Regular octagon
Regular octagon.svg
A regular octagon
Type general type of this shape
Edges and vertices 8
Schläfli symbol {8}
Coxeter–Dynkin diagrams CDel node 1.pngCDel 8.pngCDel node.png
Symmetry group Dihedral (D8)
Area 2(1+\sqrt{2})a^2
 \simeq 4.828427 a^2 (with a = edge length)
Internal angle (degrees) 135°
Properties convex, cyclic, equilateral, isogonal, isotoxal

In geometry, an octagon (from the Greek okto, eight[1]) is a polygon that has eight sides. A regular octagon is represented by the Schläfli symbol {8}.


Regular octagon

A regular octagon is a closed figure with sides of the same length and internal angles of the same size. It has eight lines of reflective symmetry and rotational symmetry of order 8. The internal angle at each vertex of a regular octagon is 135° and the sum of all the internal angles is 1080° (as for any octagon). The area of a regular octagon of side length a is given by

A = 2 \cot \frac{\pi}{8} a^2 = 2(1+\sqrt{2})a^2 \simeq 4.828427125\,a^2.

In terms of R (circumradius), the area is

A = 4 \sin \frac{\pi}{4} R^2 = 2\sqrt{2}R^2 \simeq 2.828427\,R^2.

In terms of r (inradius), the area is

A = 8 \tan \frac{\pi}{8} r^2 = 8(\sqrt{2}-1)r^2 \simeq 3.3137085\,r^2.

These last two coefficients bracket the value of pi, the area of the unit circle.

The area of a regular octagon can be computed as a truncated square.

The area can also be derived as follows:


where S is the span of the octagon, or the second shortest diagonal; and a is the length of one of the sides, or bases. This is easily proven if one takes an octagon, draws a square around the outside (making sure that four of the eight sides touch the four sides of the square) and then taking the corner triangles (these are 45-45-90 triangles) and placing them with right angles pointed inward, forming a square. The edges of this square are each the length of the base.

Given the length of a side a, the span S is:

S=2.414a\, (approximately)

The area is then as above:


Another simple formula for the area is

\ A=2ad

where d is the distance between parallel sides (the same as span S in the diagram).


Regular Octagon Inscribed in a Circle.gif
A regular octagon is constructible with compass and straightedge.

Standard coordinates

The coordinates for the vertices of a regular octagon centered at the origin and with side length 2 are:

  • (±1, ±(1+√2))
  • (±(1+√2), ±1).

Uses of octagons

Derived figures

Petrie polygons

The octagon is the Petrie polygon for these 12 higher dimensional uniform polytopes, shown in these skew orthogonal projections of in A7, B4, and D5 Coxeter planes.

A7 7-simplex t0.svg
7-simplex t1.svg
Rectified 7-simplex
7-simplex t2.svg
Birectified 7-simplex
7-simplex t3.svg
Trirectified 7-simplex
B4 4-cube t3.svg
4-cube t2.svg
Rectified 16-cell
4-cube t1.svg
Rectified tesseract
4-cube t0.svg
D5 5-demicube t3 D5.svg
Trirectified demipenteract
5-demicube t2 D5.svg
Birectified demipenteract
5-demicube t1 D5.svg
Rectified demipenteract
5-demicube t0 D5.svg

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