Magical Sentosa Soundtrack

Magical Sentosa Soundtrack

This article is about Magical Sentosa`s soundtrack, for the attraction see Magical Sentosa.

Magical Sentosa
Soundtrack album by Philippe Villar and Pascal Lengagne
Released 2002
Recorded Unknown year probaly 2001
Genre Score and Songs
Length 18:12
Label Sentosa
Producer ECA2
Sentosa Soundtrack chronology
Spirits of Sentosa
Magical Sentosa
Songs of the Sea Soundtrack

The famous Magical Sentosa Soundtrack was probably recorded around 2001. It featured famous song titles like Hello Hello and It`s My World. it also includes scores such as Water Waltz and Kiki's Theme.



All songs written and composed by Philippe Villar and Pascal Lengagne. 

No. Title Length
1. "In Sentosa (Minus One)"   0:51
2. "Mr Whamsey`s Melody"   0:53
3. "Water Waltz"   1:20
4. "Kiki`s Theme,Kiki`s Melody or Kiki`s Tune"   0:52
5. "Hello Hello"   4:05
6. "Hello Hello (Minus One)"   1:39
7. "In to Sentosa"   2:31
8. "Princess Pearl`s Arrival"   1:53
9. "Princess Pearl`s Arrival (Minus One)"   0:16
10. "It`s My World"   2:42
11. "In SentOsa"   0:46
12. "In to The Merlion`s Eye"   0:42
13. "In Sentosa (Reprise;Minus One)"   1:03
14. "The Extravaganza"   1:59


  • In Sentosa (Minus One)

Description: This score is the minus one version of the show's theme.

  • Mr Whamsey`s Melody

Description: Played, are the first two scores synchronized to the "fountain orchestra" scene

  • Water Waltz

Description: Incorporating a choir and a Xylophone. The latter is the only score to be found on Youtube as ECA2 has never released it for distribution.

  • Kiki`s Theme,Kiki`s Melody or Kiki`s Tune

Description: The score is notable as it is famous for incorporating Kiki's laughter.

  • Hello Hello (Mute Version)

Description: This score is the minus one version of Hello Hello.

  • Princess Pearl`s Arrival

Description: It is the only score to include a solo singer. Though singing is used, the score is more focused to the rhythm of it's guzheng.

  • Princess Pearl`s Arrival (Minus One)

Description: Minus one version of the latter.

  • In to The Merlions Eye

Description: The score uses only a single musical ensemble namely the, Gamelan

  • In Sentosa (Reprise;Minus One)

Description: This climatic song compromises of the tuba,trumpet, bass drum, cymbals and the xylophone.

  • The Extravaganza

Description: Like In Sentosa this score to puts another climatic ending to the show incorporating all the instruments used in the scores.

About the Songs

Hello Hello

The song introduces Kiki`s friends to Mr Whamsey and the audience.The song is famous for it`s signature ending of the chorus sung by The Jazzy Fish.

It`s My World

Sung by Kiki,The song heavily employs hip hop and rock into it.Kiki expresses his feelings throughout the song.The song samples the stomp-stomp-clap rhythm of the hit song, We Will Rock You by the Queen`s replacing the stomps with two hyperbeats and the clap with either a backbeat or a stomp at it`s chorus.

In Sentosa

Formerly the trademark song of Sentosa.The song is the main theme to Magical Sentosa itself just like many of ECA2`s productions.

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