Melchior system

This is the named Melchior system, "a reference in all taxonomic courses",[1] detailing the taxonomic system of the Angiospermae according to A. Engler's Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien 1964 [2] (also known as "modified or updated" Engler system).

The collaborators in orders (and some families) were the following:

  • Hans Melchior in Casuarinales, Juglandales, Balanopales, Leitneriales, Salicales, Fagales, Urticales, Didiereaceae, Piperales, Aristolochiales, Guttiferales, Sarraceniales, Papaverales, Hydrostachyales, Podostemonales, Julianiales, Violales, Cucurbitales, Myrtiflorae, Umbelliflorae, Primulales, Tubiflorae, Plantaginales, Liliiflorae p. p., Spathiflorae and Microspermae.
  • G. Buchheim in Proteales, Cactales, Magnoliales and Ranunculales.
  • W. Schultze-Motel in Santalales, Balanophorales, Medusandrales, Rhamnales, Malvales, Diapensiales, Ericales and Cyperales.
  • Th. Eckardt in Polygonales, Centrospermae, Batales, Plumbaginales, Helobiae, Triuridales and Pandanales.
  • G. K. Schultze-Menz in Rosales.
  • H. Scholz in Geraniales, Rutales, Sapindales and Celastrales.
  • G. Wagenitz in Thymelaeales, Ebenales, Oleales, Gentianales, Dipsacales and Campanulales.
  • U. Hamann in Cyanastraceae, Pontederiaceae, Philydraceae, Juncales, Bromeliales and Commelinales.
  • E. Potztal in Graminales, Principes, Synanthae and Scitamineae.


subdivisio Angiospermae

classis Monocotyledoneae

ordo Helobiae

subordo Alismatineae
subordo Hydrocharitineae
subordo Scheuchzeriineae
  • Scheuchzeriaceae
subordo Potamogetonineae

ordo Triuridales

ordo Liliiflorae

subordo Liliineae
subordo Pontederiineae
subordo Iridineae
subordo Burmanniineae
subordo Philydrineae

ordo Juncales

ordo Bromeliales

ordo Commelinales

subordo Commelinineae
subordo Eriocaulineae
subordo Restionineae
subordo Flagellariineae

ordo Graminales

ordo Principes

ordo Synanthae

ordo Spathiflorae

ordo Pandanales

ordo Cyperales

ordo Scitamineae

ordo Microspermae

classis Dicotyledoneae

subclassis Archychlamydeae

ordo Casuarinales
ordo Juglandales
ordo Balanopales
  • Balanopaceae
ordo Leitneriales
ordo Salicales
ordo Fagales
ordo Urticales
ordo Proteales
ordo Santalales
subordo Santalineae
subordo Loranthineae
ordo Balanophorales
ordo Medusandrales
  • Medusandraceae
ordo Polygonales
ordo Centrospermae
subordo Phytolaccineae
subordo Portulacineae
subordo Caryophyllineae
subordo Chenopodiineae
incertae sedis
ordo Cactales
  • Cactaceae
ordo Magnoliales
ordo Ranunculales
subordo Ranunculineae
subordo Nymphaeineae
ordo Piperales
ordo Aristolochiales
ordo Guttiferales
subordo Dilleniineae
subordo Ochnineae
subordo Theineae
subordo Ancistrocladineae
ordo Sarraceniales
ordo Papaverales
subordo Papaverineae
subordo Capparineae
subordo Resedineae
subordo Moringineae
  • Moringaceae
ordo Batales
  • Bataceae
ordo Rosales
subordo Hamamelidineae
subordo Saxifragineae
subordo Rosineae
subordo Leguminosineae
ordo Hydrostachyales
  • Hydrostachyaceae
ordo Podostemales
ordo Geraniales
subordo Limnanthineae
subordo Geraniineae
ordo Rutales
subordo Rutineae
subordo Malpighiineae
subordo Polygalineae
ordo Sapindales
subordo Coriariineae
  • Coriariaceae
subordo Anacardiineae
subordo Sapindineae
subordo Balsamineae
ordo Julianiales
  • Julianiaceae
ordo Celastrales
subordo Celastrineae
subordo Buxineae
subordo Icacinineae
ordo Rhamnales
ordo Malvales
subordo Elaeocarpineae
subordo Sarcolaenineae
subordo Malvineae
subordo Scytopetalineae
  • Scytopetalaceae
ordo Thymelaeales
  • Family Geissolomataceae
    • Monotypic. It consists of genus Geissoloma Lindl. ex Kunth, and species Geissoloma marginatum, from Cape, South Africa.
  • Family Penaeaceae from South Africa.
    • Tribe Endonemeae
      • Endonema A.Juss.
      • Glischrocolla (Endl.) A.DC.
    • Tribe Penaeeae
      • Brachysiphon A.Juss.
      • Penaea L.
      • Saltera Bullock (syn.:Sarcocolla Kunth)

Note: Sonderothamnus R.Dahlgren, 1968 is posterior to the publication of this work, and Stylapterus A.Juss. was included by G. Bentham & J.D. Hooker in Penaea.

Note: the classification of Thymelaeaceae was based on Domke 1934.[3]

    • Subfamily Gonystyloideae (Syn.:Gonystylaceae)
    • Subfamily Aquilarioideae
      • Tribe Microsemmateae
      • Tribe Solmsieae
      • Tribe Octolepideae
      • Tribe Aquilarieae
    • Subfamily Gilgiodaphnoideae (or Synandrodaphnoideae)
      • Monotypic. It consists of genus Gilgiodaphne (currently synonym of Synandrodaphne Gilg), and species Gilgiodaphne paradoxa, syn. of Synandrodaphne paradoxa, from West Africa.
    • Subfamily Thymelaeoideae
      • Tribe Dicranolepideae
      • Tribe Phalerieae
      • Tribe Daphneae
      • Tribe Thymelaeeae (Syn.:Gnidieae)
  • Family Elaeagnaceae
ordo Violales
subordo Flacourtiineae
subordo Cistineae
subordo Tamaricineae
subordo Caricineae
subordo Loasineae
subordo Begoniineae
ordo Cucurbitales
ordo Myrtiflorae
subordo Myrtineae
subordo Hippuridineae
  • Hippuridaceae
subordo Cynomoriineae
  • Cynomoriaceae
ordo Umbelliflorae

subclassis Sympetalae

ordo Diapensiales
ordo Ericales
ordo Primulales
ordo Plumbaginales
ordo Ebenales
subordo Sapotineae
subordo Ebenineae
ordo Oleales
ordo Gentianales
ordo Tubiflorae
subordo Convolvulineae
subordo Boraginineae
subordo Verbenineae
subordo Solanineae
subordo Myoporineae
subordo Phrymineae
ordo Plantaginales
ordo Dipsacales
ordo Campanulales


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