Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission (established in 1919) is a non-ministerial government department responsible for forestry in Great Britain. Its mission is to protect and expand Britain's forests and woodlands and increase their value to society and the environment.


The Forestry Commission manages 7,720 square kilometres of land in Great Britain, the majority of which (60%) is in Scotland, 26% of the landholding is in England and the remainder in Wales [ [| Forest Statistics] ] . Activities carried out on the forest estate include timber harvesting to supply domestic industry, replanting of harvested areas, maintenance and improvement of the natural environment and the provision of recreation.

The Forestry Commission is also the government body responsible for the regulation of forestry nationally. Part of this role is carried out through the disbursement of funding in support of private forests and woodlands

Organisational structure

The organisation has a Board of Commissioners with duties and powers prescribed by statute, consisting of a Chairman and up to ten other Forestry Commissioners, including its Director General, who are appointed by the Queen.

The Commission also has an Executive Board which assists the Director General and Country Directors in the effective management of the Commission by providing leadership and setting direction for the Commission as an organisation.

Its current structure of separate Forestry Commissions for England, Scotland and Wales, came into effect on 1 April 2003. This structure allows the Commission to focus more clearly on delivering the policies of the individual Governments while still having the ability to take a Great Britain-wide approach to "cross-border" issues.

The Forestry Commission in each country is led by a Director who is also a member of the GB Board of Commissioners. Delivery of policy, as well as progress against strategy objectives, are overseen in each country by the Commission's National Committee for England, National Committee for Scotland and National Committee for Wales..

Research division

Forest Research is a Great Britain-wide agency of the Forestry Commission which aims to deliver high-quality scientific research and surveys, to inform the development of forestry policies and practices, and promote high standards of sustainable forest management.


The Forestry Commission is the largest provider of outdoor recreation in Britain [] . It is working with many user groups to promote the use of its land for recreation such as hillwalking, cycling, mountain biking and horseback riding. There are many such projects throughout Britain. A notable and successful example is its 7stanes project in Scotland where seven purpose built areas of man-made mountain bike trails have been laid and has proved very popular. A another project to promote the use of its land is the Forest Tour, which is a music festival.


Some of the forests managed by the Forestry Commission are:
* [ Aberdeen Woods]
* [ Afan Forest Park]
* [ Bedgebury Pinetum]
* [ Dalby forest]
*Delamere forest []
* [ Glenmore Forest Park]
* [ Grizedale forest]
* [ Gwydyr Forest Park]
*Kesteven Forest []
*Kielder Forest
* [ Salcey Forest]
*Sherwood Forest
* [ Tay forest Park]
* [ Thetford forest]
* [ Westonbirt]
* [ Forest of Dean]

Environmental impact

The majority of their trees are conifers, but the Commission also manages over 90,000 hectares of broadleaf trees.


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