Del Rosario (surname)

Del Rosario (surname)
del Rosario
Current region Latin America, Latin Europe, Philippines
Place of origin Spain, Portugal, Italy
Distinctions do Rosário (in Portuguese),
Traditions Our Lady of the Rosary's Feast of the Holy Rosary
Name origin and meaning of the rosary

Del Rosario, in Spanish and Italian languages, and do Rosário in Portuguese language (English: of the rosary) is a surname that has as its etymology, the Latin preposition, "de" meaning "of the" and the Latin noun "rosarium", meaning "rosegarden"[1] or "garland of roses"[2] but in this case, takes the meaning of "rosary", the Roman Catholic devotion to the Virgin Mary. In fact, its origins are form the Middle Ages, around the 12th century, and it is much associated with the cult of the Virgin Mary at the time when the rose became part of the holy aura, which surrounded anything to do with Mary, and the Our Lady of the Rosary's Feast of the Holy Rosary. This surname is common in Romance languages regions, and is also one of the most common surnames in the Philippines and other islands of Spanish East Indies since the mid-19th century, and where it is one of the most popular clans together with Cruz, Santos, Reyes, Gonzales, Bautista, García, Mendoza, Aquino, and others, because there are so many people that have this surname.[3]

List of people with the surname del Rosario or do Rosário

"del Rosario" (in alphabetical order)
  • Albert del Rosario, Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Philippines
  • Anacleto del Rosario, a Filipino chemist
  • Andrea del Rosario, a Filipina actress and model
  • Anton del Rosario (23 December 1981), an American born Filipino footballer
  • Antonio Del Rosario (13 April 1946), a Filipino politician
  • Aric del Rosario, an American coach
  • Enerio Del Rosario (16 October 1985), a Dominican right-handed pitcher
  • Francisco del Rosario Sánchez (9 March 1817 – 4 July 1861), a Dominican politician
  • Gina Del Rosario (12 May 1986), a Dominican female volleyball player, twin sister of Ginnette Del Rosario
  • Ginnette Del Rosario (12 May 1986), a Dominican female volleyball player, twin sister of Gina Del Rosario
  • Manuel del Rosario (1 July 1915 – 23 March 2009), a Filipino prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Maria Beatriz del Rosario Arroyo (17 February 1884 – 14 June 1957), a Filipino nun
  • María del Rosario de Silva, Duchess of Alba (4 April 1900 - 11 January 1934), a Spanish aristocrat and socialite
  • María del Rosario Espinoza (27 November 1987), a Mexican taekwondo practitioner
  • Maria del Rosario Weiss (1814–1843), possibly a daughter of Francisco Goya
  • Martin del Rosario (25 November 1992), a Filipino actor
  • Michael del Rosario, a Filipino documentary producer
  • Monsour del Rosario (11 May 1965), a Filipino taekwondo champion
  • Norma del Rosario (1917), a Filipina silent actress
  • Raquel del Rosario (3 November 1982), a Spanish singer
  • Raymundo Del Rosario (15 March 1949), a Filipino politician
  • Rosa del Rosario (15 December 1916–2005), a half-Filipina and half-American Mestiza actress
  • Shane del Rosario (23 September 1983), an American Thai boxer and mixed martial artist
  • Richard del Rosario a Filipino Pro Basketball player and coach
  • Tomas del Rosario (10 February 1857–1914), a Filipino judge and statesman
  • Arkin del Rosario (23 December 1992), a Filipino Pop Artist of P-POP Group XLR8
"do Rosário" (in alphabetical order)

List of places and institutions containing del Rosario or do Rosário

Containing "del Rosario" (in alphabetical order)
Containing "do Rosário" (in alphabetical order)


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