Rolls-Royce RZ2

Rolls-Royce RZ2

The RZ2 was a British design for a LOX / kerosene liquid fuel rocket engine to power the Blue Streak missile.

The design was a development of the Rolls-Royce RZ1 rocket engine, which had in turn been a development by Rolls-Royce of the Rocketdyne S3D. [cite web
title=United Kingdom Aerospace and Weapons Projects: Rocket Engines

Two variants of this engine were developed: the first provided a static thrust of 137,000 lbf (62,100 kg) and the second (intended for the three stage satellite launch vehicle) 150,000 lbf (68,000 kg). The engines were unique at that time in that they could be vectored by seven degrees in flight for guidance.

A RZ2 can be seen on its display cradle alongside the Blue Streak at the National Space Centre in Leicester.


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