Jerk It Out

Jerk It Out

Infobox Single
Name = Jerk It Out

Artist = Caesars
from Album = 39 Minutes of Bliss (In an Otherwise Meaningless World)
Released = 13 March 2006 (UK)
Re-released April 30, 2007
Format = CD, 7"
Genre = Rock, Garage rock revival
Length = 3:16
Label = Atlantic Records
Fueled By Ramen
Re-release Chart position =

2005 Re-release
  • #6 (Taiwan)
  • #8 (UK)
  • #70 (US)
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    "Jerk It Out" is a song by Caesars which originally appeared on their album "Love For The Streets" and is also featured on the follow-up "Paper Tigers" in remixed form. There is also a Jason Nevins club remix, called "Jerk It Harder". Band members have been quoted as saying the phrase "jerk it out" and the song's lyrics mean "to just let out some steam, freak out, let yourself go, get crazy, etc.", although it has also been interpreted as a slang reference to masturbation and as being about amphetamines. The song was originally released in 2003 and only made an appearance on the UK Singles Chart (at a #60 showing). It was re-released in 2005 and appeared on their album of that year, "Paper Tigers". The re-release peaked at #8 on the UK Singles Chart and reached #70 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    UK Track Listing



    #"Jerk It Out"
    #"Out of My Hands"
    #"She's a Planet"


    #"Jerk It Out"
    #"Out of my Hands"
    #"She's a Planet"



    #"Jerk It Out"
    #"The Longer We Stay Together"


    #"Jerk It Out"
    #"Up All Night"

    In popular culture

    "Jerk It Out" has seen wide use in the media. Some examples include:
    *Commercials for the iPod shuffle, Mobiltel, Nivea, Coca Cola in South Africa, and an advertisement promoting the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2006
    *The television shows "", "NCIS", the British series "Teachers", the HBO series "Entourage", and Brazilian soap-opera "Cobras & Lagartos".
    *The movies "The Best Man", "Yours, Mine and Ours", "The Benchwarmers", "", "Spun", "Captivity", and "Blackball".
    *In addition, movie trailers that used the song included "The Pink Panther", "Graduation", and "Clerks II" (though the Clerks trailer used the remix)
    *In the "Weebl and Bob" episode "Piepod" (which itself parodies the iPod commercial)
    *Featured as the main theme in the popular LMA Manager 2004
    *Featured on "Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova"
    *EA Games featured the song on the "FIFA 2004" and "SSX 3" soundtracks.
    *Queen's University Arts and Science Faculty Song - Class of 2012.

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