List of Irish monarchs

List of Irish monarchs

There were 33 English / British monarchs who were also monarchs of Ireland from 1177 to 1949. Henry II of England first created the title of Lord of Ireland for his youngest son John Lackland in 1177. He had first sought to have John made King of Ireland. This would appear to have been a strategy of his father's to divide his Angevin possessions between his four sons. The approval of Pope Alexander III was sought to have John crowned King of Ireland. Disagreements with first Alexander III and then his successor Pope Lucius III caused this to be delayed and instead John went as only Lord of Ireland. When John arrived in Ireland the people grew to despise him] || || 4 October 1626
son of Oliver Cromwell and Elizabeth Bourchier || Dorothy Maijor
May 1649
nine children || 12 July 1712
aged 85 [ the Hanoverian succession and ultimately the Union was ratified by the English Parliament and subsequently the Scottish Parliament in 1707."

George I
1 August
1714–1727 ||
1 November 1682
two children || 11 June 1727
aged 67
George II
11 June
1727–1760 ||
aged 76
George III
25 October
1760–1 January
1801 ||
aged 81During George III's reign The Kingdom's of Great Britain and Ireland merged to become the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland under the Act of Union 1800.

In 1949 twenty-six counties in the southern part of Ireland became the Republic of Ireland and thus the British Monarchs continue to rule only over the remaining northern counties of the island that are part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

House of Windsor

"Following dominion status being conferred on the Irish Free State in 1922, in 1927 the title "King of Ireland" was re-introduced, and lasted until Ireland became a republic in 1949."

George V
6 December
1922–1936 [ [ King George V] . URL last accessed 21 January 2006.] ||
aged 70
Edward VIII
20 January –
11 December 1936 [ House of Windsor - Edward VIII] . URL last accessed 21 January 2006.
] ||
aged 77 [ [ Royal Government's The House of Windsor - Edward VIII] . URL last accessed 21 January 2006.]
George VI
11 December
1936–18 April
1949 [ House of Windsor - George VI] . URL last accessed 21 January 2006.] || .]

As the British monarchs continue to rule over Northern Ireland, as a constituent part of the United Kingdom, the continuation of this list is at List of British monarchs.


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