Charles, Prince of Wales bibliography

Charles, Prince of Wales bibliography

The Bibliography of Charles, Prince of Wales is a list of approximately three dozen works which HRH Charles, Prince of Wales has authored, co-authored, illustrated or narrated and includes works for which he has written a foreword, introduction or preface.

Any royalties the Prince receives go to The Prince's Charities Foundation,[1] as do any profits from Duchy Originals.




  • Mary Rose. With Armand Hammer. New York: The Sarpedon Press, eds. Photographs: Pat Baker, Christopher Dobbs, Dominic Fontana, Steve Foote. Illustrations: Tayburn London, Arthur Barbose, Nick Evans, Debby Fulford. Portsmouth: The Mary Rose Trust (1985). ASIN B000FBLSNW.
  • Architecture & the Environment: HRH The Prince of Wales and the Earth in Balance (Architectural Design Profile). With Andreas C. Papadakis. John Wiley & Sons (1993). Paperback: ISBN 1-854-90143-5.
  • Princes As Patrons: The Art Collections of the Princes of Wales from the Renaissance to the Present Day: An Exhibition from the Royal Collection. With Mark Evans, Oliver Millar, National Museum and Gallery, Cardiff. Merrell Holberton (1998). Hardcover: ISBN 1-858-94054-0.
  • The Parks and Gardens of Cornwall. With Douglas Ellory Pett. Cornwall: Alison Hodge Publishers (1998). Hardcover: ISBN 0-906-72027-3.
  • The Garden at Highgrove. With Candida Lycett Green. Photography by Andrew Lawson and Christopher Simon Sykes. London: Cassell & Co. (2001). Paperback: ISBN 1-841-88142-2, ISBN 978-1841881423.




  • The Cancer Prevention Book: Holistic Guidelines From the World-Famous Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Rosy Daniel and Rachel Ellis. Hunter House Publishers (2002). Hardcover: ISBN 0-897-93361-3.



  • Sealed by Time: The Loss and Recovery of the Mary Rose. Vol. I: The Archaeology of the Mary Rose.[3] Peter Marsden, et al. Mary Rose Trust Ltd (2003). First of five volumes. Hardcover: ISBN 0-954-40290-1, ISBN 978-0954402907.

Authored television documentaries

  • Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, NBC 2010.
  • The Prince and the Composer: A Film about Hubert Parry by HRH The Prince of Wales Dir. John Bridcut, BBC Four 2011.


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