Dushkin S-155

Dushkin S-155
Country of origin Soviet Union
Manufacturer Dushkin OKB
Application Booster rocket for aircraft
Liquid-fueled engine
Propellant AK-20 (nitric acid) / TG-02 hypergolic kerosene
Thrust (SL) 37.3 kN (8380 lbf)

The Dushkin S-155 was a liquid-fueled rocket motor designed by Leonid Dushkin specifically for use in the Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-50 and Ye-50A (aka MiG-23U) experimental-developmental aircraft in the 1950s. It delivered 37.3 kN (8380 lbf) and ran on a mix of TG-02 hypergolic kerosene and AK-20 oxidizer (nitric acid). The fuel pumps were powered with grade T hydrogen peroxide. [1]


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