Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea

Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea

Infobox Former Country
native_name = _ko. 대한민국임시정부

conventional_long_name = Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea
common_name = Provisional Government of Korea|
continent = Asia
region = East Asia
country = Korea
era = Early 20th Century
status = Exile
government_type = Republic|
year_start = 1919
year_end = 1948|
event_start = Constitution promulgated
date_start = April 11 1919
event_end = ROK established
date_end = August 15 1948|
event1 = established
date_event1 = April 13 1919
event2 = Shanghai attack
date_event2 = April 29 1932
event3 = War declared upon Axis
date_event3 = December 19 1941
event4 = Liberation
date_event4 = August 15 1945|
event_pre = Independence declared
date_pre = March 1 1919
event_post = DPRK established
date_post = 9 September 1948|

p1 = Korean Empire
flag_p1 = Flag of Korea 1882.svg
s1 = South Korea
flag_s1 = Flag of South Korea.svg
s2 = North Korea
flag_s2 = Flag of North Korea.svg|

flag_type = Taegeukgi|

symbol =
symbol_type = |

image_map_caption = |
capital = Seoul
latd= 37|latm= 32|latNS= N|longd= 126|longm= 59|longEW= E
capital_exile = Shanghai, later Chongqing|
national_motto =
national_anthem = Aegukga
common_languages = Korean
religion =
currency = Won|

title_leader = President
leader1 = Rhee Syngman
year_leader1 = 1919 - 1925
leader2 = Hong Jin
year_leader2 = 1926
leader3 = Yi Dongnyeong
year_leader3 = 1926 - 1927
leader4 = Kim Gu
year_leader4 = 1927 - 1945|
title_deputy = Prime Minister
deputy1 = Yi Donghwi
year_deputy1 = 1919 - 1923
deputy2 = Park Eunsik
year_deputy2 = 1924 - 1925
deputy3 = Kim Gyusik
year_deputy3 = 1944 - 1945|
footnotes =

Infobox Korean name
rr=Daehanmin(-)guk Imsijeongbu
mr=Taehanmin'guk Imshijŏngbu
The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea was a government in exile based in Shanghai, China and later in Chongqing, during the Korea under Japanese rule.

The Government was formed on April 13, 1919, following the Declaration of Independence during the March 1st movement of the same year.

The government did not gain formal recognition from world powers, though modest form of recognition was given from the Nationalist Government of China and a number of other governments, most of whom were in exile themselves.

The Government strived for the liberation of Korea from Japanese annexation that lasted from 1910 to 1945. They coordinated the armed resistance against the Japanese army during the 1920s and 1930s, including the Battle of Chingshanli in October, 1920 and the assault on Japanese military leadership in Shanghai in April 1932.

This struggle culminated in the formation of Korean Liberation Army in 1940, bringing together the Korean resistance groups in exile. The government duly declared war against Japan and Germany on December 9, 1941, and the Liberation Army took part in allied action in China and parts of Southeast Asia.

Prior to the end of World War II, the Korean Liberation Army was preparing an assault against the Japanese in Korea in conjunction with American Office of Strategic Services, but the Japanese surrender prevented the execution of the plan. The government's goal was achieved with Japanese surrender on August 15, 1945.

The preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea recognises the Provisional Government as the legal regime of the period between 1919 and 1948.

The sites of the Provisional Government in Shanghai and Chongqing have been turned into museums.

Presidents of the Republic

#Syngman Rhee (1919-1925)
#Park Eunsik (1925)
#Yi Sang-ryong (1925-1926)
#Hong Jin (1926) or called Hong Myeon-hui
#Yi Dong-nyung (1926-;1927)
#Kim Gu (1927-1948)

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