Magical Sentosa

Magical Sentosa

For the information on the show`s structure see Sentosa Musical Fountain.

This article is about the former Sentosa attraction. For its soundtrack see Magical Sentosa Soundtrack.

Magical Sentosa
Magical Sentosa Poster.jpg
The show`s poster
Area Imbiah Lookout (Demolished area which is now Resorts World Sentosa)
Designer Yves Pepin
Attraction type Permanent Show (Despite reasons of closure)
Theme Fantasy
Opening Date Unknown Date,2002
Closing Date 25 March 2007
Hosted by Kiki the Hyperactive Monkey of Sentosa
Music Magical Sentosa Soundtrack
Show duration 25 minutes minutes
Manufactured by ECA2
Accessibility Wheelchair Acessible

The Magical Sentosa was one of the most best performance ever staged on the Sentosa Musical Fountain,it was proved to be the favourable among guest who watch the performance.The 5 year old "kiddie-orientated" show,is the only show to be staged with a revival plot.The idea was born in 2000 when Yves Pépin (who designed Songs of the Sea) and his team of specialists decided that he should design a show that suits the theme of Imbiah Lookout,fantasy was the main theme to the attraction.After the restoration of the fountain itself. Engineers started installing new equipment to create an all new nighttime spectacular, Magical Sentosa and to make things better Kiki the Hyperactive Monkey of Sentosa was host of the show itself. It is also the first time ever that viewers will also be able to see him in CGI.The project name of the show was dubbed Sentosa Water & Fire Fantasy Show by ECA2 creative division.



This world is not only magical,it is also the world of our dreams.

—Kiki the Hyperactive Monkey of Sentosa,2002-2007


Most of the overall (like the show`s production crew) is done by ECA2.While the costumes and cast was never revealed till today.


  • Design and Direction: Yves Pépin
  • Music and Soundtrack: Philippe Villar / Pascal Lengagne
  • Cartoons and Animation: Dominique Fages
  • Laser Design: Claude Lifante
  • Content Production: Thierry Nutchey
  • Project Manager: Jean-Christophe Canizarès
  • Production: ECA2


The show starts off with a fountain master named Mr Whamsey (as mentioned by Kiki),greeting the audience.He shows off his skills to the audience but before he could finish a segment known as "The Extravaganza",a constant flashing of lights is seen followed by Kiki making his signature laugh.He later breaks the fourth wall (glass shattering is heard in the background as this scence plays).Kiki appears laughing out of control before he goes back into hiding.He reappears and surprise Mr Whamsey introducing himself to the audience.Kiki challenges him into a duel to see whoever can take control of the Sentosa Musical Fountain.After that he introduces him and the audience to his friends playing the song, Hello Hello.The now amazed Mr Whamsey,plans to enter Sentosa`s Fantasyland.Kiki then leads him into a secret tunnel (in the sculpture`s "O") through the fountain`s "SENTOSA" plaster sculpture.Along the way he meets Princess Pearl and Kiki later sings the song, It`s My World.After exiting Sentosa`s Fantasyland.Mr Whamsey makes a compliment before singing the song In Sentosa.The Merlion awakens and shine a beam of laser.Kiki bids the audience goodbye and Mr Whamsey completes of what is left of "The Extravaganza".


All songs written and composed by Philippe Villar and Pascal Lengagne. 

No. Title Length
1. "In Sentosa (Mute Version)"   0:51
2. "Mr Whamsey`s Melody"   0:53
3. "Water Waltz"   1:20
4. "Kiki`s Theme,Kiki`s Melody or Kiki`s Tune"   0:52
5. "Hello Hello"   4:05
6. "Hello Hello (Mute Version)"   1:39
7. "In to SentOsa"   2:31
8. "Princess Pearl`s Arrival"   1:53
9. "Princess Pearl`s Arrival (Mute version)"   0:16
10. "It`s My World"   2:42
11. "In Sentosa"   0:46
12. "In to The Merlion`s Eye"   0:42
13. "In Sentosa (Reprise;Mute Version)"   1:03
14. "The Extravaganza"   1:59


In tribute to Kiki the Hyperactive Monkey of Sentosa a tribute video posted by alvinheng, can be found on Youtube. The video (a YouTube styled video) consist a mix of other Youtubers uploads of their own videos of the fountain. Every year on the 25 March, fans pay respects to Kiki either on Internet social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and especially Youtube. The soundtrack of Magical Song (Reprise;Minus One)" sounds similar to Mr Whamsey`s Melody can be heard playing towards the end of Songs of the Sea it is believed that the soundtrack was recycled for the show.

Rare Footages

Also posted on Youtube and the Web are 1 scarced and 1 rare footage of the show.

On the Web

Lately this rare long lost High-definition trailer was rediscovered on ECA2`s website.The sound is so clear that one can even hear Kiki singing:"In the groove!" a line from the song It`s My World.

On Youtube

The video covers up the first 51 seconds of the show with the full and muted soundtrack of In Sentosa which not many youtubers have filmed.

This record is the only existing sample of the score Water Waltz from the Magical Sentosa Soundtrack.

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