Dunedin (New Zealand electorate)

Dunedin (New Zealand electorate)

Dunedin or the City of Dunedin or the Town of Dunedin was a parliamentary electorate in the city of Dunedin in Otago, New Zealand. It was one of the original electorates created in 1853 and existed, with two breaks, until 1905. Most of the time, it was a multi-member electorate.



From 1853 to 1860, the electorate was known as the Town of Dunedin. From 1860 to 1905, it was the City of Dunedin.[1]

James Macandrew was the first elected member. He resigned on 2 November 1858 and was re-elected in a 14 January 1859 by-election.[1]

Elections for the first two-member electorate were held on 24 December 1860. Three people contested the poll, with Thomas Dick and Edward McGlashan returned.[2]

In 1863, the electorate was abolished and replaced with Dunedin and Suburbs North and Dunedin and Suburbs South. It was recreated for the 1866 general election.

William Larnach resigned on 31 May 1878.[1]

Members of Parliament

The multi-member electorate was represented by 23 Members of Parliament:

1853 to 1860

From 1853 to 1860, Town of Dunedin was a single-member electorate.

Election Winner
1853 election James Macandrew
1855 election
1859 by-election James Macandrew

1860 to 1863

From 1860 to 1863, City of Dunedin was a two-member electorate.

Election Winners
1860 election Thomas Dick Edward McGlashan[1][3]
1862 by-election (1st) Thomas Dick
1862 by-election (2nd) John Larkins Cheese Richardson
1862 by-election (3rd) James Paterson

In 1863, the electorate was abolished and replaced with Dunedin and Suburbs North and Dunedin and Suburbs South.

1866 to 1875

The City of Dunedin electorate was recreated in 1866, and until 1875 it was a two-member electorate.

Election Winners
1866 election William Hunter Reynolds James Paterson (2nd period)
1867 by-election William Hunter Reynolds
1869 by-election Thomas Birch[1]
1871 election John Bathgate
1874 by-election Nathaniel Wales

1875 to 1881

From 1875 to 1881, City of Dunedin was a three-member electorate.

Election Winners
1876 election James Macandrew William Larnach Robert Stout[4]
1878 by-election Richard Oliver
1879 by-election William Downie Stewart
1879 election Thomas Dick

1890 to 1905

From 1890 to 1905, City of Dunedin was a three-member electorate.

Election Winners
1890 election William Hutchison David Pinkerton Henry Smith Fish
1893 election William Earnshaw
1896 election Mackay John Scobie Mackenzie (Independent conservative) John A. Millar Henry Smith Fish
1897 by-election Alexander Sligo
1899 election James Frederick Arnold Alfred Richard Barclay
1902 election Harry Bedford


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