Casanova (disambiguation)

Casanova (disambiguation)

__NOTOC__Casanova often refers to Giacomo Casanova, an 18th-century Italian adventurer now best known for his legendary womanising. It may also refer to:


*Corina Casanova, chancellor of Switzerland
*Elisa Casanova, Italian waterpolo player
*Francesco Giuseppe Casanova, Italian painter, brother of Giacomo Casanova
*Giovanni Battista Casanova, Italian painter, brother of Giacomo Casanova
*Rafael Casanova, Conseller en Cap of the Consell de Cent of Barcelona during the siege of the city by the troops of Philip V of Spain
*Raul Casanova, U.S. baseball player
*Tommy Casanova, U.S. football player, member of the College Football Hall of Fame, former Louisiana state senator

Media and Performance Arts

*"Casanova" (1918 film), a 1918 Hungarian film
*"Casanova" (opera), a 1928 work by Johann Strauss II
*"Casanova Cat", a 1951 Tom and Jerry cartoon
*"Casanova" (1971 TV serial), a BBC television serial
*"Casanova '73", a BBC1 sitcom starring Leslie Phillips
*"Fellini's Casanova", a 1976 feature film by Federico Fellini
*"Casanova" (2005 TV serial), a 2005 BBC Television serial starring David Tennant
*"Casanova" (film), a 2005 feature film starring Heath Ledger
*"Casanova" (comic series), a 2006 espionage comic book


*"Casanova" (album), a The Divine Comedy album
*"Casanova" (song), a 1977 song by Anita Skorgan
*"Casanova" (Luv' song), a 1979 European hit single by the girl group Luv'
*"Casanova" (Gisela song), a 2008 Eurovision song by Gisela, representing Andorra
*Ugly Casanova, an American rock band


*Casanova, Haute-Corse, a commune of the Haute-Corse département of France, on the island of Corsica

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