bridle path 2787/9144
Col Agnel Valle Varaita to the Queyras Valley road 2744/9003
Col Girardin Ubaye Valley to the Queyras Valley bridle path 2699/8855
Col de Sautron Valle Maira to Barcelonnette bridle path 2689/8823
Col de Longet Ubaye Valley to Valle Varaita bridle path 2672/8767
Col de Mary Ubaye Valley to Valle Maira bridle path 2654/8708
Col d'Abriès Perosa to Abriès bridle path 2650/8695
Col de la Roue Bardonecchia to Modane bridle path 2566/8419
Col du Fréjus Bardonecchia to Modane dirt road 2542
Col de Clapier Bramans to Susa bridle path 2491/8173
Col d'Izoard Briançon to the Queyras Valley road 2388/7835
Col de la Croix or Passo de la Croce Torre Pellice to Abriès bridle path 2309/7576
Petit Mont Cenis Bramans to the Mont Cenis Plateau bridle path 2184/7166
Col de Vars Ubaye Valley to the Queyras Valley road 2115/6939
Mont Cenis Lanslebourg to Susa road 2101/6893
Colle Sestriere Pinerolo to Cesana Torinese road 2021/6631
Col de Larche/Maddalena Pass Ubaye Valley to the Stura Valley road 1991/6532
Col de Montgenèvre Briançon to Susa road 1854/6083
Col de l'Échelle Briançon to Bardonecchia road 1760/5774

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Coordinates: 44°45′N 7°00′E / 44.75°N 7°E / 44.75; 7

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