Regular dodecagon
Regular polygon 12.svg
Edges and vertices 12
Schläfli symbols {12}
Coxeter–Dynkin diagrams CDel node 1.pngCDel 12.pngCDel node.png
Symmetry group Dihedral (D12)
Internal angle

In geometry, a dodecagon is any polygon with twelve sides and twelve angles.


Regular dodecagon

It usually refers to a regular dodecagon, having all sides of equal length and all angles equal to 150°. Its Schläfli symbol is {12}.

The area of a regular dodecagon with side a is given by:

 \begin{align} A & = 3 \cot\left( \frac{\pi}{12} \right) a^2 = 
                     3 \left( 2+\sqrt{3} \right) a^2 \\
                 & \simeq 11.19615242\,a^2.

Or, if R is the radius of the circumscribed circle,

A = 6 \sin\left( \frac{\pi}{6}\right) R^2 = 3 R^2.

And, if r is the radius of the inscribed circle,

 \begin{align} A & = 12 \tan\left( \frac{\pi}{12}\right) r^2 = 
                     12 \left( 2-\sqrt{3} \right) r^2 \\
                 & \simeq 3.2153903\,r^2.

A simple formula for area (given the two measurements) is:

\ A = 3ad where d is the distance between parallel sides.

Length d is the height of the dodecahedron when it sits on a side as base, and the diameter of the inscribed circle.

By simple trigonometry, d = a(1 + 2cos30° + 2cos60°).

Dodecagon construction

A regular dodecagon is constructible using compass and straightedge:

Regular Dodecagon Inscribed in a Circle.gif
Construction of a regular dodecagon


Here are 3 example periodic plane tilings that use dodecagons:

Tile 3bb.svg
Semiregular tiling 3.12.12
Tile 46b.svg
Semiregular tiling: 4.6.12
A demiregular tiling: &

Petrie polygons

The regular dodecagon is the Petrie polygon for many higher dimensional polytopes, seen as orthogonal projections in Coxeter planes, including:

A11 11-simplex t0.svg
11-simplex t1.svg
Rectified 11-simplex
11-simplex t2.svg
Birectified 11-simplex
11-simplex t3.svg
Trirectified 11-simplex
11-simplex t4.svg
Quadrirectified 11-simplex
11-simplex t5.svg
Quintirectified 11-simplex
BC6 6-cube t5.svg
6-cube t4.svg
Rectified 6-orthoplex
6-cube t3.svg
Birectified 6-orthoplex
6-cube t2.svg
Birectified 6-cube
6-cube t1.svg
Rectified 6-cube
6-cube t0.svg
D7 7-cube t6 B6.svg
7-cube t5 B6.svg
7-cube t4 B6.svg
7-cube t3 B6.svg
7-demicube t1 D7.svg
7-demicube t0 D7.svg
E6 E6 graph.svg
Up 2 21 t1 E6.svg
Up 2 21 t2 E6.svg
Gosset 1 22 polytope.png
F4 24-cell t0 F4.svg
24-cell t1 F4.svg
Rectified 24-cell
24-cell h01 F4.svg
Snub 24-cell

Examples in use

In block capitals, the letters E and H (and I in a slab serif font) have dodecagonal outlines.

Regular dodecagonal coins include:

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