Caraş-Severin County

Caraş-Severin County

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* Hunedoara County and Gorj County to the east.
* Timiş County to the north.
* Mehedinţi County to the southeast.
* Serbia to the southwest:
** Vojvodina Autonomous Province to the west - South Banat okrug.
** Bor District and Braničevo District to the south.

History and Economy

In 1718 the county was part of the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria, in its province named Banat. The county seat, Reşiţa, was founded in 1771 and became a modern industrial center during the Austrian occupation. The area received considerable attention due to its mines industry. In 1855, the entire Banat area, with its supplies of mineral deposits and timber, was transferred from the Austrian Treasury to an Austrian and French mining and railroad company named StEG. StEG built the Oraviţa-Baziaş line -- Romania's oldest railroad track.After World War I, StEG, Banat and most of Austro-Hungarian property were taken over by a company named UDR. The arrival of the communist regime in Romania after WWII and that regime's campaign of nationalization of the mining industry brought tremendous social upheaval in the area.


Archaeological findings show the area has been populated since Paleolithic times. There is a County Museum of History in Resita, displaying archeological artifacts, and, in the town of Ocna de Fier, the Constantin Gruiescu Mineralogical Collection. The county hosts the regional daffodil and lilac festivals in the Spring.Sites worth visiting:
* Cheile Nerei - Beuşinta National Park;
* Semenic - Cheile Caraşului National Park;
* Domogled - Valea Cernei National Park;
* Danube Iron Gate National Park;
* Semenic resort;
* Băile Herculane resort.


*President of the County Council - Sorin Frunzăverde (Democratic-Liberal Party)
*Vice presidents - Ionesie Ghiorghioni (Democratic-Liberal Party) and Iulian Georgevici (National Liberal Party)

Administrative divisions

The county has 2 municipalities, 6 towns, and 69 communes.




*Băile Herculane
*Moldova Nouă
*Oţelu Roşu





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