Assiniboine language

Assiniboine language
A' M̆oqazh
Spoken in Canada, United States
Region Southern Saskatchewan in Canada and Montana in the United States
Native speakers 200–250  (date missing)
Language family
  • Western Siouan
    • Mississippi Valley Siouan
      • Dakotan
        • Assiniboine
Language codes
ISO 639-3 asb

The Assiniboine language (also Assiniboin, Hohe, or Nakota, Nakoda or Nakona[1]) is a Nakotan Siouan language of the Northern Plains, spoken by around 200 Assiniboine people, most of them elderly. The name Asiniibwaan is an Ojibwe term meaning "Stone Siouans". Along with the closely related Stoney, Assiniboine is an n variety of the Dakotan languages, meaning its autonym is pronounced with an initial n (thus: Nakʰóta as opposed to Dakʰóta or Lakʰóta, and Nakʰóda or Nakʰóna as opposed to Dakʰód or Lakʰól). The Assiniboine language is also closely related to the Sioux language and to the Stoney language (called likewise Nakoda or Nakota), although they are hardly mutually intelligible.


Labial Alveolar Palatal or
Velar Glottal
Stop Aspirated tʃʰ
Ejective tʃʼ ʔ
Voiced b d ɡ
Fricative Voiceless s ʃ x h
Ejective ʃʼ
Voiced z ʒ ɣ
Nasal m n
Approximant w j

There are five oral vowels in Assiniboine, i, u, e, o, and a, and three nasal vowels, į, ų, and ą.


  1. ^ for the usage of the term “nakona” by Fort Peck's Assiniboine, cf. and

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