List of Major League Baseball single-season records

List of Major League Baseball single-season records

Records are for post-1900 only and need to be verified by a reference source, preferably the Elias Book of Baseball Records.


Batting Records

Home runs

Player Team Home runs Season
Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants 73 2001
Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals 70 1998
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 66 1998
Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals 65 1999
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 64 2001
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 63 1999
Roger Maris New York Yankees 61 1961
Babe Ruth New York Yankees 60 1927


Player Team Hits Season
Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners 262 2004
George Sisler St. Louis Browns 257 1920
Bill Terry New York Giants 254 1930
Lefty O'Doul Philadelphia Phillies 254 1929

Batting average

Player Team Average Season
Hugh Duffy Boston Beaneaters .440 1894
Rogers Hornsby St. Louis Cardinals .424 1924
George Sisler St. Louis Browns .420 1922
Nap Lajoie Philadelphia Athletics .426 1901
Ty Cobb Detroit Tigers .425 1911

Runs batted in

Hank Greenberg, Hall of Famer and 2-time MVP
Player Team RBIs Season
Hack Wilson Chicago Cubs 191 1930
Lou Gehrig New York Yankees 184 1931
Hank Greenberg Detroit Tigers 183 1937
Jimmie Foxx Boston Red Sox 175 1938
Lou Gehrig New York Yankees 175 1927

Hitting streak

Player Team Streak Season
Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees 56 1941
Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds 44 1978
Vladimir Guerrero Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 42 2008
George Sisler St. Louis Browns 41 1922
Ty Cobb Detroit Tigers 40 1911

Runs scored

Player Team Runs Season
Babe Ruth New York Yankees 177 1921
Lou Gehrig New York Yankees 167 1936
Lou Gehrig New York Yankees 163 1931
Babe Ruth New York Yankees 163 1928
Chuck Klein Philadelphia Phillies 158 1930


Player Team Doubles Season
Earl Webb Boston Red Sox 67 1931
George Burns Cleveland Indians 64 1926
Joe Medwick St. Louis Cardinals 64 1936
Hank Greenberg Detroit Tigers 63 1934
Paul Waner Pittsburgh Pirates 62 1932


Player Team Triples Season
Chief Wilson Pittsburgh Pirates 36 1912
Sam Crawford Detroit Tigers 26 1914
Kiki Cuyler Pittsburgh Pirates 26 1925
Joe Jackson Cleveland Naps 26 1912

At bats

Player Team At bats Season
Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies 717 2007
Willie Wilson Kansas City Royals 705 1980
Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners 704 2004
Juan Samuel Philadelphia Phillies 701 1984
Dave Cash Philadelphia Phillies 699 1975
Juan Pierre Chicago Cubs 699 2006

Stolen bases

Player Team Stolen bases Season
Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics 130 1982
Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals 118 1974
Vince Coleman St. Louis Cardinals 110 1985
Vince Coleman St. Louis Cardinals 109 1987
Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics 108 1983

Pitching Records



Player Team Wins Season
Jack Chesbro New York Highlanders 41 1904
Ed Walsh Chicago White Sox 40 1908
Christy Mathewson New York Giants 37 1908
Walter Johnson Washington Senators 36 1913
Joe McGinnity New York Giants 35 1904

Live-ball era (post-1920)

Player Team Wins Season
Lefty Grove Philadelphia Athletics 31 1931
Denny McLain Detroit Tigers 31 1968
Dizzy Dean St. Louis Cardinals 30 1934
Hal Newhouser Detroit Tigers 29 1944
Dazzy Vance Brooklyn Dodgers 28 1924
Lefty Grove Philadelphia Athletics 28 1930
Dizzy Dean St. Louis Cardinals 28 1935
Robin Roberts Philadelphia Phillies 28 1952

Earned run average

Player Team ERA Season
Dutch Leonard Boston Red Sox 0.96 1914
Mordecai Brown Chicago Cubs 1.04 1906
Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals 1.12 1968


Player Team Strikeouts Season
Nolan Ryan California Angels 383 1973
Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers 382 1965
Randy Johnson Arizona Diamondbacks 372 2001
Nolan Ryan California Angels 367 1974
Randy Johnson Arizona Diamondbacks 364 1999


Player Team Shutouts Season
Pete Alexander Philadelphia Phillies 16 1916
Jack Coombs Philadelphia Athletics 13 1910
Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals 13 1968
Pete Alexander Philadelphia Phillies 12 1915


Player Team Saves Season
Francisco Rodriguez Los Angeles Angels 62 2008
Bobby Thigpen Chicago White Sox 57 1990
John Smoltz Atlanta Braves 55 2002
Éric Gagné Los Angeles Dodgers 55 2003


Player Team Balks Season
Dave Stewart Oakland Athletics 16 1988
John Dopson Boston Red Sox 15 1989
Bob Welch Oakland Athletics 13 1988
John Candelaria New York Yankees 12 1988
Juan Guzmán Texas Rangers 12 1988

Wild pitches

Player Team Wild pitches Season
Red Ames New York Giants 30 1905
Tony Cloninger Atlanta Braves 27 1966
Larry Cheney Chicago Cubs 26 1914
Juan Guzmán Toronto Blue Jays 26 1993

Team Records

Home runs

Team Home runs Season
Seattle Mariners 264 1997
Texas Rangers 260 2005
Toronto Blue Jays 257 2010
Baltimore Orioles 257 1996

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