House of Trpimirović

House of Trpimirović

Royal house
surname = House of Trpimir
estate = of Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Bosnia
coat of arms =
country = Croatia
parent house = unknown
titles = Prince, Duke, King, Ban
founder = Trpimir I
final ruler = Stjepan II
current head = extinct
founding year = 845
dissolution = 1091
nationality = Croatian
cadet branches = House of Krešimirović, House of Svetoslavić

Trpimirović dynasty was a native Croat dynasty that ruled in Croatia, with interruptions, from 845 until 1091.

The dynasty was named after Trpimir I, the first member of dynasty known by name. The most famous of the Trpimirović's are: Tomislav (first king of Croatia, crowned in 925), Petar Krešimir and Dmitar Zvonimir. House of Trpimirović gave four Dukes and thirteen Kings of Croatia.

Dukes of Dalmatian Croatia

*Trpimir I (845–864)
*Zdeslav (878–879)
*Muncimir (892–910)
*Tomislav (910–925)

Kings of Croatia

*Tomislav (925–928)
*Trpimir II (928–935)
*Krešimir I (935–945)
*Miroslav (945–949)
*Mihajlo Krešimir II (949–969)
*Stjepan Držislav (969–997)
*Svetoslav Suronja (997–1000)
*Krešimir III (1000– c. 1030)
*Gojslav (1000–c. 1020)
*Stjepan I (c. 1030–1058)
*Petar Krešimir IV (1058–1074)
*Dmitar Zvonimir (1075–1089)
*Stjepan II (1089–1091)

Cadet lines

After the death of King Stjepan Držislav and succussion struggles between his sons Svetoslav Suronja, Gojslav and Krešimir the Trpimirović dynasty divided into two branches: the main Krešimirović branch (descendants of Krešimir) and Svetoslavić branch (descendants of Svetoslav Suronja). Gojslav had no children.

According to a version of the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja from the 12th century:

"King Predimir lived for many years and saw his sons' sons before he died at a ripe old age. He was entombed with great honour, reverence and glory in church of St. Peter in the episcopate of Rassa. His brother Cresimir [Crescimir] had a son named Stephen. After his father's death he ruled White Croatia and Bosna, and after him they [his descendants ?] always reigned in Croatia...."

Family Tree

*Trpimir I
***Trpimir II
****Krešimir I
*****Mihajlo Krešimir II, married to Jelena of Zadar
******Stjepan Držislav
*******Svetoslav Suronja
********Stjepan Svetoslavić, married Joscella Orseolo, daughter of Pietro Orseolo II
*********Dmitar Zvonimir, married Ilona (Jelena Lijepa) of the Árpád dynasty
*******Krešimir III
********Stjepan I
*********Petar Krešimir IV
**********Stjepan II

ee also

* List of rulers of Croatia


* Hrvatski leksikon (1997, A-Ž, 2 volume, in Croatian
* Intervju - ДИНАСТИЈЕ и владари јужнословенских народа. Special Edition 12, 16 June 1989.

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* [ The Earliest Croatian Dukes and Kings]

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