Sioux language

Sioux language

nativename=Dakota, Lakota
states=United States, Canada
region=Northern Nebraska, southern Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, northeastern Montana, Canada
speakers=26,300 (6,495 in Canada) [ Statistics Canada: 2006 Census] ]
fam3=Mississippi Valley
iso2=dak — Dakota
sioSiouan (collective)
lc1=dak|ld1=Dakota|ll1=Dakota language
lc2=lkt|ld2=Lakota|ll2=Lakota language|SIL=DHG,LKT

Sioux is a Siouan language.

Regional variation

Sioux has 3 major regional varieties, with various sub-lects:

# Santee (a.k.a. Dakota)
#* Santee
#* Sisseton
# Yankton (a.k.a. Yankton-Yanktonai, Dakota)
#* Yankton
#* Yanktonai
# Lakota (a.k.a. Lakhota, Teton, Teton Sioux)
#* Northern Lakota
#* Southern Lakota

Dakotan languages/varieties are often classified according to their reflexes of Proto-Siouan "*R" (some r-like sound, but distinct from Proto-Siouan "*r"). Santee and Yankton-Yanktonai are both d varieties (showing a reflex of "d" for "*R", and thus pronouncing their autonym as "dakhóta"), while Lakota is a l variety (pronouncing their autonym "Lakhóta").


External links

* [ Dakota/Lakota Sioux Language]
* [ Our Languages: Dakota, Nakota, Lakota] (Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre)


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