call_letters = KVAL-TV
city =
station_slogan = First * Fair * Accurate
station_branding = KVAL CBS 13
analog = 13 (VHF)
digital = 25 (UHF)
other_chs = (see article)
affiliations = CBS
network =
founded =
airdate = April 15, 1954 [http://goliath.ecnext.com/coms2/gi_0199-3539357/KVAL-takes-a-look-back.html]
location = Eugene, Oregon
callsign_meaning = Willamette VALley
former_callsigns =
former_channel_numbers =
owner = Fisher Communications, Inc.
licensee = Fisher Broadcasting - Oregon TV, LLC
sister_stations =
former_affiliations = Primary:
NBC (1954-1982)
ABC/CBS (1954-1960)
DuMont (1954-1955)
effective_radiated_power = 316 kW (analog)
27 kW (digital)
HAAT = 451 m (analog)
395 m (digital)
class =
facility_id = 49766
coordinates = coord|44|0|9|N|123|6|58.5|W|type:landmark_scale:2000
homepage = [http://www.kval.com/ www.kval.com]

KVAL-TV channel 13 is a television station in Eugene, Oregon, USA. It is an affiliate of the CBS network. The station began broadcasting on April 15, 1954.

Owned by Fisher Communications, the station reaches additional viewers in central and western Oregon via co-owned full-powered satellite stations KCBY-TV channel 11 (Coos Bay) and KPIC channel 4 (Roseburg).


KVAL was originally an NBC affiliate, but aired some programming from the other major networks over the years.

In the summer of 1978, as NBC was floundering in third place in the Nielsen ratings, KVAL started airing five hours of CBS programming a week. Over the next four years, the station gradually offered more and more programs from CBS, and less and less from NBC. NBC affiliated with new sign-on KMTR in 1982, and KVAL formally switched its affiliate status over to CBS.

Fisher Broadcasting purchased the stations from Retlaw Broadcasting (a company owned by relatives of Walt Disney) in 1998.

As of 2007, two of Oregon's statewide elected officials are former KVAL reporters: Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and schools superintendent Susan Castillo. Bradbury and Castillo also served in the Oregon Legislature, as did KVAL alumni Wayne Whitehead and Mark Hass.

In September 2000, a KVAL original program, 'Inside The Pac', made its debut, after the Oregon Sports Network went to KEZI, along with it the weekly sports program featuring Oregon football head coach Mike Bellotti. Airing each Sunday afternoon, the show features highlights and talk about Pac-10 sports. It was originally hosted by former KVAL sports director and longtime Eugene TV broadcaster Todd McKim, who left KVAL in 2005. Upon McKim's departure, Tom Ward was promoted and currently hosts the weekly half hour along with Nick Krupke. Also featured on the show are former college football players from Oregon and Oregon State who sit in studio and offer insight, sharing their knowledge and experience.

In December 2005, KVAL launched a newscast called "Northwest News at 10:00 on Fox" for local Fox affiliate KLSR-TV. This newscast was anchored by Katie Dyer from December of '05 to April of '07, when Natasha Chugthai took over. This newscast came into its own in April 2007 when a new graphics scheme similar to that of other Fox affiliates such as WNYW of New York and KTTV of Los Angeles, its own opening music started being used in August 2007. In March 2008, "Northwest News at 10:00" was renamed "Fox News @ 10" for the live weekday broadcast and "KVAL News @ 10 on Fox" for the weekend repeats of the evening news. KVAL News is simulcast on local MyNetworkTV affiliate KEVU at 11.

In September 2007, KVAL's morning news started airing from 5-7 a.m. beating local station KMTR who's morning newscasts start at 5:30 a.m. KEZI announced they would begin to broadcast from 5-7 a.m. as well, branding with a new look, new team, and new time. Currently KVAL broadcasts the only midday newscast.

In October, Al Peterson, former morning news anchor on rival KEZI who was let go earlier in the year, joined KVAL's morning news team replacing Seth Wayne who moved to a station in Tucson, AZ. The day Peterson took over, KVAL, like most other Fisher stations adopted a new graphics scheme which heavily emphasizes KVAL's CBS affiliation. KVAL also rebranded their news as 'KVAL News' rather than the long-used 'Northwest News' with a new slogan "First, Fair, Accurate".


Current anchors at KVAL:

David Walker - 5, 6 and 11 p.m.

Denae D'Arcy - 11 p.m.

Jennifer Winters - 5 and 6 p.m.

Shelley Kurtz - 5, 6 a.m. and noon

Al Peterson - 5, 6 a.m

Tom Adams - Weekends/Reporter

Tom Ward - Sports

Tim Chuey - Weather

Kim Quintero - Weather/Reporter

Natasha Chughtai - KLSR News/KVAL Reporter

Current Reporters at KVAL:

Tom Adams *Also Weekend Anchor*

Natasha Chugtai *Also Fox News @ 10 Anchor*

Joe Raineri- Noon Weather

Elissa Harrington

Laura Rillos

Molly Blancett

Denae D'Arcy

Andrew Segal

Kim Quintero

Sports reporters:

Nick Krupke

Dirk Weishaar

Brian Elder

atellite stations

NOTE: KPIC is licensed to South West Oregon TV Broadcasting Corporation. Fisher Broadcasting still owns a 50% interest.


The stations are rebroadcasted on the following translators:

KVAL Repeaters

* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K02DB K02DB] Channel 2 Scottsburg
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K03CQ K03CQ] Channel 3 Mapleton
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K04DR K04DR] Channel 4 Eugene (City Grade Signal)
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K04GR K04GR] Channel 4 Dorena
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K05GZ K05GZ] Channel 5 Black Butte Ranch
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K53FJ K53FJ] Channel 53 London Springs (Moving to Ch. 27)
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K58CT K58CT] Channel 58 Cottage Grove (Moving to Ch. 46)
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K58CW K58CW] Channel 58 Florence (Moving to Ch. 40)

KPIC Repeaters

"Wide area signal"
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K26HO K26HO] Channel 26 Glide
(Providing coverage to Roseburg Valley)

"City grade signals"
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K07PP K07PP] Channel 7 Camas Valley
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K11GH K11GH] Channel 11 Tri-City
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K12IA K12IA] Channel 12 Oakland
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K13HM K13HM] Channel 13 Myrtle Creek
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K58DA K58DA] Channel 58 Glendale

KCBY Repeaters

* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K07KZ K07KZ] Channel 7 Squaw Valley
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K33CP K33CP] Channel 33 Gold Beach
* [http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?call=K66DG K66DG] Channel 66 Powers

Low power translators in Elkton, Myrtle Point, Newport, Oakridge and Swisshome have been discontinued.

External links

* [http://www.kval.com/ KVAL 13]
* [http://www.kcby.com/ KCBY 11]
* [http://www.kpic.com/ KPIC 4]

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