Brazil can do more

Brazil can do more

Brazil can do more (Portuguese: O Brasil pode mais) is the name of a centre-right electoral coalition in Brazil formed around the Third Way Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) for the 2010 presidential election. It is formed by six parties: PSDB, DEM, PTB, PPS, PMN and PTdoB. Its presidential candidate is former São Paulo Governor José Serra from PSDB and the vice-presidential candidate is Rio de Janeiro federal deputy Indio da Costa from DEM.

On October 3, Serra was the second top voted candidate at the presidential election. Once the top voted candidate, Dilma Rousseff, was not able to get 50% of the unspoilt votes, she will face Serra in a run-off on October 31.

At the parliamentary election, the Brazil can do more coalition gained 136 out of 513 seats in the Chamber of Deputies,[1] as well as 25 out of 81 seats in the Federal Senate.[2] This result was an all-time low for the Lulista opposition. On the other hand, the center-left For Brazil to keep on changing coalition, which gathered around Lula's chosen successor Dilma Rousseff, reached an all-time high.


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