Boo (programming language)

Boo (programming language)

Infobox programming language
name = Boo

paradigm = Object oriented
year = 2003
designer = Rodrigo B. De Oliveira
developer = Rodrigo B. De Oliveira
latest_release_version = 0.8.2
latest_release_date = 2008-05-20
typing = static, strong, duck
implementations = auyu6
dialects =
influenced_by = Python
influenced =
operating_system = .NET Framework, Mono Runtime
license = MIT/BSD style license
website = []

Boo is an object oriented, statically typed programming language developed starting in 2003, which seeks to make use of the Common Language Infrastructure support for Unicode, internationalization and web style applications, while using a Python-inspired syntax and a special focus on language and compiler extensibility. Some features of note include type inference, generators, multimethods, optional duck typing, macros, true closures, currying, and First-class functions.

Boo is open source–licensed under an MIT/BSD style license.

Boo can be used with Microsoft .NET or Mono.

Code samples

Hello world program

print "Hello, world!"

Fibonacci series generator function

def fib(): a, b = 0L, 1L #The 'L's make the numbers 64-bit while true: yield b a, b = b, a + b

# Print the first 5 numbers in the series:for index as int, element in zip(range(5), fib()): print("${index+1}: ${element}")

Basic Windows Form example demonstrating classes, closures, and events

import System.Windows.Forms from System.Windows.Formsimport System.Drawing

class MyForm(Form): def constructor(message as string): b = Button(Text: "Click Me") b.Location = Point(100, 50) b.Click += do(): MessageBox.Show(message) self.Controls.Add(b) f = MyForm("you clicked the button!")Application.Run(f)

=Asynchronous design pattern with a closure=

import System

def run(): print("executing")

print "started" result = run.BeginInvoke({ print("called back") })System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(50ms)run.EndInvoke(result)

print "done"

ee also

* IronPython - an implementation of Python for the .NET platform, similar to Jython.
* Nemerle - a high-level statically-typed programming language for the .NET platform. It offers functional, object-oriented and imperative features as well as macros.
* Groovy - a language with similar objectives but targeting the Java Platform
* REBOL - a more mature language sharing common goals.

External links

* [ Official website]

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