Dan Sullivan (EastEnders)

Dan Sullivan (EastEnders)
Dan Sullivan
Craig Fairbrass.jpg
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Craig Fairbrass
Introduced by Matthew Robinson
Duration 1999–2001
First appearance 7 June 1999
Last appearance 16 August 2001
Classification Former, regular
Date of birth 28 November 1966
Occupation Dodgy dealer

Daniel "Dan" Sullivan is a fictional character from the BBC soap Opera EastEnders, played by Craig Fairbrass. He arrived in Albert Square as Carol Jackson's latest boyfriend in 1999 and they planned to marry on discovering she was expecting his child. Carol's daughter Bianca was stunned to see him, as they had had a fling when she was a teenager on holiday, many years before. Dan and Bianca began an affair, which was discovered, leading Carol to have an abortion and left Walford. Bianca also left Walford.


Dan stayed in the Square and bought Grant Mitchell's share of The Queen Vic from Phil Mitchell for only £5. Dan then discovered that Phil, Roy Evans and Frank Butcher were running a dodgy scam involving the car lot, so he informed the police. He later told Mel about this and she told Lisa, leading to Phil finding out.

Phil plotted to win back his share of the Vic and arranged a card game. When Phil won the share back and smugly refunded Dan's £5, Dan vowed revenge. He threatened Melanie Owen with phone calls and began stalking her because she had told Phil about him informing the police and she was in on Phil's plan to throw him out of the Vic. Mel was saved when Steve Owen rescued her, threatening to kill him unless he left the Square and Dan left Walford in July 2000.

Six months after he was last seen, he returned, wanting revenge against Phil. When Phil was shot on Steve and Melanie's wedding day, Dan was a suspect, but Phil's ex-girlfriend, Lisa Shaw was responsible. Phil forgave her and decided to frame Dan instead. Dan was arrested and in court, the jury rightly found him not guilty, and he got revenge by kidnapping Melanie, (thinking Steve had shot Phil). Dan got £200,000 ransom, and left Walford in August 2001, considerably richer than when he first arrived and has not been seen since, although he left flowers on Steve Owen's grave, bearing the message "Gotcha!"

In 2003, Billy heard news that Dan was back in town to settle a few scores, although this was off-screen. (This was later revealed to be a hoax by the police to connect Phil to the alleged murder of Lisa). Dan was last heard to be living in Spain, but having many brushes with the law, just like he did in the square.

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