Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 6)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 6)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 6
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 23
Original channel NBC
Original run September 21, 2004 (2004-09-21) – May 24, 2005 (2005-05-24)
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Region 1 April 1, 2008
Region 2 September 22, 2008
Region 4 December 3, 2008
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List of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes

This article contains a list of episodes for season 6 of the television series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.



Guest stars

This season Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's guest stars consisted of: Abigail Breslin, Lea Thompson, Ming-Na, Maggie Grace, Raviv Ullman (as Ricky Ullman), Michael Boatman, Dana Delany, Lewis Black, Anne Meara, Elizabeth Franz, Amanda Seyfried, Cady McClain, Michael O'Keefe, Kyle MacLachlan, Holliston Coleman, Shannyn Sossamon, Billy Campbell, Viola Davis, Mariette Hartley, Amanda Plummer, Dallas Roberts, Becki Newton, Jennette McCurdy, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Zach Gilford, Peter Firth, John Savage, Geoffrey Arend, Barry Bostwick, Hayden Panettiere, Brian F. O'Byrne, Matthew Modine, Martin Short, Kathleen Wilhoite, Cathy Moriarty-Gentile, Danielle Panabaker, Glenne Headly, Bradley Cooper, Angela Lansbury, Alfred Molina, Marlee Matlin, Tyler James Williams, Rita Moreno, Bebe Neuwirth, Mary Stuart Masterson, Stephanie March, and Fred Dalton Thompson.


Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
1 117 "Birthright" Arthur W. Forney Jonathan Greene September 21, 2004 E5201

The investigation into the attempted kidnapping of a six-year-old girl (played by Abigail Breslin) uncovers a fertility doctor's scheme to steal embryos, and prompts a custody battle between the child's biological and birth mothers.

2 118 "Debt" David Platt Amanda Green September 28, 2004 E5203

As Benson and Stabler investigate the disappearance of a mother and her teenage daughter, they uncover a conspiracy between a corrupt immigration attorney and gangsters running a prostitution ring that is staffed by women they have smuggled into the country and imprisoned as sex slaves.

3 119 "Obscene" Constantine Makris José Molina October 12, 2004 E5205
The rape of a teenage actress (Maggie Grace) whose television show, Girl Under Cover, is the target of a media decency campaign leads to two trials focusing on the influence and power of entertainment media. Lewis Black guest stars as shock jock BJ Cameron. Dana Delany and Ricky Ullman also guest star. 
4 120 "Scavenger" Daniel Sackheim Lisa Marie Petersen & Dawn DeNoon October 19, 2004 E5207

The entire squad races against the clock to solve the puzzles and uncover the clues scattered throughout the city by a serial killer who is taunting them to find him and the next victims on his list.

5 121 "Outcry" Constantine Makris Patrick Harbinson October 26, 2004 E5202
A female high school student (Amanda Seyfried) has disappeared, but is found several days later. She claims that she was raped by several men in uniform. An old friend of Stabler's, now a newspaper reporter, is part of the media frenzy surrounding the girl. The detectives investigate the cadets whom the girl accuses of raping her, but their names are leaked to the media and one of the cadets is attacked and almost killed. Under pressure, the girl retracts her story, but Benson is still convinced that she was raped. They begin to investigate the girl's overly protective stepfather, but it is eventually revealed that he is innocent and that the girl was raped by her stepfather's boss. She said nothing because she wanted to protect her stepfather's job, which (due to his heart problems) he needs for the health insurance. The boss is acquitted at trial, but afterward, a previous victim comes forward to tell Stabler and Benson that the boss raped her as well. 
6 122 "Conscience" Arthur W. Forney Roger Wolfson and Robert Nathan November 9, 2004 E5208
The son of psychiatrist Dr. Brett Morton (Kyle McLachlan) disappears from a birthday party, and is found dead by the police. Despite viewing his child's body in the morgue, Morton remains perfectly calm and asks carefully laid questions about his son's death, which fills the detectives with unease. When it becomes clear that the little boy who helped the investigate is actually the killer, the police question children who knew the killer. Testimonies bring to light that the boy is a sociopath with violent tendencies, who is treated leniently by the court. As a result, Dr. Morton loses his composure in court and fatally shoots the boy. As a claim of defense during his subsequent trial, Morton claims he was not aware of what he was doing, and his despair overrode his senses. He rationalizes that the killing was just, because the unrepentant boy would have just gone on to kill again, but he, Dr. Morton, wouldn't. 
7 123 "Charisma" David Platt Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters November 16, 2004 E5206
The investigation of an impregnated 12-year-old girl (Holliston Coleman) leads to a religious cult led by a con-artist (Jeff Kober) who massacres the children raised within the "church", and an attempt to embezzle a fortune from the girls parents, one of which they suspect he murdered. Foiling his plot proves to be difficult, when his largely female followers refuse to cooperate with the police. 
8 124 "Doubt" Ted Kotcheff Marjorie David November 23, 2004 E5209
When a college student (Shannyn Sossamon) claims rape and her professor (played by Billy Campbell) claims it was consensual sex, Stabler and Benson find themselves in the middle of a "he said, she said" battle, trying to decide whether to believe the alleged victim, or the alleged perpetrator who claimed she liked it rough. Benson sides with Myra, the victim, whereas Stabler finds himself wondering if Polikoff is telling the truth about being innocent, especially after Myra falsely accuses Stabler of touching her inappropriately. After giving more thought to the situation, Benson and Stabler each wonder if the other is right. Stabler has bigger problems on his hands, though, as Myra's attorney reveals that Kathy has moved out and taken the children. 
9 125 "Weak" David Platt Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters November 30, 2004 E5213

After arguing with Stabler about their personal lives, Benson enlists the help of a former cop turned psychiatrist in apprehending a serial rapist and murderer who attacks disabled women.

10 126 "Haunted" Juan J. Campanella Amanda Green December 7, 2004 E5212

Tutuola is reunited with his son as he risks his life to save two small children, one caught in the middle of a bodega robbery and the other from the junkie who set the child's mother up for murder and then stole him to use as a front in her scheme to boost materials for her meth lab.

11 127 "Contagious" Aaron Lipstadt Jonathan Greene January 11, 2005 E5214

A medical exam of a nine-year-old girl (Jennette McCurdy) who survived a car accident with her parents reveals that she was a victim of sexual abuse. Out of fear and desperation, she ends up blaming the wrong suspect (Daniel Hugh Kelly), leading to a rash of false accusations against him by other girls. However the SVU finds out she was actually victimized by somebody much closer to the prime suspect.

12 128 "Identity" Rick Wallace Lisa Marie Petersen and Dawn DeNoon January 18, 2005 E5215

Complications ensue in the investigation of a Stone Cold Assassins gangbanger who fell off a building after the victim that he tried to rape bit him in self-defense, causing him to fall. The victim's twin sister admits to the crime, and says she was the one on the roof and was almost raped, which is seemingly impossible due to the evidence until the secrets regarding the sister's true genetic identity are revealed. They find that she was born a boy, and after a botched circumcision was raised female. Investigation reveals more regarding the doctor's ulterior motive to prove that nurture supersedes nature.

13 129 "Quarry" Constantine Makris José Molina January 25, 2005 E5217

When the body of a seven-year-old child is found, the squad again begins to investigate convicted serial killer Lucas Biggs, believing that he molested and murdered the boy. While Biggs can detail every child he ever molested, he swears that he has no memory of this one. Further investigations show that there is another suspect, but before he can be picked up, someone picks him off.

14 130 "Game" David Platt Patrick Harbinson February 8, 2005 E5216

A rape/murder preceded by a vehicular assault against the victim is discovered to be a recreation of a violent video game called Intensity. Interviewing the game's creators leads them to a former employee, who then leads them (with a few other steps along the way) to a teenage couple who claim to be unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.

15 131 "Hooked" Jean de Segonzac Joshua Kotcheff February 15, 2005 E5211

When the body of teenager Lisa Downey is found with her older cousin's I.D., Benson and Stabler learn she was part of a promiscuous circle of friends, which included her best friend, Angela Agnelli (Hayden Panettiere). They later learn that she was an HIV-positive prostitute, and the object of an older man's obsession.

16 132 "Ghost" David Platt Amanda Green February 22, 2005 E5218

A series of drug-related hits leads the detectives back to the notorious drug lord Cesar Velez, who tried to kill ADA Alexandra Cabot. Alex returns from Witness Protection to assist with the case after the gun used in the murders is linked to Liam Connors, one of Cesar Velez's top agents.

17 133 "Rage" Juan J. Campanella Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters March 1, 2005 E5219
Fourteen years ago, Stabler had a chance to nail Gordon Rickett (Matthew Modine) for the abduction, rape and murder of Dana MacNamara, but Rickett managed to get off. With the recent discovery of the body of Kerry Lynn Palmer, Stabler has another chance at cracking the case. They can only hold Rickett for twenty-four hours, but are able to glean enough information during that time period to at least have a place to start. Cragen and Benson both worry that Stabler will let his hatred for the suspected child molester interfere with his ability to do his job. 
18 134 "Pure" Aaron Lipstadt Dawn DeNoon March 8, 2005 E5220

After an 18-year-old girl is kidnapped, psychic Sebastian Ballentine (played by Martin Short) comes forward claiming to have information on the killings. Stabler refuses to believe that Ballentine is a real psychic and is convinced that the hints he is dropping about the case indicate he is somehow involved.

19 135 "Intoxicated" Marita Grabiak Jonathan Greene March 15, 2005 E5221
A 15-year-old girl named Carrie Lynn Eldridge (Danielle Panabaker) is caught about to have sex with her 21-year-old boyfriend, Justin (Jon Foster), by her mother Denise (Cathy Moriarty), who demands the police charge him with statutory rape, despite her daughter's objections. The investigation leads to Denise being found brutally murdered in her apartment, the young lovers as suspects, a children's rights lawyer (Glenne Headly) who refuses to cooperate, and history of chronic alcohol abuse and violence by the deceased. 
20 136 "Night" Juan J. Campanella Amanda Green and Arthur W. Forney May 3, 2005 E5224
In a crossover episode with the Law & Order: Trial by Jury episode "Day", Stabler and Benson investigate the case of a woman found raped and murdered, with a wad of money stuffed in her mouth, outside a nightclub and trace the money to a lawyer handling the finances of a wealthy family, the Duvalls. The detectives determine that Gabriel Duvall (Alfred Molina) is the rapist and killer, but lack the evidence they need to put Duvall away until another woman, a Bosnian immigrant, comes forward and accuses Duvall of rape. Novak takes on the two cases when she is brutally assaulted in her office by the other victim's brother, an Islamic fundamentalist. Guest stars Angela Lansbury as Eleanor Duvall, and Bradley Cooper as Jason Whitaker. 
21 137 "Blood" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Patrick Harbinson May 10, 2005 E5223

After a young woman's baby is tossed out of a car, Benson and Stabler investigate to find out what happened, and after learning the young woman is addicted to prescription pain killers, their investigation leads them to an elderly woman named Jenny Rogers, who lives with her son Kevin and daughter-in-law Carol. The young woman finally identifies Carol Rogers as the person who sold her the drugs, but when detectives go to confront Carol, they find her dead, and are left trying to uncover who really killed Carol. Stabler uses his influence as a police officer when his daughter, Kathleen, is arrested for drunk driving.

22 138 "Parts" Matt Earl Beesley David Foster May 17, 2005 E5204

After a woman's head is found in a car junkyard, the detectives track it down to the black market.

23 139 "Goliath" Peter Leto Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters May 24, 2005 E5225

After the wife of a police officer claims her husband raped her, Benson and Stabler arrest the man and come close to believing his version of events when he attacks his captain. When another officer murders his wife and attempts to kill himself that same night, the whole force gets involved and soon realizes that the two men both recently returned home from Afghanistan, where they were given the drug Quinium, an anti-malarial. With the reluctant help of reporter Sherm Hempell and a base doctor with an attack of conscience, Novak takes on the U.S. Army. Stabler has trouble with the case because of his history in the Marines. The episode has close resemblances to the story of the anti-malarial drug Mefloquine.[1]

  • R.E. Rodgers, Jon Bernthal, and Fred Dalton Thompson guest star. 


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