Collapsed Lung (band)

Collapsed Lung (band)
Collapsed Lung
Origin Harlow, Essex, UK
Genres Rap rock, britpop
Years active 1992–1996, 2010
Labels Deceptive Records
Past members
Nihal Arthanayake (1993–1994)
Jim Burke (1994)
Anthony Chapman
Johnny Dawe
Chris Gutch (1994–1995)
Steve Harcourt
Jerry Hawkins (1995)

Collapsed Lung are a Harlow-based Brit-Pop group most famous for the song "Eat My Goal". They formed in February 1992.



Collapsed Lung was originally formed as a bedroom studio collaboration between Anthony Chapman and Steve Harcourt. The pair had met at Harlow music venue The Square, and despite coming from contrasting musical backgrounds (Harcourt had previously played guitar in metal bands Gethsemane and Bomberz, whereas Chapman had previously played bass in shambling pseudo-C86 outfit Pregnant Neck) found they had a shared love of funk and the Amiga tracker software Med/Octamed. Eventually, the duo decided to perform a live show, using an Amiga computer on stage as well as live guitar from Harcourt.

After their debut performance they were invited to play an all-day music festival in Harlow at which Harcourt first met Nihal Arthanayake, a school friend of Chapman. Nihal was a rapper of Sri Lankan descent who was studying law in Twickenham, Middlesex. He was consequently invited to record some of his raps over the trio's existing tracks. Chapman later took up co-rapping duties alongside Arthanayake, with the line-up completed by bass player Johnny Dawe (previously of Hull band Death By Milkfloat). However, Arthanayake left the band in 1994 after signing a deal for his own group Muddie Funksters with Go! Discs[1] .

Collapsed Lung replaced him with rapper Jim Burke and drummer Chris Gutch. Chapman also bolstered his reputation with DJ work at a variety of London venues. He was keen to reinstate Collapsed Lung's rap credentials, stating "at the end of the day, it's just hip-hop", while promoting the release of 1995's Jackpot Goalie. In late 1995, drummer Chris Gutch left the group to join a band called Rehab. Gutch was replaced by Jerry Hawkins, previously of Atom Seed and The Fuzz.

In 1996 they released their second album 'Cooler' (written as 'C**ler' - the type on the album artwork reflecting the use of stars to denote the refrigeration level of a domestic freezer). In June 1996 a double A-side "London Tonight" / "Eat My Goal" was released which reached number 31 in the UK Singles Chart. "Eat My Goal" was used as the soundtrack to Coca-Cola's "Eat Football, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola" advertising campaign that tied in with the Euro 96 football championships in England.

"Eat My Goal" was re-released in May 1998 and reached number 18 on the same chart, and was subsequently used on many TV programmes as well as in the video game LMA Manager 2001.

In December 1996, the band played their final concert at Camden Palace, London. However, a reunion gig at the Square in Harlow on the 16th October 2010 was performed,[2] with rapper Jim Burke sporting his moustache from his more recent guise of Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer.[3]

"Eat My Goal" continues to be used extensively on TV and radio, most recently as the theme music for Mark Steel's 2009 BBC Radio 4 series "Mark Steel's In Town"


Albums and EPs

Cat No. Title[4] Format Released (dd/mm/yy)
BLUFF002 "Chainsaw Wedgie" (EP) 12"/CD 20/09/93
BLUFF015 Jackpot Goalie LP/CD 03/04/95
BLUFF031 Cooler LP/CD/C 01/07/96


Cat No. Title[4] Format Released (dd/mm/yy)
BLUFF001 "Thundersley Invacar" 10"/CD 05/07/93
BLUFF005 "Down With The Plaid Fad" 12"/CD 03/05/94
BLUFF009 "DIS Mix" 7"/12"/CD 26/09/94
BLUFF016 "Interactive" 12"/CD 05/06/95
BLUFF018 "Connection" 7" 04/12/95
BLUFF029 "London Tonight" / "Eat My Goal" 12"/CD/C 10/06/96
BLUFF034 "Board Game" 12"/CD 16/09/96
BLUFF040 "Ballad Night" 12" ?
BLUFF060 "Eat My Goal" CD/C 18/05/98


Album Title Song Title Released
The Beautiful Game (The Official Album Of Euro 96) "Beat My Goal" (Black Cats Mix)1 1996


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1.^ A remix of "Eat My Goal", with the word "eat" changed to "beat".

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