List of EastEnders characters (2010)

List of EastEnders characters (2010)

The following is a list of characters who first appeared or are due to appear in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 2010, by order of first appearance. Executive producer Diederick Santer left EastEnders on 26 February 2010, handing over to Bryan Kirkwood, who fully took control from 1 March 2010, onwards.

Santer introduced five new main characters in January, three from the online spin-off EastEnders: E20 (Zsa Zsa Carter, Leon Small and Fatboy) as well as two members of the long-established Mitchell family, Glenda Mitchell and her son Danny. February saw the show's first birth of 2010, with Kamil Masood, the fourth child of the established Zainab Masood and Masood Ahmed. The character of Harvey Freeman was introduced in April, and the fourth main character from EastEnders: E20, Mercy Olubunmi, joined EastEnders in May. Kirkwood's first major casting was Zöe Lucker in the role of Vanessa Gold and later cast her daughter Jodie and husband Harry, as well as Mercy's grandmother Grace, all of whom appeared in June. June also saw the show's second birth of the year, that of Lily Branning, the daughter of Stacey Branning and Ryan Malloy. In September, Richard Mitchell became the third birth of the year, born to Sam Mitchell and Jack Branning. Three characters joined in October: Greg Jessop, Tanya Branning's fiancé; Michael Moon, Alfie Moon's cousin; and Julie Perkins, an old friend of Billy Mitchell. In November, Kirkwood introduced the ex-husband of Zainab Masood, Yusef Khan. Finally, in December, two more babies were born, James Branning and Tommy Moon.

Zsa Zsa Carter

Zsa Zsa Carter is played by Emer Kenny and made her first appearance on 5 January before appearing in the Internet spin-off EastEnders: E20. She is one of four characters created for the spin-off who also appear in the main show. Kenny's casting was announced on 25 November 2009.[1] She was cast while writing the second episode of E20.[2] Zsa Zsa is the niece of regular character Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), with whom she is said to have a lot in common. She is described as "Beautiful, funky and an outspoken tomboy,"[2] as well as "a lone wolf [who] doesn't care about anyone."[3] Zsa Zsa was axed in May 2010 by new executive producer Bryan Kirkwood, though Kenny continued to write for EastEnders: E20.[4] Her storylines mostly revolve around her relationship with Leon Small (Sam Attwater). The character's last appearance was on 30 September 2010.

Leon Small

Leon Small is played by Sam Attwater and makes his first appearance on 5 January before appearing in the Internet spin-off EastEnders: E20. He is one of four characters created for the spin-off who also appear in the main show. Attwater's casting was announced on 25 November 2009.[1] Leon is described as "Sexy and effortlessly cool [with] a short fuse and a lack of respect for those in authority."[2] His mother died when he was a child and he was left in charge of his alcoholic father. He also practices boxing.[2] He was axed in May 2010 by new executive producer Bryan Kirkwood.[4] His storylines revolve around his relationships with Zsa Zsa Carter (Emer Kenny) and Lucy Beale (Melissa Suffield). The character's last appearance was on 30 September 2010.


Arthur "Fatboy" Chubb is played by Ricky Norwood and made his first appearance on 5 January before appearing in the Internet spin-off EastEnders: E20. He is one of four characters created for the spin-off who also appear in the main show. Norwood's casting was announced on 25 November 2009.[1] Fatboy is described as having "invented all manner of personas since he was seven years old—in an attempt to avoid being his real self. His current and most sustained self-creation is brash wheeler-dealer Fatboy."[2]

Glenda Mitchell

Glenda Mitchell is played by Glynis Barber and first appears on 7 January 2010.[5] Jill Gascoine was originally cast as Glenda,[6] but she withdrew during her first day on set and the part was quickly recast to Barber.[5] Glenda has been described as "complex", "vulnerable",[7] "demure, dynamic and assured".[6] She is the former wife of Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb), and mother to Ronnie (Samantha Womack), Roxy (Rita Simons) and Danny Mitchell (Liam Bergin). She departed on 8 March 2011.

Danny Mitchell

Danny Mitchell is played by soap newcomer Liam Bergin and made his first appearance on 21 January 2010.[8] He is the son of Glenda Mitchell (Glynis Barber) and half brother to Ronnie (Samantha Womack) and Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons). His arrival and casting were announced on 26 December 2009.[8] The character is described as a "loveable rogue" and "a charmer with an eye for the ladies, while guys instantly see him as competition in the alpha male stakes."[8] He departed the serial on 18 June 2010 after being axed by the new executive producer Bryan Kirkwood[9] His storylines revolved around his attempts to steal Roxy's inheritance.

Kamil Masood

Kamil Masood
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Arian Chikhlia
Introduced by Diederick Santer
Duration 2010—
First appearance 23 February 2010
Classification Present; recurring
Date of birth 19 February 2010

Kamil Masood,[10] played by Arian Chikhlia,[11] is the son of Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) and Zainab Masood (Nina Wadia) who is born on screen in the episode broadcast on 23 February 2010,[10] which was set on 19 February 2010.

In August 2009, Zainab is forced to come to terms with the fact that she is 15 weeks pregnant in her mid-40s,[12] and the pregnancy means that her and Masood's plans to see the world have to be cancelled.[13] Wadia stated that Zainab is terrified due to her age and the fact a baby will interfere with her career, and she feels trapped because she does not want the baby but abortion is forbidden by her faith.[13]

In February 2010, Zainab becomes locked inside her office unable to contact anyone when her labour starts. She is found by Christian Clarke (John Partridge) who contacts Masood and his two sons Syed (Marc Elliott) and Tamwar (Himesh Patel). Christian calls for an ambulance, but the baby starts to come so Christian passes on instructions while Masood delivers the baby. Kamil is not breathing when he is born, so Christian instructs Masood to perform CPR, saving the infant's life. Zainab is then admitted to hospital where she and Masood name their son. After returning home, Masood looks after Kamil while Zainab goes back to work.

In September 2011, Zainab and Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti) take Kamil to Pakistan.


EastEnders character
Portrayed by Elarica Gallacher
Introduced by Diederick Santer
Duration 2010
First appearance 24 February 2010
Last appearance 1 April 2010
Classification Former; recurring

Kylie, played by Elarica Gallacher,[14] is a friend of Billie Jackson's (Devon Anderson) from his housing estate in Balham.[15] Kylie appears between 24 February and 1 April, along with her fellow gang members Connor Stanley (Arinze Kene) and Mitch Gannon (Theo Barklem-Biggs).

Billie returns to Balham with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Kylie tells him he belongs with his crew. The next week, Whitney goes there looking for Billie, and when she meets Kylie, she insults her and Kylie and her friends attack her, telling her to ask Billie for their gun back. They later arrive in Albert Square and apologise to Whitney, and Billie insists he has disposed of the gun. Kylie and Connor turn up at a grime night at The Queen Victoria where Kylie gets Whitney drunk, insults Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) and throws drink over her. Outside, Connor sprays graffiti on a bench and then Kylie and Connor run off, leaving Whitney and Billie to suffer the consequences. Kylie, Connor and Mitch return a few weeks later and take Billie for drinks where they are told to leave by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). The gang decide to rob the pub using a fake gun, and they get away with the money. Billie then realises the real gun that he hid has gone missing after Kylie found it earlier. Kylie tells Billie he must choose between the gang or Whitney. Billie chooses Whitney, so Kylie takes revenge by trying to shoot him during a family party. However, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is the one who is shot, and Kylie is tackled by a club employee. The next day, Connor arrives looking for Billie, and reveals that Kylie has been arrested. Several months later, she is sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The storyline was criticised by Ruth Deller of, calling it flawed and unrepresentative of the real Balham, and describing Kylie as an "irritant".[16] A writer on website Balham People expanded on this, saying that the writers had not researched Balham properly. An EastEnders spokesperson responded, saying "Although some of Billie's friends or associates are from Balham we have never implied the area had a problem with gangs".[17] The Balham People writer feared that viewers who do not know the area would make "subconscious erroneous judgements almost by osmosis."[17]

Connor Stanley

Connor Stanley
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Arinze Kene
Introduced by Diederick Santer
Duration 2010–11
First appearance 1 March 2010
Last appearance 15 March 2011
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Mechanic (2010-11)

Connor Stanley, played by Arinze Kene,[18] is a friend of Billie Jackson's (Devon Anderson) from his housing estate in Balham.[15] He appears between 1 March and 2 April along with his fellow gang members Kylie (Elarica Gallacher) and Mitch Gannon (Theo Barklem-Biggs). Connor appears again from 8 October 2010[18] until 24 January 2011,[19] and again on 15 March 2011.[20]

When Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) goes to Balham looking for Billie, Connor and the rest of the gang attack her. They later arrive in Albert Square and apologise to Whitney, and Billie insists he has disposed of the gun they wanted back. Kylie and Connor turn up at a grime night at The Queen Victoria where Connor steals a bottle of tequila. Outside, he sprays graffiti on a bench and then Kylie and Connor run off, leaving Whitney and Billie to suffer the consequences. Kylie, Connor and Mitch return a few weeks later and take Billie for drinks where they are told to leave by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). The gang decide to rob the pub using a fake gun, and they get away with the money. Billie then realises the real gun that he hid has gone missing after Kylie found it earlier. Kylie tells Billie he must choose between the gang or Whitney. Billie chooses Whitney, so Kylie takes revenge by trying to shoot him during a family party. However, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is the one who is shot. The next day, Connor arrives looking for Billie, and reveals that Kylie has been arrested.

Months later, Connor arrives at Billie's birthday party with four friends who bring lots of alcohol. The next morning, after everyone has left, Billie is found dead. The next week, Billie's mother Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) visits Connor in Balham, who says he has heard that Billie died. Carol rants at him, blaming him for Billie's death, and bans him from the funeral. She tells him she hopes one day he loses a child so he will know how she feels. Connor, Mitch and the rest of the gang arrive for Billie's funeral but Carol bans all of them. As the hearse passes, they remove their hoods and masks as a mark of respect. After the funeral, Connor goes to Carol's, angry that she banned him. However, he realises she is about to attempt suicide and tells her it will not work. They both break down about Billie and comfort each other, which leads to them having sex.[21] However, they are interrupted and Connor leaves. At Kylie's sentencing, Connor sees Carol and compliments her on her new hair, and asks if she would come back to his. However, Jack interrupts and tells Connor to watch out as he has a score to settle. As Carol walks away, Connor apologises and says he will leave her alone. Kylie is then sentenced to 15 years in prison.

When Carol receives Billie's ashes, she takes them to Connor to ask him where Billie might have wanted them scattered. Connor reveals he has nowhere to live so Carol invites him to move in with her and Glenda Mitchell (Glynis Barber). They then start a sexual relationship, and Connor starts stealing cars for Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). Carol kicks him out after finding cannabis in the flat. However, it is Glenda's and Carol tries to call Connor to ask him to move back in. Carol's daughter Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) still does not trust Connor however, and accuses him of manipulating her mother. Carol defends Connor, but then finds out that he is in possession of stolen jewellery, and throws him out again. Connor is handling the jewellery for Phil, and returns to Walford to pay for a delivery of it. Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) meets him with the jewellery, but Connor under-pays him and threatens him not to tell Phil. However Jay then confronts him again and beats him up, retrieving the cash owed in the process. Connor meets up with Whitney and flirts with her. He also asks her to help him sell the stolen jewellery, which she agrees to. However, Phil's partner Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) buys it and Phil finds out. He tells Connor to sell it by the end of the week. Connor then gives it back to Whitney to look after but Bianca finds it and dumps it down a drain. Bianca tells Phil that Connor should pay, so Phil beats Connor, but is interrupted by Carol. She takes Connor back to her flat where Connor admits he was only with Whitney to make Carol jealous, and they start kissing. They start their relationship again in secret, and spend New Year's Eve together. Connor also starts working for Phil at his garage and starts seeing Whitney behind Carol's back. When it is revealed that Connor has been sleeping with both Carol and Whitney, Bianca attacks Connor, leaving him hospitalised. Carol visits Connor in hospital but his mother Kendra (Sharon D. Clarke) arrives and tells Carol to go home and leave Connor alone, and Connor tells Carol he now has his mother and does not need her.

Carol pays Connor a visit after Whitney goes missing to see if he knows where she is. He is pleased to see her but she realises she was only with him because of her grief over Billie. He tries to make a move on her but she rejects him. The incident gives Carol closure and she is able to scatter Billie's ashes.


The original storyline was criticised by Ruth Deller of, calling it flawed and unrepresentative of the real Balham.[16] A writer on website Balham People expanded on this, saying that the writers had not researched Balham properly. An EastEnders spokesperson responded, saying "Although some of Billie's friends or associates are from Balham we have never implied the area had a problem with gangs".[17] The Balham People writer feared that viewers who do not know the area would make "subconscious erroneous judgements almost by osmosis."[17] A number of viewers complained about Connor's comment—"Do I look like that skinny white boy?"—made in the 13 December 2010 episode about Peter Beale (Thomas Law), feeling that it was racist. The BBC responded, saying "[It] was simply a description—and an accurate one at that—of Peter Beale. It was not intended to be a racist insult in any way."[22]

Kene revealed in January 2011 that his role in the soap has meant he is recognised by fans on a daily basis.[23] In February 2011, Kene was nominated for Best Newcomer at the All About Soap Bubble Awards for his portrayal of Connor.[24] In October 2011, Kene was nominated for two awards at the Screen Nation Awards, which celebrate the best British Black talent. He was nominated for the Favourite Male TV Star and the Emerging Talent award.[25]

Harvey Freeman

Harvey Freeman
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Martin Jarvis
Introduced by Diederick Santer
Duration 2010
First appearance 15 April 2010
Last appearance 3 June 2010
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Freelance journalist

Harvey Freeman is a freelance journalist, played by Martin Jarvis. He appears between 15 April and 3 June 2010. He is described as a mysterious 60-something and a perfect gent who arrives to report on local elections for Walford Gazette, and is said to be a potential love interest for characters Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) and Pat Evans (Pam St. Clement). Jarvis said on his casting: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be a potential thorn between two roses working with two actresses I greatly admire and have had the pleasure of working with before. I'm delighted to be reunited with Pam and Barbara and to have a part in EastEnders."[26]

He arrives in The Queen Victoria public house to interview Peggy on the upcoming council elections in which she is running. He later interviews Pat Evans for the same reason, but Peggy plies them with free drinks and Pat gets drunk. Peggy tells Harvey that Pat cheated on her husband with Peggy's husband, and that anything she has said about the Mitchell family is a lie. After Pat pours a drink on Peggy's head, Harvey announces that he has more candidates to interview and leaves, after wiping Peggy's face. After hearing that Pat and Peggy have both chosen to withdraw from the election, Harvey visits them individually, giving them his card and inviting them out for drinks. A week later, they both decide to call him on the same day. He takes Pat out for lunch and Peggy out for dinner without them knowing he is seeing them both. The next day he tries his best to stop them finding out but eventually they realise what he has been doing, so he quickly leaves. Pat and Peggy argue over him but eventually agree not to let him come between their friendship. They tell him so and tell him to get out in unison. Later, Harvey talks to Pat and she asks who he would have chosen if he had to choose. He says Pat as he prefers a more intelligent woman. He then waits for Peggy and she asks him the same question, to which he says he would have chosen Peggy as he prefers a woman with class. Pat and Peggy meet again and agree they did the right thing, but then both their mobile phones receive text messages at the same time and they walk away from each other smiling.

Harvey spends time with Pat while Peggy is away but when Peggy returns he invites her to the theatre. She says she cannot make it so Harvey invites Pat who agrees. Peggy later says she can come but Harvey says he has given the tickets to someone else. Peggy buys tickets of her own and Pat and Peggy both turn up at the theatre together, and Harvey's face drops when he sees them both. He explains that they are at fault for not telling each other they were seeing him. Pat and Peggy begin to argue so Harvey leaves and escapes onto a tour bus. Pat and Peggy catch him up and take over the tour guide's microphone, saying that Harvey is vermin and slapping him before they get off. Harvey returns to Walford to explain that he wants to carry on seeing them both, but if it can only be as friends then so be it. When he goes to the toilet, Pat reveals that she has slept with Harvey and Peggy reveals that she has not. They realise he is just trying to get as much sex as he can and plan to humiliate him. Pat leaves Peggy and Harvey alone and Peggy says that night she was going to sleep with Harvey and they could still do so. He goes upstairs and Peggy steals his clothes. When he comes downstairs, Pat and Peggy are waiting and they tell him to leave after Pat throws his clothes out the door. Harvey has a sheet around him but Pat snatches it off him before he leaves humiliated.

Mercy Olubunmi

Mercy Olubunmi is played by Bunmi Mojekwu. Mercy originally appears in the Internet spin-off series EastEnders: E20 as one of the main characters, alongside Zsa Zsa Carter (Emer Kenny), Leon Small (Sam Attwater) and Fatboy (Ricky Norwood), between 8 and 25 January 2010, however, she was the only character from the spin-off to not feature in EastEnders. Mojekwu's casting was announced on 25 November 2009,[1] and It was subsequently announced on 24 January 2010 that she would feature in EastEnders due to positive reaction to the character.[27] Executive producer Diederick Santer said that once he had seen the completed episodes of EastEnders: E20, he wanted Mercy in the main show as well. She is described as "funny, warm, sensitive and rather mysterious."[27] She has always been a good girl but she feels abandoned when her parents move back to Nigeria, leaving her with her grandmother, Grace.[2] She first appears in EastEnders on 31 May. Her storylines include suffering a miscarriage after discovering she is pregnant by her local church's youth minister, Benjamin (Damien Lynch), and facing deportation back to Nigeria. She left EastEnders on 12 July 2011.[28]

Grace Olubunmi

Grace Olubunmi
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Ellen Thomas
Jay Byrd (EastEnders: E20, series 1)
Introduced by Diederick Santer and
Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010—
First appearance 4 June 2010
Classification Present; recurring
Spin-off appearances EastEnders: E20 (2010, 2011)
Occupation Retired teacher
Launderette worker (2010)

Grace Olubunmi is the grandmother of Mercy Olubunmi (Bunmi Mojekwu). She appears in episode 8 of the first series of EastEnders spin-off EastEnders: E20, credited only as Mrs Olubunmi and played by Jay Byrd. New executive producer Bryan Kirkwood introduced the character to EastEnders in his first episode on 4 June 2010, this time played by Ellen Thomas.[29] She will also appear in series 3 of E20[30] along with Mercy's younger sister, Faith Olubunmi,[30] who Grace sent to Nigeria to get back on the straight and narrow, but she returns to the UK and is worse than ever.[31]

In EastEnders: E20, Grace tells Mercy that her friend Fatboy (Ricky Norwood) is a bad influence on her. When the character arrives in EastEnders, she urges Mercy to tell Fatboy that they are moving to Lagos. She makes friends with Liz Turner (Kate Williams), mother of Owen Turner (Lee Ross) and later tells Fatboy about their plans. She hosts a lunch at the community centre and tells Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) that she has grown fond of London but is going to Lagos for Mercy's sake. Fatboy then realises that neither Grace nor Mercy want to go and makes them realise this after Mercy has returned the key to their former home. Fatboy then says he has a plan for somewhere for them to live, and they move into a property on Albert Square. Grace attends a bible class with Mercy, held by Lucas. She apologises for Mercy's behaviour when she continues to ask about false prophets and a passage that states that anyone who questions a priest should be put to death, causing Lucas to leave. Grace makes Mercy write Lucas a letter of apology, but Mercy bins it.

Upset with the amount of litter around the streets, she urges Mercy and Fatboy to volunteer to pick it up. She takes Mercy's friends Zsa Zsa Carter (Emer Kenny) and Leon Small (Sam Attwater) to get their GCSE results and says she used to be a teacher. The next month Leon breaks one of her commemorative plates and Fatboy tries to create a new one in the hope Grace will think it is real, but she does not fall for it. However, she praises Fatboy for his eventual honesty and displays the plate with her others. However, when she discovers Mercy has been serving drinks in Alfie Moon's (Shane Richie) illegal den, she berates her granddaughter and says Fatboy has corrupted her. Grace overhears Dot Branning (June Brown) planning to collect jumble for her church. Grace collects the jumble instead, leaving Dot upset. They quote bible passages to each other to try to show who is in the right, but Grace later admits that she is lonely and just wanted to meet new people. The next day, Mercy tries to get Grace and Dot to make up, by suggesting Grace work in the launderette. Grace puts some shirts in a broken washing machine, which annoys Dot, and after Grace gets it open Dot is still not happy. Grace later gives Dot her CV to give to her boss, and Dot says there is not a job for her but Grace tells her that Jesus disagrees.

The next day, Grace asks Dot if she has looked at her CV yet. Dot says Grace is overqualified as she used to be a teacher. Grace says she will not be teaching again as she was dismissed from her last job. Later, Dot finds a tin of cakes in the launderette with a note from Grace saying it was not about the job. Dot visits Grace and offers her a few weeks work while Dot is away. Grace feels honoured, and tells Dot she was dismissed for slapping a pupil. Dot thanks her for her honesty. However, when Dot joins a local choir that Grace is a member of, the pair start quarrelling again, as Dot is unimpressed with the singing standard of the group. She later holidays in her native Nigeria but returns in time for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. She does not watch the wedding, however, as Mercy is leaving because she faces deportation. Grace and Mercy say goodbye to each other but as Mercy's taxi drives off, Fatboy stops it and asks Mercy to marry him. Grace is opposed to the idea at first, until she realises that Fatboy loves Mercy.

After Mercy and Fatboy's wedding, Grace attends Mercy's hearing and is annoyed that they will not get a decision over whether she can stay in the country straight away. Mercy is allowed to stay in the UK but decides to leave anyway over guilt at her deception. Grace waves Mercy off as she leaves in the back of a black cab. Two days later Grace worries when Fatboy does not come home, and finds he stayed with Dot. Fatboy later tells Grace that he will be living with Dot as Grace's house holds too many memories of Mercy. Grace is surprised when Mercy's sister Faith Olubunmi (Modupe Adeyeye) arrives from Nigeria and moves in with her. Faith later holds a party at Grace's house and she has sex with Fatboy but they are caught by Grace. The next day, when Faith returns home drunk, Grace slaps her and kicks her out of the house. Following this, Grace makes appearances in EastEnders: E20, where Faith continues to ask her for a place to stay, but Grace refuses. Grace is also upset when Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) and Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) prank call her and then break her hanging basket.

Mercy and Grace's introduction to EastEnders made them the first Nigerian family to appear in the series. Mojekwu, who plays Mercy, was surprised at how long it took the programme to represent her community in the series, but congratulated them for doing so.[32] On the announcement of Mojekwu's departure,[33] it was revealed that Mercy's family will remain in the series.[32] Bryan Kirkwood confirmed this.[34] In October 2011, Thomas received a special mention at the Screen Nation Awards, which celebrate the best British Black talent.[25]

Vanessa Gold

Vanessa Gold, played by Zöe Lucker, is a businesswoman who is described as "dynamic and assured" and is a love interest for Max Branning (Jake Wood).[35] The character first appears on 4 June.[36] She was created by Simon Ashdown.[29] Lucker's initial contract was for seven episodes, but this was extended and Vanessa became a regular character.[37] She is the mother of Jodie (Kylie Babbington) and wife of Harry (Linal Haft). It was announced in April 2011 that Lucker was to depart from the series and would have an "explosive" departure.[38] Vanessa was introduced as a love-interest for local car salesman Max, intended to facilitate a reunion between Max and his former wife Tanya (Jo Joyner). Concurrent to their romance, which was extended to span Lucker's increased tenure, Vanessa separates from her controlling husband Harry, and reveals that he is not the father of her teenage daughter Jodie. Lucker describes Vanessa as a glamorous risk-taker, who does not fit in to the soap's Albert Square setting. She received critical praise for her comic timing in the role, and was nominated Most Popular Newcomer at the 2010 Inside Soap Awards. She departed on 6 October 2011.

Jodie Gold

Jodie Gold, played by Kylie Babbington, is Vanessa Gold's daughter. The character was announced on 10 May 2010[39] and first appeared on screen on 7 June 2010[40] when she arrived in the show's setting of Albert Square in Walford looking for her mother. She is a love interest for Darren Miller (Charlie G. Hawkins) and is described as big-hearted with "an infectious smile and a personality to match." Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood told entertainment website Digital Spy, "I'm really excited about Kylie taking on the role of Jodie. She brings yet more fresh energy to the show—she's a ray of sunshine."[39] The character is 19 years old on her arrival and Jodie is Babbington's first television role.[41]


Jade, played by Niamh Webb, is a character which meets Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) and appears in the episodes broadcast on 8, 9 and 15 June 2010.[42][43][44] Jade first appears when Lucas visits a bar and sees her on her own. He offers to take her somewhere more quiet and they leave together. He takes her to a secluded spot and tells her that drinking and throwing herself at men is wrong and that her soul is lost. He says she needs to be cleansed and forces her to pray, but she attempts to fight back. She escapes but Lucas catches up to her, again telling her to beg for God's forgiveness. Lucas then removes his tie, and when he returns home, there are deep scratch marks on his neck. Jade's fate is unknown until Lucas's wife Denise (Diane Parish) suspects Lucas is cheating on her, so Lucas takes her to see where he got the scratches. They go to Jade's flat where she tells Denise that she prayed with Lucas and he baptised her, though initially she tried to resist and scratched Lucas. She says she will get help for her alcohol dependence and get her daughter back, who was taken away from her.

Jade was originally scripted as a prostitute who Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) picks up and forces to pray for forgiveness before apparently strangling her. However, following the charging of Stephen Griffiths with the murder of three prostitutes in Bradford, the decision was made to reshoot the scenes to remove the prostitute references, less than a week before the scenes were due to air. A spokesperson for the programme said the decision was made to "ensure we do not cause distress to the families involved in these tragic events."[45][46]

Harry Gold

Harry Gold
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Linal Haft
Created by Simon Ashdown
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010–11
First appearance 23 June 2010
Last appearance 30 August 2011
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Businessman

Harry Gold, played by Linal Haft, is Vanessa Gold's (Zöe Lucker) husband and stepfather[47] to Jodie (Kylie Babbington). The character was announced on 15 June 2010 and appears from 23 June. He was created by Simon Ashdown and was described by Kris Green from entertainment website Digital Spy as being controlling and similar to the character Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb).[48] He left on 9 November 2010,[49] and returned again on 29 August 2011.[50]

Harry first appears when Vanessa returns home from seeing Max Branning (Jake Wood). He asks her for a drink and then says he smells cigarette smoke on her. She lies that she was out with friends but he says one of her friends called earlier that day and has not seen Vanessa for weeks. Vanessa then says she went out on her own as she could not face being bored at home, and admits to smoking, which Harry dislikes. He wonders if she is seeing someone else, and after he watches Vanessa go upstairs to bed, he moves an ornament back to where it was before Vanessa moved it when she came home. He comes to Walford several weeks later, looking for Max. He asks Liam Butcher (James Forde) and his younger brother, Morgan (Devon Higgs) if he knows Max. Liam tells him where he lives, and Harry gives them some money. However, he mistakes Darren Miller (Charlie G. Hawkins) for him and knees him in the groin, telling him to keep off his property, leaving Darren in immense pain as he has just returned from having a circumcision operation. He takes Vanessa to Walford and dumps her bags outside Max's house, realises who Max really is, and asks Vanessa what Max has that he does not, to which she says he can manage sex more than once a week. Harry says they are welcome to each other and leaves, taking Vanessa's car.

However, when Jodie reveals to Vanessa that Harry is heartbroken, Vanessa ends her affair with Max and moves back to Chigwell. Harry then comes to Walford with Vanessa and Jodie to meet Darren. At Vanessa's birthday party, Max's ex-wife Tanya (Jo Joyner) tells Vanessa that Max misses her and she should go back to him. Jodie sees that Harry is not very interested in celebrating Vanessa's birthday and tells her mother that she agrees with Tanya as Vanessa deserves better than Harry, so Vanessa goes back to Max again. Harry attempts to contact Vanessa but she continues to ignore him as it is Billie Jackson's (Devon Anderson) funeral. He sends Vicky Saunders (Jessica Ellerby) to issue Vanessa with some papers but she sends her away. Harry later turns up at Vanessa's house and hands her the papers, revealing that he wants Vanessa to get nothing in their divorce. He also threatens her with Jodie, saying he can get her to take his side, saying she has always been a daddy's girl, but Vanessa reveals he is not her father. In spite, Harry spray-paints the word "slapper" on Max's door, and plasters Walford with nude photos of Vanessa. When Darren catches Harry about to spray-paint a car, he stops him and Harry tells him that he is not Jodie's father. Later, Darren begs Harry not to tells Jodie but when Jodie says Harry phoned her, Darren assumes he told her and accidentally reveals the truth.

Vanessa meets Harry and he says he will do anything to hurt Vanessa, even keeping Jodie from her despite no longer feeling anything for her. He takes Vanessa's jewellery and calls her a prostitute, saying that he will let Jodie stay with her if they have sex. Harry takes revenge by throwing a brick through Max and Vanessa's window and slashing the tyres of the cars on Max's car lot. Jodie's cat goes missing and while everyone looks for it, Harry slashes Vanessa's clothes, and when she goes to throw them away, she finds the cat dead in the bin. Max and his brother Jack (Scott Maslen) then decide to take revenge on Harry. They send Harry a text message from Vanessa's phone asking to meet, and when he turns up, they threaten him and tell him to never contact Vanessa again or next time it will be worse. After they all go their separate ways, Jack is grabbed by two men and bundled into a car. Jack is later released, but reveals to Max that Harry was behind the kidnapping.

After Harry's departure Vanessa reveals to Jodie that her dad is a Portuguese man, but she cannot remember his name. Jodie later mentions Harry in conversation to her friend Poppy Meadow (Rachel Bright) where she is annonyed at him, as it isn't her fault that he is not her dad, even though in her eyes he always will be.

Vanessa contacts Harry in need of money to pay for Jodie and Darren's wedding. Harry agrees so he can make amends with Jodie, as long as Vanessa will not be there. However, Darren overhears this and reveals it to Jodie, and he tells Harry to leave.

Lily Branning

Lily Branning
EastEnders character
Created by Simon Ashdown
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010
First appearance 23 June 2010
Last appearance 25 December 2010
Classification Former; recurring
Date of birth 23 June 2010

Lily Branning is the daughter of Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) and Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott),[51][52] born on 23 June 2010. Lily is conceived in September 2009 when Stacey stops taking medication for her bipolar disorder, causing her to act irrationally and sleep with numerous men, including Ryan. Around the same time, she is raped by Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb) and after trying to tell ex-husband Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements), she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Upon Stacey's return to Walford, she reunites with Bradley and reveals that she is pregnant. He is overjoyed, thinking the baby is his, but she reveals she is three months pregnant, and therefore the baby cannot be Bradley's. After revealing that Archie raped her, Bradley vows to raise the child as his own. However, he later dies. It is revealed that Archie was no longer capable of fathering children, so Stacey believes the father must be Ryan. After months of failing to tell him, she goes into labour alone and Ryan finds her, going to the hospital with her. During labour, the baby is starved of oxygen, but is born healthy. After returning home a few days later, she names the baby Lily. Stacey refuses to take Lily out of the house and panics when Jean does so without her knowing. However, Max Branning (Jake Wood) soon convinces Stacey to take Lily outside. In September 2010, during the Queen Vic fire, Stacey and Lily are trapped upstairs. They are both rescued by Ryan, who has just got married to Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and shortly after, Stacey tells Ryan he is Lily's father. The next day, Ryan declines an offer to hold Lily, and walks away.

After Ryan and Janine's honeymoon, Janine discovers that Ryan is Lily's father and is angry about it, pushing Lily's pram over, though Lily is not inside, and arguing with Stacey. She later telephones Social Services to say Stacey is neglecting Lily. However, the social worker, Maria de Costa (Judy Browne), assesses that Lily is being looked after properly and notes that the allegation was a false one. Stacey and Ryan get Lily's birth certificate changed to have Ryan's name added, but Ryan lies to Janine about where he was even though Janine knows, so she decides to kidnap Lily and take Ryan to France so that Stacey is out of their lives. However, when Ryan discovers Lily is in the car, he orders Janine to stop. She does so but it is on a level crossing with a train approaching and she is unable to start the car. Ryan gets Lily out to safety but Janine is unable to open her door. However, the car starts and the train just misses her. Ryan demands to drive back to Walford, where Stacey has realised Lily is missing and has called the police. However, Janine tells her she heard Lily crying so took her to look after her, and Ryan backs up Janine's story.

On Christmas Day 2010 after Stacey's revelation that she is actually Archie Mitchell's (Larry Lamb) murderer, not Bradley, Stacey decides to flee the country, taking Lily with her.

Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell
EastEnders character
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010
First appearance 2 September 2010
Last appearance 21 September 2010
Classification Former; recurring
Date of birth 1 September 2010

Richard Mitchell is the son of Sam Mitchell (Danniella Westbrook) and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), born in the episode broadcast on 2 September 2010, though it is set the day before. Sam becomes pregnant while in a relationship with Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen) but has an affair with Jack. At first, Sam wants the baby adopted but decides to keep him as her mother Peggy (Barbara Windsor) insists, saying the baby is the only way Sam can get back with Ricky, who is now married to Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer). Peggy promises to raise Richard, but she leaves Walford, leaving Sam on her own. Sam insists that Ricky is Richard's father, but Bianca wants a paternity test to be sure. Sam lies about the result, saying Ricky is Richard's father. However, Bianca double checks and discovers it is Jack. When Sam realises she is unable to cope with Richard, she asks Jack and his fiancée Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) to have him. When Sam is due to meet Ronnie and Jack to drop Richard off, she does not turn up, so Jack and Ronnie decide to visit her. Ronnie goes in and asks Sam to think it through, and offers her money to leave Walford with Richard as when Jack finds out she is keeping Richard, he will come after her. Ronnie leaves without Richard but Sam drops him off with Jack. Later, Ronnie and Sam meet and she gives Sam the money, telling her to take Richard back and leave. Sam takes Richard and returns home. She then leaves to live with her brother Grant (Ross Kemp) in Portugal, taking Richard with her.

Following the paternity test, DNA testing laboratory Alpha BioLabs reported a 27% increase in calls for paternity tests from people who did not realise how simple the tests were.[53]

Greg Jessop

Greg Jessop
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Stefan Booth
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010–11
First appearance 1 October 2010
Last appearance 21 October 2011
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Builder

Greg Jeremy Jessop,[54] played by Stefan Booth, is introduced as the fiancé of Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner),[55] who first appeared on screen on 1 October 2010[56] to work on the reconstruction of The Queen Victoria. In June 2011 it was announced that Booth was leaving the soap at the end of his storyline,[57] and Greg left on 12 August 2011. Booth confirmed that Greg will return.[58] He made his return on 21 October 2011 for a single episode.[59]

Greg is first mentioned in March 2010 at the funeral of Tanya's ex-husband Max Branning's (Jake Wood) son Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements), by Max and Tanya's daughters Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) and Lauren (Madeline Duggan, later Jacqueline Jossa), who tell their father that Tanya is waiting for them outside with her new boyfriend. In June 2010, during a visit from Max, Tanya reveals that she and Greg are engaged. Greg arrives in Albert Square with Tanya, who is visiting Lauren, and Greg is met by Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) who invites him to his illegal drinking den in the basement of The Queen Victoria. Alfie and Max, who is also there, suspect Greg is gay and Alfie then jokes to Greg that Max has a crush on him. This causes animosity between them when they are locked in alone. Later, Max returns home and Tanya brings Greg to meet him, not realising they have already met. Greg then reveals Alfie has given him the contract to refurbish the pub. After a few days, Greg realises Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has stolen some of his power drills. Tanya comes to Walford and introduces Greg to Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) and Jane's husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), whom he makes friends quickly with. On the day of the pub's opening night, Greg reports that the electrics have failed and that his workers are unable to have the pub ready in time, much to the anger of Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) who accuses Greg of not trying hard enough. Greg and Tanya visit Walford after the pub is finished and become friends with Max and Vanessa Gold (Zoe Lucker), and are invited to the Brannings' for Christmas dinner.

Tanya and Greg set a date for their wedding and Greg works for Zainab Masood (Nina Wadia) fixing the roof of her new restaurant the Argee Bhajee. Tanya and Greg then move to Roxy Mitchell's (Rita Simons) house in Albert Square to be closer to Lauren and Abi. Tanya opens the salon in their living room alongside Syed Masood (Marc Elliot), which annoys Greg. He agrees to buy Roxy's salon for Tanya as a wedding present. Greg invites Tanya's estranged mother, Cora Cross (Ann Mitchell) to the wedding and Tanya is annoyed but forgives him. At his stag party, he hears Max say that Tanya does not deserve Greg so Greg confronts him and later rips up his and Vanessa's invites. He takes Ian home and bumps into Jane who has just had a row with Tanya and is very drunk. Jane kisses Greg but he pushes her away and tells her to forget that it ever happened. Greg and Tanya marry and go on their honeymoon. After they return, Tanya begins an affair with Max. When she thinks she might be pregnant, she tells both Max and Greg, but a test shows she is not. Greg then hopes to have a child with Tanya, but discovers contraceptive pills. Lauren covers for Tanya by telling Greg they are hers. Greg is annoyed when Cora and Rainie come to stay. Tanya gets angry when Greg buys a rocking horse for a future child, and she later confesses to Greg that she does not want more children. Greg describes how he wants to hold his own newborn child in his arms and have someone to call him 'dad'. Tanya says that that is not what being a father is about, and says he is already being a father to her children. Greg reluctantly agrees. However, he discovers that Tanya is having an affair with Max and in disgust he leaves her and goes on holiday without her. While away, Greg sells the house to Janine Malloy (Charlie Brooks), forcing Tanya and her family to move out.

Greg returns to Walford months later, having been called by Lauren. Tanya reveals her cancer to Greg but he is unable to handle it, so makes an excute and leaves, leaving a hysteric Lauren behind.


Greg is introduced as a rival of Tanya's ex husband Max, and a spokesperson for the programme commented, "Max has his fair share of women but he still has a soft spot for Tanya despite all they have been through. Don't be too surprised if he makes mincemeat out of Greg."[55] Booth, who was initially on a short-term contract to appear in the show,[55] said, "I'm absolutely delighted to be coming into Albert Square. Even as a kid, [...] we'd all sit in front of the telly watching EastEnders. Jo Joyner is a splendid actress to work with and I can't wait to get my teeth into the exciting storylines ahead."[60] Booth revealed in a Digital Spy interview that his contract had been extended and he had filmed scenes for January 2011.[61]

The character's profile on the official EastEnders website describes him as gorgeous and loyal with a feminine side, and he cares about his looks, having regular work outs, manicures and exfoliation treatments. He is not a womaniser as his mother, Moira, showed him how to treat women properly. He is good with Tanya's children Abi, Lauren and Oscar (Charlee and Neo Hall).[62] Soaplife called him "a genuinely nice guy with no skeletons in his closet".[63] Booth told the magazone that Greg likes being a father to Tanya's children and that Tanya "completes him."[64] He told Digital Spy that Greg adores Tanya and she has probably not had the kind of affection from Max that she gets from Greg.[65] When Greg and Tanya move to Albert Square, Booth told Soaplife that Greg sees no reason why he and Max cannot live in peace as neighbours.[63] Joyner opined that Greg was right for Tanya, saying, "She'll be safe with Greg. He's the right man for Tanya at the moment. Women like Tanya can't help but love a wrong 'un though, so I do worry that Greg might turn out to be too nice. Poor Greg! But at the moment she's happy."[66]

In February 2011 it was announced that filming had started on location for Greg and Tanya's upcoming wedding in April 2011,[67] with a spokesperson saying, "It's probably the swankiest wedding the show's seen."[68] However, it was unconfirmed if they will actually marry, meaning that the couple's future will hang in the balance until the time of broadcast.[67] The Daily Mail reported that Tanya would flee the wedding to help Max and Abi when they are trapped in a road traffic collision,[69] though they said that Tanya and Greg have already exchanged vows, and further details remained unconfirmed.[70] Joyner expected the wedding to go bad saying, "People stop me to ask if I think the marriage will be a disaster and I tell them, 'Greg sees her in her dress before the ceremony, she's late to the church, it rains and they live in Walford'. It's not looking good".[71]

Michael Moon

Michael Moon, played by Steve John Shepherd, is a distant cousin of Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), who first appears on 1 October 2010 after Alfie's return.[56] Michael is described as a competitive and manipulative risk-taker who lives dangerously. He is a charmer with an eye for the ladies, but is willing to stab anyone in the back.[72] He is the father of Tommy Moon, whose mother is Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace), Alfie's wife. He has a relationship with Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) but is disliked by Roxy's sister Ronnie (Samantha Womack), because when her son James died, she secretly swapped him with Tommy. In 2011, he is joined by his father Eddie Moon (David Essex) and brothers Anthony (Matt Lapinskas) and Tyler (Tony Discipline), and Michael's personality is further explored with their arrival.[73][74][75]

Julie Perkins

Julie Perkins
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Cathy Murphy
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010–11
First appearance 14 October 2010
Last appearance 5 August 2011
Classification Former; regular
Date of birth 1960
Occupation Cleaner (2010-11)
Flower stall worker (2011)

Julie Perkins, played by Cathy Murphy, is a woman from Billy Mitchell's (Perry Fenwick) past.[76] She made her first appearance on 14 October 2010.[77] When Billy is visited by police, it is revealed that Julie became pregnant by Henry Mason (Brian Hibbard), a paedophile who worked at the children's home where Julie and Billy lived during their childhood. Julie arrives in Walford the following week and surprises Billy by coming to his door. Julie says she does not want to testify against Henry, and leaves when Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) return home. She telephones Billy asking him to meet her at the café, where she reveals that even though Henry Mason raped her, they always used contraception, and the only time she did not was when she had sex with Billy. She tells Billy that he has an adult son. She explains that he was taken away from her a week after he was born, and says he probably had a better life. However, Billy gets angry, saying a child should know his parents and tells Julie she should never have come, so she leaves. However, Billy soon contacts Julie again, and she helps him sell stock on his market stall. He invites her round the next week, and Jay notes that she has made an effort to look good for Billy. They go to a party where Billy invites Julie to his relative Ronnie Mitchell's (Samantha Womack) wedding and she accepts. She later sees Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) taking off her high heel stilettos and steals them, leaving her own shoes behind. When Billy realises Julie has gone, he phones her and she says she felt unwell.

Julie arrives for Ronnie's wedding where £20,000 goes missing. Ronnie's sister Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) accuses Julie of stealing it, though she did not. At the reception, Stacey sees Julie wearing her shoes and confronts her, and Roxy empties Julie's bag looking for the money, revealing Julie has filled it with food. Julie runs off and Billy catches up to her. She reveals she is wearing an electronic tag and is under curfew as she is staying in a hostel and she is trying to make her room feel like her own. Billy says this does not matter to him. Julie is accused again when she wears an expensive coat that she found, that the real thief, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), bought. Julie spends the day helping Dot Branning (June Brown) at the laundrette and they become friends. However, Julie leaves embarrassed after Mo Harris (Laila Morse) reveals to Dot that Julie is wearing the tag. She later gets a job from Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace), cleaning at The Queen Victoria but she accidentally disconnects the beer pumps. Kat sacks her but Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) and Billy persuade her to give Julie another chance. When Julie asks to store some things around Billy's house, he discovers some photos of a man. Thinking Julie is in a relationship, he confronts her, but she explains that they are pictures of their son, Roger Green (Daniel Brocklebank). Billy wants to see Roger, but Julie warns it is too late. However, Billy finds his address in Julie's belongings and goes to visit him. Once at the house, Billy announces that he is his father. Roger denies this, and Julie turns up and pulls Billy away. She explains that she could not trace their real son, so fantasised that Roger, her former boss, was their son instead. Billy forgives Julie, but informs her that he has contacted an adoption agency about their son. Billy and Julie then start a proper romantic relationship as a couple and after her tag is removed she moves in with him, as well as getting a job on the flower stall. She befriends Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison) after Heather catches her stealing and then writing a birthday card to her son, forcing her to reveal that she gave him up for adoption.

Julie asks Kat to come with her to the park as she is meeting Billy's son, William Mitchell (Toby Warpole), for the first time and is worried that she is not ready to be a stepmother. However, as they play in the park, it goes well and Julie thanks Kat for coming. Billy discovers the name of his and Julie's son is Dan Pearce. They go to visit him but find out he died three months previously. However, they discover they have a granddaughter, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold). Billy and Julie visit Lola in care and Billy bonds with her, but Julie feels she is trouble and not their problem when she continues to visit Billy. Lola tells Julie that she will win if Billy is forced to choose between them, so Julie calls the police to have Lola taken back into care. She later admits to Billy that she did this, however, she later allows Lola to move in with her and Billy. She is angry with Billy when he refuses to discipline Lola, and worries when a social worker allows Lola to stay though they are squatting and the social worker will want to see a tenancy agreement.

Julie takes the blame when Lola accidentally injures Jay Mitchell (Jamie Borthwick) while he is working in the Arches. The accident occurs when Lola begins working for Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) but he fires her after catching her stealing. Lola, in a fit of rage, smashes up the Arches and kicks a piece of heavy equipment down into the pit, which hits Jay and knocks him unconscious. Lola goes back to the care home when Jay gives her a day to confess the truth, and is persuaded to come back by Billy. She tells Julie that she will win if Billy is forced to chose, and Julie, realising she and Lola have no future together, leaves after saying an emotional farewell to Billy.


Described as a feisty character who is an "antidote to the snarling women of Albert Square",[76] Julie's arrival leaves Billy shocked and turns his life upside down.[76] The character is also described as a "cockney geezer bird [who] is more at home down the pub with the boys but underneath her robust layer, there's a little girl abandoned by her mum wanting to be loved."[78] Her profile on the EastEnders website additionally describes her as straight talking, good, tough, kind-hearted with a good sense of humour and vulnerable. She tells the truth and is not intentionally malicious, and deals with the world by putting up a barrier. She never complains, gets on well with children and young people, has a firm sense of morality and questions everything around her.[79] Speaking about the role, Murphy said: "Like our characters, I've known Perry since I was 16 and he is a brilliant actor. We've never worked together before so I am looking forward to getting stuck into our fantastic rollercoaster of a story."[76] Julie is Murphy's third role in the soap, having appeared in 1991 as Lorna and again as Trisha Taylor in 2005.[76]

An EastEnders spokesperson commented on Julie's storyline: "Julie and Billy have a real connection despite being out of each others lives since they were teenagers. She's a true Cockney sparrow and tells it like it is. However, Billy is staggered to learn he may have more skeletons in the closet waiting to be discovered."[80] Fenwick discussed the storyline saying, "They were both 15 when Julie got pregnant, but Billy, like everyone else in the children's home, thought it was this carer who knocked him and the other kids about. But when she explains it wasn't her fault and they took the baby away from her, he shifts his anger to the authorities. They haven't told me exactly what's going to happen, but I know they're going to be really clever with this story. There'll be lots of twists and turns..."[81]

In June 2011, it was announced that Danielle Harold had joined the cast, playing Julie and Billy's 15-year-old granddaughter Lola Pearce. It was reported that Billy and Julie would be shocked to learn of Lola's existence, not knowing the son they once gave up for adoption had a daughter, but would decide to track her down and find her living in a care home.[82][83]

On 21 June 2011, it was revealed that Murphy had left EastEnders.[84] Digital Spy reported that she had finished filming and her last scenes would air over the following weeks.[84] Julie's exit is sparked by the arrival of her granddaughter and when Lola gets into trouble, Julie takes the blame and leaves.[84]

Kai Jackson

Kai Jackson
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Shay Spencer
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010
First appearance 25 October 2010
Last appearance 26 October 2010
Classification Former; guest

Kai Jackson, played by Shay Spencer, is the son of Alan Jackson (Howard Antony) and half brother of Billie Jackson (Devon Anderson). He appears on screen on 25 and 26 October 2010. Kai appears alongside his mother, father and great grandmother Blossom Jackson (Mona Hammond) at Billie's wake. When Alan's ex-wife and Billie's mother Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) sees him, she leaves as he reminds her of Billie at that age. Kai then shows the family a trick that Billie had taught him, namely axillary flatulence. They return home after the wake.

Five-year-old Spencer was cast in the role after a friend of his mother's found out EastEnders was looking to cast a boy of his age, fitting his description. Spencer's mother, Jo Dufficy, sent in a photo and said the programme's makers liked what they saw. He filmed his scenes over three days in August 2010. His father Trevor said, "This was a wonderful experience for Shay and everyone thought he did a great job, especially as this was his first acting role. He [...] was a little bit nervous at first but the cast of EastEnders were really good and made him feel welcome. At the end of filming he received a big round of applause from the cast and crew. We are really excited about seeing him on TV."[85]

Yusef Khan

Doctor Yusef Khan, played by Ace Bhatti, is the father of Afia Khan (Meryl Fernandes) and former husband of Zainab Masood (Nina Wadia). He appears from 23 November 2010. Described as strong-willed, he arrives as Walford's new general practitioner. Bhatti has praised the cast for being so welcoming to him. Speaking to Inside Soap, he explained that he is "thrilled" to be a part of the regular EastEnders cast.[86]

Yusef is Zainab's former husband and started a fire that Zainab was trapped in while they were married off screen. Yusef arrives in Walford and immediately makes a strong enemy in Zainab's husband Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) and continues to enrage him, leading Masood to kidnap Yusef, but Yusef gets his payback by turning Masood's family against him. He constantly tries to make amends with Zainab and is mistakenly accused of having an affair with her; Zainab's entire family abandons her when they find out Yusef stayed the night with Zainab, immediately seeing the wrong side of it.

Edward Bishop

Edward Bishop
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Frank Barrie
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010–11
First appearance 3 December 2010
Last appearance 24 May 2011
Classification Former;recurring
Occupation Church organist
Church choirmaster

Edward Bishop, played by Frank Barrie,[87] is the leader of the local church choir, who appears between 3 December 2010[87] and 24 May 2011.[88] The choir is attended by Grace Olubunmi (Ellen Thomas), Dot Branning (June Brown), Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison), Kim Fox (Tameka Empson), Mercy Olubunmi (Bunmi Mojekwu) and Fatboy (Ricky Norwood). After the choir's performance on Christmas Eve, Edward collects money for the church organ and becomes friends with Dot. He asks Dot if she could help collect the money to buy a new organ and she accepts. He collects the collection money form the Launderette, leaving a note that gets lost, and plays at Tommy Moon's funeral. He later visits Dot when she applies for community meals for her husband Jim Branning (John Bardon). He upsets Dot by bringing Jim the wrong food, but then reveals that he has been asked to stop volunteering because he spends too much time playing dominoes with clients instead of just delivering food. Dot then successfully helps Edward get his job back.

When Edward takes Jim to the park and the bookmakers, she is angry, feeling it could affect Jim's health. She later forgives him and he brings her a tape of old music. When Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) calls Edward Dot's "fancy man", she is annoyed and later tells Edward she does not want him there anymore, other than to bring Jim his meals. When community meals are cancelled, Fatboy, Mercy and Kim bring Dot lots of food, so Edward arrives and throws them out. Edward leaves after taking Dot to the pub, and says he does not know when he will see her again. He visits Dot after buying flowers from Walford market to take to his wife's grave. They go to an over-60s film night at The Queen Victoria, and Edward tells Dot about his former lover, Betty, whom he met years ago and Dot tells him that she will help him find her on the internet. Dot contacts Betty via email and Betty then contacts Edward and they agree to meet. Dot hires a new carer, Marta Demboski (Magdalena Kurek) when Marta asks Edward why Dot is treating her badly, Edward sorts it out. Edward organises tea at the Ritz with Betty, but cancels so he can go with Dot. However, Dot has to cancel because Jim is returning home unexpectedly. Edward visits Dot again and invites her to watch a film at home. While they watch, Edward holds Dot's hand, but she pulls away. He admits that he likes her but she says she is married, so thanks Edward for the nice things he has done but tells him to leave and never return. The next day he calls her several times but she tells him to stop. He arrives on Albert Square to talk to Dot and she agrees to hear him out, but she ends up telling him again to leave her alone.


In March 2011, June Brown discussed Dot and Edward's relationship in an interview with Digital Spy. She opined that the two characters have a lot in common, Edward enjoys Dot's company and would probably want a more romantic relationship but respects the fact she has a husband. Dot also enjoys spending time with Edward but is mortified when Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) calls him her "fancy man" and is worried that other people will think they are more than friends.[89] He was described by TV Scoop as "Dot's doting pal".[90] An insider explained: "Carol doesn't really mean anything by it, but she makes a comment about Dot's relationship with Edward that really stings. Dot thinks Carol is implying there is something inappropriate about their friendship, and she’s outraged and humiliated."[90] In May 2011, Brown said that Dot feels guilty about her relationship with Edward as "there is an attraction there, but because of her religious views she feels it is wrong."[91]

James Branning and Tommy Moon

Tommy Moon
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Ralph and Shane
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010—
First appearance 30 December 2010
Classification Present; recurring
Date of birth 30 December 2010
James Branning
EastEnders character
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2010
First appearance 30 December 2010
Last appearance 31 December 2010
Classification Former; guest
Date of birth 30 December 2010
Date of death 31 December 2010

James Branning is the son of Ronnie Branning (Samantha Womack) and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), and Tommy Alfred Charles Moon is the son of Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) and Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd). Tommy is played by two babies named Ralph and Shane.[92] Both babies are born on screen on 30 December 2010.[93] In the following episode, Kat is taken to hospital and leaves her father Charlie Slater (Derek Martin) to look after Tommy. However, Charlie joins a party downstairs in The Queen Victoria public house. Meanwhile, Ronnie discovers that James has died of sudden infant death syndrome and desperately tries to get help. When she hears Tommy crying, she sneaks into The Queen Victoria and decides to swap the children.[94] Ronnie eventually regrets her actions but by the time she decides to swap them back, James has been found by Alfie and Jack has returned to the country and meets Tommy, thinking he is James. When Kat sees the baby in hospital, she refuses to believe it is Tommy as he looks different, but Alfie convinces her it is because he has died. When a midwife visits Ronnie, she is surprised at how quickly James's club foot appears to have gone. Ronnie is denied access to the funeral by Kat but goes anyway, hiding behind a tree. She later realises she has to put an end to the situation and takes Tommy back to Kat during the wake. Ronnie's attempts to explain that the baby is Tommy are all misunderstood and Kat demands that the baby be taken away from her.

Ronnie continues to care for Tommy but starts behaving erratically. She later returns to the hospital where she gave birth and meets her midwife, Diane McLean (Hannah Kew), and realises she has to give Tommy back to Kat immediately. She tells Jack that the baby is not his son, and then explains to Kat what happened on the night James died. Kat refuses to believe it but takes Tommy, while Ronnie hands herself into the police. Jack says an emotion goodbye the next day as he hands Tommy over to social services. Alfie is interviewed by a social worker, but Kat leaves the hospital unable to cope. However, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) tells Kat that it is a miracle that Tommy is alive, so Kat returns to the hospital to be interviewed, and they are reunited with Tommy. Although Kat struggles to bond with Tommy at first, and refuses to say his name, she soon adjusts and she and Alfie have Tommy Christened.


In September 2010, Shane Richie, who plays Kat's husband Alfie Moon, teased an upcoming storyline involving Alfie and Kat. Although he gave no details of the plot, he said that when he was offered the chance to return to the show to reprise his role as Alfie, he was informed of the storyline, which would be ongoing for "the best part of a year or maybe two years."[95] He said it would be "the biggest soap story in probably the history of soaps,"[95] and that he and Wallace were excited to be involved.[95] On 11 November 2010, details of the upcoming storyline were revealed by the BBC.[96]

Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood said of the baby swap storyline: "This story built on the rich history both characters have built up over the years and the story team have worked hard to make this convincing and powerful. Although EastEnders is a fictional drama we have, of course, taken great care to thoroughly research this storyline, which will reflect a issue close to the hearts of some of our audience. We're fortunate to have two wonderful actresses, Jessie Wallace and Samantha Womack, who understand the need to portray such an emotive subject sensitively. Viewers will know that Ronnie has had a difficult past, losing both her daughter and father in the last couple of years. When she loses the one thing she's always wanted, she acts on impulse in a moment of sheer grief and desperation."[97] Kirkwood later said the scenes would be believable and the storyline bold and gritty. He confirmed that a maternity nurse had been consulted on what would happen in real life, saying the crew made sure the two babies were born in different circumstances. The baby swap scenes are balanced with scenes of celebration elsewhere, in order to show "a community with a lot of love" in the hope it would "counter the inevitable darkness of this story."[98]

It was reported by The Sun that during filming, the cast and crew were so overcome with emotion that filming had to be stopped for an hour.[99] Womack said she could not stop crying and could not switch off after returning home at the end of filming. An expensive silicone doll was used for the baby but it was so lifelike that it upset many people on set.[100] Womack said that when Ronnie finds the child dead, she is "rambling" so a lot of the scene was unscripted. Ronnie goes to her mother's house and screams "Mummy!", another scene that affected many cast and crew members.[100] It was reported on 24 December that several scenes had been edited prior to the broadcast. Shots of Ronnie touching James's cold hand were reportedly edited out and the sound of Tommy crying was toned down. A scene showing Kat in blood-soaked pyjamas after haemorrhaging was also edited.[101] The baby's funeral was filmed on 20 November 2010, at a graveyard in north London.[102]

The scene where Ronnie swaps the children was called "powerful",[97] while a reporter for the Daily Mail said it would be "harrowing".[102] The Daily Mail reported on 22 December that programme bosses at the BBC were preparing for a large number of complaints over the swap.[103] Around 3,400 were received, with viewers branding the storyline "insensitive", "irresponsible" and "desperate".[104] Roz Laws from the Sunday Mercury called the plot "shocking and ridiculous" and asked "are we really supposed to believe that Kat won’t recognise that the baby looks different?"[105], although this comment was made prior to the episode where Kat didn't recognise 'her' baby. The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) praised the storyline, and its director Joyce Epstein explained, "We are very grateful to EastEnders for their accurate depiction of the devastating effect that the sudden death of an infant can have on a family. We hope that this story will help raise the public's awareness of cot death, which claims 300 babies' lives each year."[97] According to overnight figures, 10.6 million people watched the 3 January 2011 episode, in which Kat claims the dead baby is not her son and Ronnie struggles to bond with Tommy.[106]

In February 2011, the storyline was nominated in the Soap Bubble Awards under the name of 'baby swap', in the category 'Best Baby Drama'.[24] In May, it was nominated for 'Best Storyline' at the 2011 British Soap Awards, under the title "Ronnie swaps her baby for Kat's".[107]


Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Fatima Inzamam 1 January (uncredited) Wife of Inzamam Ahmed and mother of Jamila and Ali. She appears before Syed Masood's wedding to Amira Shah but leaves when Inzamam's brother Masood Ahmed tells Inzamam he is no longer welcome at the wedding.[108]
Emma West 14–15 January Ellie Beavan[109] Archie Mitchell's solicitor.[110] She arrives for the reading of Archie's will, but her paperwork gets dropped and blows around the Square. When Archie's second wife Peggy finds out that Archie divorced his first wife Glenda, Glenda denies it but Emma confirms that this would be possible even without Glenda's signature. Before she leaves, Billy Mitchell invites her to come back for a drink any time she wants.
Loretta 18–22 January Nicola Hughes[111] The chair of the church's fundraising committee.[112] She helps out Lucas Johnson with a jumble sale and Lucas's wife Denise takes a disliking to her. Loretta returns some clothes to Denise that she donated, implying they are unfashionable and nobody would buy them. Denise gets rid of her by getting Bianca Jackson to call her pretending to be from a lottery, saying she has won a prize and has to go to collect it. When Loretta calls Bianca back, Bianca says it must be a wrong number and hangs up.
Julia 18 January Vinny Dhillon[111] A social worker who visits Ian Beale and Jane Beale, who are applying to adopt a child.
Nick Greenway 19 January David Annen[113] Ian Beale's solicitor after he is arrested on suspicion of murdering Archie Mitchell.
Reg 21–26 January Zig Byfield[114] Glenda Mitchell's neighbour.[115] When Glenda's daughter Ronnie visits her, Reg is outside the flat and stares at Ronnie. He later tries to give Glenda some flowers and is very insistent that he sees her, but Ronnie tells him to go. Outside, he tells Ronnie that Glenda has never mentioned her. The following week, when Ronnie and her sister Roxy come looking for Glenda, Reg tells them she has moved on. After they leave, Glenda pays Reg with cigarettes for lying for her.
Dr Clayton 25 January Claire Askam[116] A doctor who talks to Pat Evans' family after Pat suffers a heart attack.
Leyton 26 January–
1 February
Daniel Crowder[117] A man who Christian Clarke spends the night with, and wakes up not remembering anything. He annoys Christian, who tries to avoid him, but Christian later introduces him as his boyfriend to make Syed Masood jealous. The next week, Christian tells Leyton they need to talk. It is revealed later in the week that Christian split up with Leyton.
Sandy 16–23 February Caroline Pegg[118] Dotty Cotton's mother.[119] She turns up at Dot's house looking for her daughter, Kirsty, but Dot says she knows nobody of that name. Dot and Sandy meet up in the café and Sandy says she was an alcoholic but gave up the day Dotty's father Nick Cotton took her away. Dot later decides to tell Dotty about her mother, who wants to see her. After Sandy visits Dotty, Dot decides that she should live with her mother. Dotty receives an emotional send-off from Dot as she and Sandy leave the Square. In October 2010 during a conversation with Grace Olubunmi, Dot refers to Sandy as her daughter-in-law, suggesting that Sandy is or once was married to Nick.
Mr Allcock 23 February–
2 March,
24–26 August
Bill Buckhurst[120] Walford High School's headmaster.[10] After Shirley Carter fails to get her niece Zsa Zsa into the school, Mr Allcock is paid a visit from Phil Mitchell, asking him for a favour. Zsa Zsa is given an appointment, which she decides to attend after talking a liking to Mr Allcock's physique. Zsa Zsa flirts with him, and when Shirley asks her to leave the room, she does too. Zsa Zsa gets a place in school but Shirley realises it is down to Phil's visit. In August, Mr Allcock visits Ian Beale to say his daughter Lucy's GCSE results are inconsistent, there has been an allegation of cheating, and both Lucy and her twin Peter's exam papers must be looked at.
David Hensler 24–25 February Jonty Stephens[121] David is Masood Ahmed's line manager at Royal Mail.[15] He watches Masood on his round, and later turns up at the house with his colleague Steven Fuller from the Royal Mail Investigation Unit, saying there has been an allegation of stolen post and they must search Masood's house. They find a package for Max Branning that Masood was holding, and David later issues Masood with a caution.
Steven Fuller (uncredited)
Mitch Gannon 2–29 March,
25 October
Theo Barklem-Biggs[122] A friend of Billie Jackson's from his housing estate in Balham.[15] He appears alongside his fellow gang members Kylie and Connor Stanley when they attack Whitney Dean. A few weeks later, Kylie, Connor and Mitch take Billie for drinks but are told to leave by Phil Mitchell. The gang decide to rob the pub using a fake gun, and they get away with the money. After Billie dies, Mitch and the rest of the gang arrive for his funeral but are told to stay away by his mother Carol Jackson.
Dave 9 March John Cummins[123] A customer at the car lot. Carol Jackson attempts to sell him a car and uses Billy Mitchell to help increase the price, but when Billy goes too high, Dave says he cannot afford it and leaves.
Theresa 11 March Dolya Gavanski[124] A florist who Libby Fox and Patrick Trueman visit to find out who sent flowers to Liz Turner. They pretend they were from Patrick's son whom they had not heard from until he sent the flowers, but when Theresa refuses to give out details, Libby steals a CCTV tape.
Tim Brown 15 March Keir Charles[125] A man looking at the beauty salon that Roxy Mitchell is thinking of buying. Roxy flirts with him but tells him it is a bad site as the last business had no customers. Roxy later tells him she will not be bidding and he reveals he is not bidding himself but was looking at the property on behalf of Roxy's sister Ronnie.
Bev 15 March Nichola Jane Theobald[125] Two attractive women who come into The Queen Victoria public house. Phil Mitchell and Minty Peterson offer to pay for their drinks but they leave when Phil gets annoyed with Minty.
Debs (uncredited)
Dr Cameron 23–25 March Aicha Kossoko[126] The doctor who Lucy Beale visits to have an termination.
Terry 29 March–
5 April
Jon Foster[127] A social worker who assesses Phil Mitchell's suitability for custody of his estranged daughter Louise. After questioning the family, he tells them Louise should be able to move in.
Luther 1 April Peter McNally[128] An employee at R&R who takes charge after his boss Jack Branning is shot by Kylie.
Mr Steele 1–22 April Simon Wilson[128] The consultant who tells Jack Branning's family that he could end up severely brain damaged after being shot. He looks after Jack and explains to the family that he is paralysed down one side of his body. When Ronnie Mitchell drops some paperwork at the hospital, he returns it to her and when she thinks he is coming onto her, she orders him out. He later returns to apologise and they end up dancing together and later, kissing. When Jack's brother Max tells Jack he saw Ronnie and Mr Steele kissing, Mr Steele makes a comment about Ronnie's lips so Jack punches him in the face. When Ronnie finds out, she breaks up with Mr Steele as she realises Jack still has feelings for her.
Cllr Singh Walia 9 April Ranjit Krishnamma[129] A local councillor who comes to meet residents at The Queen Victoria public house. As Pat Evans and Peggy Mitchell tell him he is doing a bad job, he suffers a heart attack and is taken away in an ambulance. He stands down from the council, prompting Pat and Peggy to both apply for his position.
Julie 12 April Amy Edge[130] Fatboy's date, who Fatboy brings on a double date with Leon Small and Zsa Zsa Carter.[131] After the date, Fatboy tells Leon that she is bisexual and fancies Zsa Zsa.
Tasha 12–16 April Charlotte Beaumont[130] The leader of a gang of schoolgirls that bully Ben Mitchell. After one confrontation, they chase Ben and take his new trainers. When Ben's father Phil discovers this, he tells Tasha to have the trainers cleaned. When she returns them, she apologises to Ben, but then tells her friends that she stood up to him. Shirley Carter hears her bragging and tells her that Phil is the least of her worries. After Phil and Shirley talk to Tasha's father, Ben reports that there have been no more problems.
Elaine 15 April Joanne Zorian[132] Louise Mitchell's dance teacher. She encourages Louise's father Phil to stay for her first lesson to build Louise's confidence.
Nurse Denton 19 April, 25 May,
10 September
Elicia Daly[133] A nurse who tends to Jack Branning, who is paralysed down one side after being shot in the head, Jordan Johnson, who is in a coma after being hit on the head with a spanner, and Stacey Branning and her baby Lily, who were injured in a fire.
Joseph[134] 20 April Robert Jezek[135] Tasha's Polish father who Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter talk to about Tasha bullying Phil's son Ben. He agrees to talk to Tasha.
Dr Bickerton 4–7 May Catherine Kanter[136] Jack Branning's doctor who Ronnie Mitchell talks to about sending him to a private clinic.
Jonno 7 May Garry Lammin[137] A man who gives a quote to fix the electrics at R&R nightclub for Ronnie Mitchell. However, he tells her the club must remain closed for a few days as it is a big job.
Nadim Abbasi 10–13 May Kriss Dosanjh[138] Bushra Abbasi's husband,[139] an apparently wealthy man, who visits Masood Ahmed and Zainab Masood along with his wife. He also meets their gay son Syed Masood at the mosque and allows him in when some men are blocking the entrance, but later tells him people will not forgive and forget and he should attend a different mosque.
Alex 14 May Ben Joiner[140] A man who meets Christian Clarke in The Queen Victoria. They get a bottle of wine but Christian leaves after hearing that Syed Masood is in hospital after an overdose. Later, Christian meets Alex again invites him out to dinner.
Carver 20 May Simon Tcherniak[141] Phil Mitchell's solicitor.
Allen Conlon 20–21 May
9–13 July
Peter Vollebregt[141] A man claims he can cure Syed Masood of his homosexuality. Though Syed's parents Zainab and Masood and brother Tamwar are sceptical, Syed and Allen say it is possible and Syed can re-educate his mind. After several weeks of therapy, Syed is angry with Allen when he feels it is not working. Syed then decides to admit that he cannot change his sexuality and stops seeing Allen.
Katy 31 May Leila Mimmack[142] When Peter Beale and Fatboy attend a party in Hampshire, Katy kisses Fatboy and Hayley kisses Peter. A fight breaks out between Peter and Hayley's boyfriend Vince, and Fatboy gets involved when he insults Hayley. Peter knees Vince in the groin and Peter and Fatboy escape from the party.
Vince Oscar Ward[142]
Hayley Charlotte Skeoch[142]
Simon James 31 May–1 June Peter Temple[142] A man who interviews Bianca and Ricky Butcher as their son Liam has not been accepted into his first choice of secondary school.
Andrew 1 June Christopher Scoular[143] Two men that meet Pat Evans and Peggy Mitchell in a restaurant and buy them drinks. Pat and Peggy run out on them because they both have dates that night.
Donald Jack McKenzie[143]
DC Walker 8 June Alexander Newland[42] A police officer who visits Jordan Johnson to see how he is before his attacker Ben Mitchell is due in court. He explains that Ben could get up to four years detention.
Kirsty Montgomery 25 June Bridget Fry[144] Stacey Branning's midwife.
Gloria Fisher 30 June Sharon Hinds[145] A woman who attends Lucas Johnson's Christian disco. His wife Denise dislikes her.
Rob Wilkins 30 June Chris Bennett[145] A man who tries to chat up Ronnie Mitchell but is thrown out when he insults her mother Glenda.
Gemma[146] 30 June Rita Balogun[145] A prostitute who asks Lucas Johnson if he wants some company. However, when he sees the crucifix around her neck, he leaves. Off-screen, Lucas murders Gemma and dumps her body in a canal, but identifies the body as that of his wife Denise, who he has locked in a basement. Denise's funeral takes place with Gemma's body, but when Denise is found to be alive, Gemma has her own funeral on 6 August, with Denise and Patrick Trueman as the only attendants.[146] The vicar (David Peart) says that none of Gemma's family could be traced, her funeral has been paid for by a charity and she will be buried in a mass grave.[147]
Cal Childs 19, 30 July Danny Barnham[148] A boy who bullies Ben Mitchell at the Young Offender Institution where he is being detained. After Ben's family visit him a second time, his father Phil confronts Cal, and Cal punches him in the back.
Derek Smith
20 July Steven Osborne[149] A man who works at Dagenham Dave's selling furniture and bric-a-brac. He sells a matress to Christian Clarke and Syed Masood.
Mr Barker 20 July Tom Keller[149] The funeral director who visits Denise Johnson's family to arrange her funeral.
Daphne Fox 23 July Emi Wokoma[150] Denise and Kim Fox's sister.[151] She arrives to attend Denise's funeral and tells Denise's daughter Libby that she wishes she could have apologised to Denise for what she said to her. At Denise's wake, Liz Turner insults Denise causing Daphne and Kim to start shouting at her.
Reverend Wallace 29 July Mark Meadows[152] The reverend who speaks to Heather Trott about a christening for her son George.
Rob Stevenson 30 July Neil Grainger[153] A news reporter who disguises himself as a doctor to question Denise Johnson on her recent ordeal.[154] He then poses as a police detective inspector to speak to Denise's family but when they ask for ID and he is unable to show any, they tell him to go away. The following week, a news story is printed in the Walford Gazette, stating that Denise misses her "killer husband", Lucas.
Sgt Lewis Daley 3 August–
5 October
Deka Walmsley[155] An army recruitment officer[156] who is visited by Carol Jackson, Bianca Butcher and Whitney Dean to find out why Billie Jackson has been denied leave. He informs them that Billie took leave with his friends, and gives his number to Carol after Bianca tells him she is single. A few weeks later, they go on a date, but Carol walks out. He follows and shows her he would like to see her again by kissing her. They go on another date, meeting in the local park. When they see Carol's grandson Liam Butcher, who is worried about going to his new school, Lewis gives him encouragement. A few weeks later he sends Carol chocolates so she arranges to meet him again. The following day he takes her to lunch, saying he has been busy with new army recruits. After the date, Glenda Mitchell tells Carol she saw him remove a wedding ring, so Carol confronts him. Lewis says he is unhappy in his marriage but Carol pushes him away and he leaves.
Colin Logan 9 August Matthew Barker[157] Jack Branning's physiotherapist.
Kenneth "Ken" Tate 9–13 August Peter Blake[157] A brewery representative who wants to buy The Queen Victoria.[158] He speaks to Glenda Mitchell before introducing himself to Peggy Mitchell, and realises that Peggy is trying to put him off. Peggy starts to like him and he says the pub is perfect. However, the owner, Roxy Mitchell, eventually decides not to sell.
Tamsin Reilly
23 August–
2 September
Ruth Keeling[159] A prison officer who escorts Sam Mitchell to hospital and supervises her during her stay.
Matt Hearn 2 September Paul Jibson[160] Sam Mitchell's midwife.
Brogan Callan 3 September Lucinda Millward[161] The leader of a young mum's group attended by Stacey Branning, Becca Swanson and Stacey's baby Lily.
Tim Kenward 3 September Danny Seldon[161] A man from an adoption agency when Sam Mitchell wants her baby adopted, however, she changes her mind.
Richard Monroe 6–7 September Andrew Hall[162] A man who picks up Janine Butcher at the end of her hen party. She is impressed by his wealth and they go back to his house. The next morning he apologises for falling asleep, and Janine leaves, revealing she is getting married.
DC Andrew Newton 10 September 2010,
5 April 2011[163]
Luke Harris[164] A police officer who speaks to Peggy Mitchell following a fire at The Queen Victoria. In April 2011, he speaks to Ricky Butcher, believing him to be picking up prostitutes, when he is searching for Whitney Dean.
Lee Finnerty 20–21 September Dylan Brown[165] Two men who come to Walford looking for Kat Moon. They talk to her former neighbour Dot Branning saying Kat has won a prize, and Dot reveals where she lived. They are then let in the house by Jean Slater before Kat returns. It is revealed Kat is on the run from them as she and her husband Alfie Moon conned their relative Frankie Finnerty. The break into the kitchen and argue with Kat and her family, and as Kat throws money at them, her husband Alfie enters pretending to be from the CID, causing them to run off quickly.
Jono Finnerty Colin Parry[165]
Edward Brooks 27–28 September Luke Striffler[166] The American boyfriend of Lauren Branning who she talks to on webcam and asks if he has booked his flights. The next day they speak again and he breaks up with her because she is in England now.
Claudia Maskry 4 October Maria McErlane[167] A journalist for the Walford Gazette. Alfie Moon and his cousin Michael try to sell her a story that they discovered they are long-lost identical twins. She does not believe it, but Alfie then tells her that the Queen Mother hid in The Queen Victoria during the war, and Mo Harris and Dot Branning back up his claims, and Michael shows her a piece of metal from an old German engine, saying it is part of a doodlebug.
Thommo Newby 4 October Ras Barker[167] A man at R&R nightclub. First, he asks Billy Mitchell to supply toilet roll, and later dances behind Jean Slater's back, so Billy tells him to leave.
DS Mulligan 8 October Paul Ham[18] A police officer who visits Billy Mitchell as he is investigating a man who worked at the care home where Billy lived as a child.
Sgt Major Banfield 14 October Toby Gaffney[168] An army major who gives Billie Jackson's personal belongings to his mother, Carol, following his death.
Sgt Stone 19 October Alun Raglan[169] The police sergeant in attendance at the police station when Kat Moon, Stacey Slater, Janine Butcher, Pat Evans, Kim Fox, Alfie Moon and Billy Mitchell are all arrested and locked up for the night.
Vicky Saunders 25 October Jessica Ellerby[122] A woman who visits Vanessa Gold to issue divorce papers on behalf of Harry Gold, but Vanessa rejects her. Later, Harry reveals that Vicky has replaced Vanessa, acting as his hostess.
PC Heathcote 1 November,
25 December
Jack Pierce[170] A police constable who attends when Stacey Branning realises her daughter Lily is missing. He attends again on Christmas Day when Stacey is accused of stabbing Janine Malloy, but Stacey flees before she can be found.
Mr Atherton 22–26 November David Cann[171] An estate agent selling the local Indian restaurant, the Argee Bhajee. He shows Zainab Masood and Ian Beale around and Ian attempts to bribe him to find out Zainab's bid but Mr Atherton does not divulge. When Ian hands his bid to Mr Atherton, he pays him for another favour, namely to use the restaurant to host a romantic meal for him and his wife Jane.
Roger Green 6–7 December Daniel Brocklebank[172] A man who Julie Perkins claims to be her and Billy Mitchell's son. Billy meets Roger and tells him this, but Roger denies it. Julie explains to Billy that she could not trace their real son, so fantasised that Roger, her former boss, was their son instead.
Gloria MacDonald 20–21 December Michele Austin[173] Lucas Johnson's sister.[174] When Lucas's wife Denise discovers that Lucas's son Jordan has been in contact with Gloria for five months since Lucas went to prison, she allows Jordan to stay with Gloria.
Midwife Brigitte 28 December Zina Badran[175] Kat Moon's midwife, though she sends Kat home as she is not ready to give birth yet.
Diane McLean
30 December 2010,
15 April 2011
Hannah Kew[176] Ronnie Branning's midwife when she gives birth to her son James. In April 2011, Ronnie is at the hospital and meets Diane again.
Nurse Jenny[177] 31 December–
6 January 2011
Alexia Healey[87] A nurse who looks after Kat Moon while she is in hospital after part of the placenta is left behind following the birth of her son Tommy. Kat also visits her after Tommy's supposed death, wondering if she did something wrong. Jenny tells Kat to speak to her husband.


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