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region= North West England
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Knutsford is a town and civil parish within the Borough of Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, located south-west of Manchester and north-west of Macclesfield.

Knutsford is situated on the Cheshire Plain, and the area is famous for its beautiful countryside and pretty towns and villages. Knutsford is a popular destination for eating out, with plenty of restaurants and bars.

The origins of the name are unclear: many believe it means 'Canute’s ford' (where King Canute forded the River Lily), others think it means 'neat's ford', a crossing place for cattle.

At one end of the narrow King Street (also known as Bottom Street) is an entrance to Tatton Park. The Tatton estate was home to the Egerton family, and has given its name to Tatton parliamentary constituency.

Knutsford sees itself as the pre-eminent town within the constituency, which includes the neighbouring communities of Alderley Edge and Wilmslow. The current (since 2001) MP is George Osborne, the Conservative Party's Shadow Chancellor. Former Parliamentary representatives include the distinguished BBC war correspondent Martin Bell, who stood as an Independent in 1997 to defeat the disgraced former Conservative Party MP, Neil Hamilton.


There are many events in and around the town each year including the May Day festivities, The RHS Flower show at Tatton Park and the Cheshire County Show in the village of Tabley, near Knutsford.

The annual Knutsford Royal May Day festival is where hundreds of people parade through the streets, and the May Queen is crowned. During the May Day weekend there is also a funfair run on ’The Heath’ (where the crowning of the May Queen also takes place) This is said to be one of the largest funfairs in the UK. There was controversy at the funfair in 2000 when a fault with the ’Hard Rock Café’ ride led to a teenage girl being thrown from the ride and suffering a fractured skull. John Collins (the fair organiser) did not close the ride after the accident and did not offer the girl in question any compensation.

Cultural References

There is a peculiar May Day custom, still observed today, of "sanding the streets" in Knutsford. The streets are decorated with coloured sands in patterns and pictures.

Tradition has it that King Canute, while fording the River Lily, threw sand from his shoes into the path of a wedding party, wishing the newly-wed as many children as the grains of sand at their feet. cite web
title=The folklore year - May|accessdate=2007-12-09
] . The custom can be traced to the late 1600s. Queen Victoria, in her journal of 1832 recorded: "we arrived at Knutsford, where we were most civilly received, the streets being sanded in shapes which is peculiar to this town".

Knutsford was the model for Elizabeth Gaskell's novel Cranford. She lived in the town for some time, on what is now known as Gaskell Avenue, and she is buried in the Unitarian Chapel' graveyard. Many of the places and people described in her books can be identified as being based on places and people in the town. In 2007 the BBC adapted the novel and produced a popular TV series Cranford. Despite several references to Knutsford, including "King Street" and "The Heath", the TV adaptation was actually filmed in Lacock, Wiltshire. The BBC did not consider filming the series in Knutsford due to the high density of restaurants in Knutsford.

Scenes from Steven Spielberg's film "Empire of the Sun" were filmed on Legh Road in Knutsford.

Scenes from the George C. Scott film "Patton" were filmed in the centre of Knutsford, in front of the old Town Hall. [ [ "The Old Town Hall", Knutsford.] Retrieval date: 25 September 2007] The building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, and it is now a furniture sale room. [ Allen and Appleyard Furniture Sale Room.] Retrieval Date: 25 September, 2007.]

Robbie Williams made reference to the town on his album "Sing When You're Winning" with the track "Knutsford City Limits". The lyrics describe a man who is offended by being branded "northern scum". The chorus is: 'London's got its gimmicks / and New York's had its minute / But Knutsford City limits / I'll never change".


In 2005 Knutsford was named as the most expensive town to buy a house in the north of England, followed by nearby town Altrincham. There is an extremely large range of house prices in Knutsford, currently varying from approximately £100,000 to £2,000,000. The big difference in house prices creates social divide in the town. This is a problem Knutsford has in common with the nearby towns of Altrincham, Wilmslow and the nearby village of Alderley Edge.


Knutsford is currently in the Borough of Macclesfield in the county of Cheshire. Prior to 1974 there was a Knutsford District Council which was based at the town hall; this is now a furniture shop. From 1 April 2009 Knutsford will be under the new unitary council of Cheshire East. [ [ Cheshire East Council Timeline ] ]


Road Links

Knutsford has excellent access to the motorway network, with junctions to the M6 (Junction 19) and M56 (Junction 7) motorways. However, this can also have disadvantages as the A50 which runs through Knutsford town centre follows a similar route to the M6 between Warrington and Stoke-on-Trent, this means that if the M6 is closed due to an accident or roadworks then a large amount of traffic will transfer to the A50 and cause major traffic jams in Knutsford.

Rail Links

Knutsford is served by Knutsford railway station which is situated on the Mid-Cheshire Line running from Chester to Manchester (via Altrincham). The station was built in 1862 by the Cheshire Midland Railway. The CMR was absorbed into the Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC) in August 1867, this entity continuing to serve Knutsford until nationalisation on 1 January 1948. The train service to Manchester became slower when the Manchester Metrolink trams took over the CLC direct line between Altrincham and Manchester, with the diesel multiple unit service being re-routed via Stockport to Manchester Piccadilly.

Currently there is an hourly service to Altrincham, Stockport and Manchester to the north and Northwich and Chester to the south-west, with extra trains at peak times. There is also one daily direct train which continues from Piccadilly to Salford, Bolton, Preston and Blackpool.

Bus Links

Knutsford is not well served by buses. The only routes with a regular service are Knutsford to Macclesfield (hourly), Knutsford to Altrincham via Wilmslow (hourly) and Knutsford Town Circular (half hourly). There is also a Northwich-Knutsford-Altrincham bus approximately every two hours and a Lower Peover-Knutsford-Lymm-Warrington bus on Tuesdays and Fridays only.

In the past it was common for one bus operator to run most or all of the bus routes in Knutsford. This was once Crosville who ran buses across Cheshire and North Wales. Then later Star Line Travel, who were based in Knutsford and at Manchester Airport. Star Line Travel were taken over by British Bus t/a North Western Road Car Company, then later became part of ArrivaGroup. Star Line Travel’s Knutsford depot has been closed which makes running bus routes in Knutsford an unattractive proposition for Arriva, who now only run one route in Knutsford.

Current bus operators in Knutsford are Aintree based Arriva North West, Northwich based Birtles, Chapel-en-le-Frith based Bowers, Oldham based Swans Travel and Winsford based Town and District Travel.

Airport Links

Manchester Airport the busiest in the UK outside of London, is just a short drive from the town, but there is no direct bus or train link to the airport. Given the position of the town and the placement of the runways (especially Runway 2, which opened in 2000), the town thus suffers from the effects of aircraft noise throughout the day and night, with the east of the town (the less affluent area) worse affected. However, noise limits for aircraft are under normal circumstances lower between 21:59 and 05:59 [ [ Manchester Airport : Community Operations ] ] (the times were 21:59 and 06:59 when Runway 2 was first opened.)

Manchester Airport is unpopular with residents of Knutsford and surrounding villages not only because of aircraft noise, [ [ Knutsford Guardian - Residents wait for airport to pay out ] ] but also because National Trust woodland in the village of Styal was destroyed to make way for the second runway. [] Also the number of jobs which Manchester Airport claimed would be created by its expansion was a gross overestimate. In the 1980s Manchester Airport protested plans to build a skyscraper at Parkgate Industrial Estate, which was not directly under Manchester Airport's flight paths at the time, possibly because Manchester Airport wanted to have the option of a second runway.

Some Knutsford residents still refer to the airport by its original name of “Ringway Airport”, named after the hamlet that was originally on the site where the airport opened in 1938. However, the airport has since expanded significantly since.


Knutsford town centre is unpopular with disabled people and parents with young children as the pavements are very narrow and cars parking badly on the street result in vehicles frequently mounting pavements.

Knutsford town centre has a large number of restaurants and relatively very few shops. There are no shops selling products such as CDs and clothing [ [ Knutsford Guardian ] ] , especially Men's. [ [ Knutsford Guardian ] ]

Until 2007 there were very few big name shops in Knutsford. 2007 saw the opening of a new street in the town centre on the site of a former hotel, known as Regent Street. Some residents were disgusted by the new street as it saw some big name shops such as Waterstones and Starbucks arrive in Knutsford (Knutsford traditionally has had many small independent shops.) Residents were also unimpressed with the shop fronts. Surprisingly the developers agreed that the shop fronts could have been better and blamed Macclesfield Borough Council for refusing planning permission for a better design.

Knutsford has just one supermarket, the Preston based Booths Supermarket. Tesco used to have a small shop in the town centre, which closed many years ago. Tesco had hoped to open a larger store on the edge of the town on Mobberley Road. However, Mobberley councillors were unhappy with the idea as they thought it may result in more cars travelling through the village of Mobberley. Aldi now plan to open a superstore in Knutsford in 2009. [ [ Aldi buys store land in town centre (From Knutsford Guardian) ] ]


Knutsford has two Anglican churches, St John the Baptist and St Cross, a Roman Catholic church, a Methodist church, a Unitarian church and a Gospel church. Knutsford is located in the Church of England diocese of Chester and in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury. The nearest Baptist church is in Altrincham and the nearest United Reformed church, Polish Catholic church and Salvation Army are located in Northwich. There are no non-Christian places of worship in Knutsford. cite web|url=
title=UK Yellow Pages, search for "places of worship in Knutsford"
] .


Knutsford has six primary schools (one of these is a Catholic school and another is a private school.) Knutsford also has a high school: Knutsford High School which also has a Sixth Form. Some secondary school pupils from the town travel to schools in Hartford, Hale and Macclesfield. Some sixth formers from the town travel to colleges in Northwich and Timperley. Macclesfield College run some adult education courses in Knutsford and Age Concern run computer courses for the over 50s at Knutsford Library (as well as other libraries in Cheshire.)


Barclays has a large campus site at Radbroke Hall on Toft Road just outside of Knutsford, employing several thousand staff in IT and support functions, although numbers have reduced in recent years.

Eurocamp was founded in Knutsford, but has since relocated to Hartford.

LabWare Ltd. [ [ LabWare Ltd.] Official website. Retrieval Date: December 7, 2007.] famous for its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), has its European Headquarters located in Toft Hall on Toft Road.

Living Ventures, which owns chains such as The Living Room and Gusto (formally known as Est Est Est) is based in the town.

AMEC NNC, was created from the progressive amalgamation of the five consortia that were formed in the 1950s and 1960s to build the UK's commercial nuclear power stations. The company was a principal contractor in the design and build of all the UK's Magnox, AGR and PWR nuclear power stations together with one in Italy and one in Japan.Fact|date=April 2008

Bestech Systems Ltd., an engineering software company, has its customer service and training centre located in the centre of Knutsford. [ [ Bestech Systems Ltd.] Official website. Retrieval Date: February 1, 2008.]

Recently, TT Games has moved to Knutsford, the award-winning creators of the Lego Star Wars video gamesFact|date=April 2008


Knutsford has a variety of sports teams including:
rugby union, cricket, hockey, tennis, squash and football.

Knutsford Hockey Club [ [ Knutsford Hockey Club official website.] Retrieval Date: 25 September, 2007.] plays its home games at Knutsford Leisure Centre and are based at the Crosstown Bowling Club on Chelford Road. This 100 year old club runs 4 men's teams, a ladies team, a mixed team and a badgers team. The Men's 1st XI play in Division 1 of The North West Hockey League [ [ The North West Hockey League.] Retrieval Date: 25 September, 2007.] Knutsford Cricket Club [ [ Knutsford Cricket Club Official website.] Retrieval Date: 25 September, 2007.] plays its home games in the Meller Braggins Cricket League [ [ Meller Braggins Cricket League Official website.] Retrieval Date: 25 September, 2007.] at Mereheath Lane.

The home ground of Toft Cricket Club [ [ Toft Cricket Club Official website.] Retrieval date: 25 September, 2007.] is located at Booths Park, Chelford Road. The Cricket Club gets its name from a neighbouring civil parish where the original ground was located when the club was established in 1928. Toft play in the ECB Premier Division of the Cheshire County Cricket League [ [ Cheshire County Cricket League Official website.] Retrieval Date: 25 September, 2007.] It won the National Village Championship trophy at Lords in 1989.

Knutsford Rugby Club [ [ Knutsford Rugby Club Official website.] Retrieval Date: 25 September, 2007.] was established in 2004, and is supported by players from Sale Sharks. It was promoted a division within its first season. In the 2008 season, both its 1st XV and 2nd XV gained promotion in their respective leagues.Specify|date=April 2008

Haunted Locations

In 2007 Living TV's Most Haunted filmed two programmes at Tatton Park. Psychic David Wells felt that there were other spirits in the area so Living TV decided to do a four day Halloween special from Knutsford. Prior to that there had been reports of paranormal activity at Booths Supermarket (built on the site of a former prison), visions of a Roman Soldier on the A556 and paranormal activity at a residential address where someone had been murdered in the early 1980s. However, it is not believed that Knutsford has as many spirits as places such as Chester and York.

Notable Residents

Knutsford has been home to a number of celebrities including:
*Sir Bobby Charlton, OBE
*Andrew Flintoff, MBE (England cricketer)
*Gary Barlow (Take That)
*Henry Royce (of Rolls Royce)
*Elizabeth Gaskell (author)
*Chris Bisson (East is East, Coronation Street)
*Jason Orange (Take That)
*Melanie Chisholm (Spice Girl)
*Bryan Robson
*Edward Higgins (aka Highway-man Higgins) [Edward 'Highwayman' Higgins was a gentleman by day and a thief by night, at one time residing at a town house on what is now Gaskell Avenue. Higgins was hanged for his crimes in 1767.Specify|date=December 2007]
*Andy Van der Meyde (Everton Footballer)
*Arjan De Zeeuw (Former Wigan Footballer)
*Graeme Souness (Former Blackburn and Newcastle Manager and ex Liverpool player)
*Frank Stapleton (ex Manchester United)

Notes and References

See also

*Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford
*St John the Baptist's Church, Knutsford
*St Cross Church, Knutsford

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* [ Knutsford Catholic Church]
* [ Tatton Park official site]
* [ Royal Horticultural Society (Tatton Park flower show)]
* [ The Gaskell Society]

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