Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party

Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party

Infobox Political party
party_name = Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party
"PPR - partido Puertorriqueños por Puerto Rico "
colorcode = Orange
leader = Rogelio Figueroa (PPR President)
foundation = 2003
headquarters = Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
colours = Orange & White
website = http://www.porpuertorico.com
The Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party (Spanish: "Partido Puertorriqueños por Puerto Rico", PPR) is a Puerto Rican political party whose tenets are citizen participation, sustainable development, effective administration, and quality of life. Founded in 2003, it was certified by the State Electoral Commission in May 2007.


The Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party was founded in 2003.

On April 2007, it submitted the signatures required for certification by the Electoral State Commission [http://www.primerahora.com/noticia/politica/noticias/ppr_entregara_ultimos_endosos/49927 Primera Hora "PPR entregará últimos endosos"' ("PPR to submit last endorsements"), retrieved May 12, 2007] . Rogelio Figueroa is the president of the party.

The party finally got its certification on Wednesday, May 9, 2007, when the President of the Electoral Commission gave his approval. During this process, two out of the three commissioners of the currently registered political parties supported the PPR's certification [http://www.endi.com/noticia/politica/noticias/cee_certifica_al_ppr/211017 El Nuevo Dia "CEE certifica al PPR" ("State Electoral Commission certifies PPR"), retrieved May 12, 2007] . Due to electoral law in the island, if the commissioners don't reach a unanimous decision, the President of the Electoral Commission decides whether the Party gets registered.


The PPR was originally organized as an ecological party, similar to the Green Parties in Europe. It later broadened its platform and ideology to include economical issues, the political status of Puerto Rico, and citizen participation in government.The standing the PPR has taken on the issue of the political status of Puerto Rico has been a non-traditional one in Puerto Rican politics. The PPR's position is a neutral one. The party has and will not officially take a side on the issue of Puerto Rico's status. In fact, candidates and officials of PPR are actually people with diverse opinions on what the future status of Puerto Rico should be. PPR has managed to put in one party followers of statehood, Independence, and commonwealth.The party's stance is that the issue of the status of Puerto Rico should be discussed after bigger problems that affect Puerto Rican's daily are resolved.

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