= YF-75 (Rocket Engine) =

The YF-75 is China's second generation of cryogenic gimballed engine, using liquid hydrogen (LH2) fuel and liquid oxygen (LOX) oxidizer. Its development began in the early 1990s and its first flight was in 1994.


*Vacuum thrust: 78.45 kN
*Vacuum specific impulse: 437 s
*Burn time: 470 s
*Engine weight: 550 kg
*Exit to Throat Area ratio: 80 to 1
*Propellants: LOX & LH2
*Mixture ratio: 5.00
*Design: Gas-generator cycle
*Height: 2.8 m
*Diameter: 1.50 m
*Chambers: 1
*Chamber Pressure: 37.60 bar
*Thrust to Weight Ratio: 14.26
*Restartable: Yes (1 time)
*Contractor: CALT
*Vehicle Application: Long March / CZ-3A, CZ-3B, CZ-3C - 3rd stage
*Status: in Service & Development


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