Berlin (disambiguation)

Berlin (disambiguation)

Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Berlin may also refer to:


* Irving Berlin, composer and lyricist
* Isaiah Berlin, political philosopher and historian of ideas


* "Berlin" (album), an album by musician Lou Reed
* Berlin (band), a 1980s new wave American band
* "Berlin" (comics), a series of comic books by Jason Lutes depicting life in Berlin from 1928 to 1933
* Berlin (carriage), a type of coach or chariot
* Birlinn or Berlin, a type of Scottish longship
* "Berlin", the former name of "Admiral Nakhimov (ship)
* Berlin, the former name of the Fresco (computing) windowing system

* The "Berlin Organ Company" (historically), manufacturer of musical instruments in what is now Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


* Berlin is the capital of Germany
* Berlin, part of Seedorf in Segeberg district, Schleswig-Holstein
* The former name of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - see Berlin to Kitchener name change
* The former name of a small village in Western Ukraine, now called Khemelevoye
* Berlin, a city in El Salvador, Central America

In the United States:
* Berlin, Connecticut
* Berlin, Georgia
* Berlin, Illinois
* Berlin, Kentucky
* Berlin, Maryland
* Berlin, Massachusetts
* Berlin, Michigan
* Berlin, New Hampshire
* Berlin, New Jersey
* Berlin, New York
* Berlin, North Dakota
* Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio
* Berlin, Williams County, Ohio
* Berlin, Pennsylvania
* Berlin, Vermont
* Berlin, West Virginia
* Berlin, Green Lake County, Wisconsin
* Berlin, Marathon County, Wisconsin
* Berlin, Wisconsin

* Berlin Heights, Ohio
* East Berlin, Pennsylvania
* New Berlin (disambiguation)
* Berlin Township (disambiguation)

ee also

* Berliner
* Berline
* Berlin Defence, chess
* Mount Berlin, Antarctica

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