List of Major League Baseball record holders

List of Major League Baseball record holders

This is a list of North American Major League Baseball record holders.


Batting records: career (1876–present)

Babe Ruth (left)—who holds the record for highest slugging percentage, OPS, and runs created—and Ty Cobb (right)—who holds the records for highest batting average and most steals home.
Record Player #
Highest batting average Ty Cobb .367
Most singles Pete Rose 3,215
Most doubles Tris Speaker 792
Most triples Sam Crawford 309
Most home runs Barry Bonds 762
Most inside the park home runs Jesse Burkett 55
Most home run by pitchers Wes Ferrell 38
Most RBIs Hank Aaron 2,297
Most hits Pete Rose 4,256
Most runs scored Rickey Henderson 2,295
Highest on-base percentage Ted Williams .482
Most stolen bases Rickey Henderson 1,406
Most steals of home Ty Cobb 54
Highest slugging percentage Babe Ruth .690
Highest OPS Babe Ruth 1.164
Most walks Barry Bonds 2,553
Most intentional walks Barry Bonds 686
Most strikeouts Reggie Jackson 2,597
Most at-bats Pete Rose 14,053
Most total bases Hank Aaron 6,856
Most runs created Babe Ruth 2,757
Most games played Pete Rose 3,562

Batting records: single season (1876–present)

Mark Reynolds, the Major League record holder for most strikeouts in a single season.
Record Player # Season
Highest batting average Hugh Duffy .440 1894
Most home runs Barry Bonds 73 2001
Most runs batted in Hack Wilson 191 1930
Most triples Chief Wilson 36 1912
Most doubles Earl Webb 67 1931
Most hits Ichiro Suzuki 262 2004
Most runs scored Billy Hamilton 192 1894
Highest on-base percentage Barry Bonds .609 2004
Most stolen bases[nb 1] Hugh Nicol
Rickey Henderson
Highest slugging percentage Barry Bonds .863 2001
Highest OPS Barry Bonds 1.422 2004
Most walks Barry Bonds 232 2004
Most intentional walks Barry Bonds 120 2004
Most strikeouts Mark Reynolds 223 2009
Most total bases Babe Ruth 457 1921
Consecutive game hitting streak Joe DiMaggio 56 1941
Most at-bats Jimmy Rollins 716 2007

Pitching records: career (1876–present)

Cy Young, the Major League record holder for most career wins, losses, innings pitched, and complete games.
Record Player #
Most wins Cy Young 511
Most losses Cy Young 316
Lowest E.R.A. Ed Walsh 1.82
Most no-hitters Nolan Ryan 7
Most strikeouts Nolan Ryan 5,714
Most shutouts Walter Johnson 110
Most pickoffs Steve Carlton 144
Most innings pitched Cy Young 7,354⅔
Most hit batsmen Gus Weyhing 278
Most home runs allowed Jamie Moyer[nb 2] 511
Most complete games Cy Young 749
Lowest WHIP Addie Joss .968
Most saves Mariano Rivera[nb 3] 602
Highest win–loss percentage Spud Chandler 71.7%
Most games Jesse Orosco 1,252
Most consecutive scoreless innings pitched Orel Hershiser 59[nb 4]

Live-ball era (1920–present)

(if different from overall records)

Record Player #
Most wins Warren Spahn 363
Most losses Nolan Ryan 292
Lowest earned-run average Mariano Rivera[nb 3] (overall)
Whitey Ford (starting pitchers)
Most shutouts Warren Spahn 63
Most innings pitched Phil Niekro 5,404⅓
Most complete games Warren Spahn 382
Lowest WHIP Mariano Rivera[nb 3] (overall)
Pedro Martínez [nb 5] (starting pitchers)

Pitching records: single season (1876–present)

Record Player # Season
Most wins Charles Radbourn 59 1884
Most losses John Coleman 48 1883
Lowest E.R.A. Tim Keefe 0.86 1880
Most strikeouts Matt Kilroy 513 1886
Most shutouts George Bradley
Pete Alexander
16 1876
Most innings pitched Will White 680 1879
Most complete games Will White 75 1879
Lowest WHIP Pedro Martínez .7373 2000
Most saves Francisco Rodríguez 62 2008
Highest win/loss percentage Roy Face 94.7% 1959
Most hits allowed John Coleman 772 1883
Most earned runs allowed John Coleman 291 1883

Live-ball era (1920–present)

(if different from all-time records)

Record Player # Season
Most wins Jim Bagby, Sr.
Lefty Grove
Denny McLain
31 1920
Most losses Paul Derringer 27 1933
Lowest earned-run average Eric O'Flaherty .98 2011
Most strikeouts Nolan Ryan 383 1973
Most shutouts Bob Gibson 13 1968
Most innings pitched Mickey Lolich 376 1971
Most complete games Bob Feller 36 1946
Most hits allowed George Uhle 378 1923
Most earned runs allowed Bobo Newsom 186 1938

Hitting records: single game (1876–present)

Shawn Green, the Major League record holder for most total bases in a nine-inning game: 19 (4 home runs, a double and a single).

Pitching records: single game (1876–present)

Catcher records: career

Other records

  • Most World Series wins (as a manager): 7, Casey Stengel, Joe McCarthy
  • Most pennants won: 10, Casey Stengel, John McGraw
  • Most World Series appearances (as a manager): 10, Casey Stengel
  • Most World Series appearances (as a team): 40, New York Yankees
  • Most World Series titles (as a team): 27, New York Yankees
  • Most MVP Awards won: 7, Barry Bonds


  1. ^ Prior to 1898, a player was credited with a stolen base if he took an extra base on a base hit by another player. For example, a baserunner is on first base and the batter singles to right field. If the baserunner reaches second base, then proceeds to take third, he would be credited with a stolen base. The single-season record under modern rules is 130 by Rickey Henderson in 1982.
  2. ^ Moyer is a free agent, but has not pitched since June 2010
  3. ^ a b c Rivera is still active with the New York Yankees through the 2011 season
  4. ^ Even though Hershiser's 59 consecutive scoreless innings occurred completely in 1988, other pitchers have had streaks spanning more than one season. Thus, it is necessary to put the record over a career
  5. ^ Martínez is a free agent, but has stated he does not plan to retire. He last played for the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2009 season
  6. ^ Randy Johnson pitched 20 strikeouts working 9 innings in an 11-inning game. Since the game went over 9 innings, his performance is not officially considered a record


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