List of CLI languages

List of CLI languages


CLI Languages are computer programming languages that are used to produce libraries and programs that conform to the Common Language Infrastructure specifications. With some notable exceptions, most CLI languages compile entirely to the Common Intermediate Language (CIL), an intermediate language that can be executed using an implementation of CLI such as the Common Language Runtime (CLR), a part of the Microsoft .NET Framework, Mono, or Portable.NET.

As the program is being executed by the CLR, the CIL code is compiled and cached, just in time, to the machine code appropriate for the architecture on which the program is running. This last set can be shortcut manually and cached at an earlier stage using an "ahead of time" compiler such as Microsoft's ngen.exe and Mono's "-aot" option.

CLI languages

Common CLI Languages
Other CLI languages


  • IKVM.NET: An implementation of the Java Virtual Machine that runs on top of the CLR the can be used to run Java and other languages that target the JVM like Groovy and Scala.

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