Auckland (New Zealand electorate)

Auckland (New Zealand electorate)

Auckland (or, more formally, City of Auckland) was a New Zealand electorate. It covered the core of Auckland during the early days of New Zealand democracy, when the city was small enough to be covered by two or three seats.


The City of Auckland electorate was one of the original electorates, and was used in the country's first elections. It covered a territory roughly corresponding to the central business district of the city today, and was surrounded by another electorate called Auckland Suburbs. As the city was growing rapidly, however, the electorate did not last long — in the 1860 elections, it was divided into Auckland East and Auckland West.[1]

At the 1890 elections, however, the total number of seats was reduced. This necessitated the re-creation of a seat to cover all of inner Auckland. This was accomplished by merging most of Auckland Central, Auckland West, Auckland North and Ponsonby, and taking a considerable amount of Parnell. In the 1893 elections, the seat absorbed most of Newton electorate, but lost some of its southern territories to the remnants of Parnell. In 1902 elections, Grey Lynn was split away into its own electorate. In the 1905 elections, the remainder of the electorate was split in three, becoming Auckland Central, Auckland East, and Auckland West.[1]

Election results

Key  Independent    Liberal  

Election Winner(s)
1853 election Thomas Bartley Loughlin O'Brien James O'Neill
1854 by-election William Brown
1855 election Thomas Beckham William Daldy John Logan Campbell
1858 by-election Thomas Forsaith
1860 by-election Archibald Clark[2]
(Electorate abolished and split into three electorates 1861–1890, see Auckland Central, Auckland East and Auckland West)
1890 election William Lee Rees John Shera Thomas Thompson
1893 by-election Alfred Cadman
1893 election Charles Button William Crowther George Grey
1895 by-election Thomas Thompson
1896 election James Job Holland William Crowther
1899 election William Napier George Fowlds
1900 by-election Joseph Witheford
1902 election Frederick Baume Alfred Kidd


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