List of former German colonies

List of former German colonies

This is a list of former German Empire colonies and protectorates ( _de. Schutzgebiete), the German colonial empire.

Welser colonies


*Little Venice ("Klein Venedig") (see German colonization of the Americas)

Brandenburger-Prussian colonies


*Groß Friedrichsburg (in Ghana), 1683–1718
*Arguin (in Mauretania), 1685–1721
*Whydah, in present Togo ca 1700 (this Brandenburg 'colony' was just a minor point of support, a few dwellings at a site where British and Dutch had theirs too)


*Saint Thomas (Caribbean, now in the United States Virgin Islands), brandenburg Lease territory in the Danish West Indies; 1685–1720)
*Island of Crabs/"Krabbeninsel" (Caribbean, now in USA), brandenburgische Annexion in the Danish West Indies; 1689–1693 )
*Tertholen (Caribbean sea; 1696)

thumb|400px|German colonies">legend|#0000AA|German Empirelegend|#FFFF00|"little Venice" (1529-1556)

German imperial colonies


*German East Africa - ("Deutsch-Ostafrika")
**"Tanganyika"; after World War I a British League of Nations mandate, which in 1962 became independent and in 1964 joined with former British protectorate of the sultanate of Zanzibar to form present-day Tanzania.
**"Ruanda-Urundi": 1885 – 1917
***Rwanda (present-day)
***Burundi (present-day)
**"Wituland" 1885 – 1890, since in Kenya
**"Kionga Triangle", since 1920 (earlier occupied) in Portuguese Mozambique
*German South West Africa - ("Deutsch-Südwestafrika")
**Namibia (present-day) except then-British Walvis Bay ("Walvisbaai")
*Botswana - ("Südrand des Caprivi-Zipfels")
*German West Africa ("Deutsch-Westafrika") - existed as one unit only for two or three years, then split into two colonies due to distances:
**"Kamerun" 1884 – 1914 ; after World War I separated in a British part, Cameroons, and a French Cameroun, which became present Cameroon. The British part was later split in half, with one part joining Nigeria and the other Cameroon. ("Kamerun, Nigeria-Ostteil, Tschad-Südwestteil, Zentralafrikanische Republik-Westteil, Republik Kongo-Nordostteil, Gabun-Nordteil")
**"Togoland" 1884 – 1914 ; after World War I separated into two parts: a British part ("Ghana-Westteil"), which joined Ghana, and a French one, which became Togo


*German New Guinea ("Deutsch-Neuguinea", today Papua-New-Guinea; 1884 – 1914)
**Bismarck Archipelago ("Bismarck-Archipel")
**German Solomon Islands or Northern Solomon Islands ("Salomonen" or "Nördliche Salomon-Inseln", 1885–1899)
**Bougainville ("Bougainville-Insel", 1888–1919)
**Nauru (1888–1919)
**German Marshall Islands ("Marshallinseln"; 1885–1919)
**Mariana Islands ("Marianen", 1899–1919)
**Caroline Islands ("Karolinen", 1899 – 1919)
***Federated States of Micronesia ("Mikronesien", 1899–1919)
***Palau (1899–1919)

*German Samoa (German Western Samoa, or Western Samoa; 1899-1919/45)
**Samoa (1900-1914)


*Jiaozhou Bay (1898-1914)


* Hanauish Indies ()
* Southern Brazil
* Ernst Thälmann Island
* New Swabia was a part of Antarctica, claimed by Nazi Germany 19 January 1939 - 25 May 1945, but not effectively colonized; the claim was completely abandoned afterward
* German Antarctic stations
** Georg von Neumayer station("1981-1993")
*** Neumayer Station ("1993-present")
** Filchner station("1982-1999")
** Gondwana station ("1983-present")
** Georg Forster station("1985-present")
** Drescher station ("1986-present")
** Dallmann Laboratory ("1994-present")
** Kohnen Station ("2001-present")
* German Arctic stations
** Koldewey station, Spitsbergen ("1991-present")

See also

* German colonization of the Americas
* German colonial empire
* Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty

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