Nagpur Municipal Corporation

Nagpur Municipal Corporation



NMC is responsible for administering and providing basic infrastructure to the city.

  1. Building and Maintenance of roads, streets and flyovers.
  2. Public Municipal schools
  3. Water purification and supply
  4. Hospitals
  5. Street lighting
  6. Maintenance of parks and open spaces
  7. Sewage treatment and disposal
  8. Garbage disposal and street cleanliness
  9. Urban development and city planning of new areas.
  10. Registering of births and deaths.


The corporation is headed by a Municipal commissioner, an IAS officer. He wields the executive power of the house. A quinquennial election is held to elect corporators to power. They are responsible for overseeing that their constituencies have the basic civic infrastructure in place, and that there is no lacuna on the part of the authorities. The mayor heads the party with the largest vote. A largely ceremonial post, he has limited duties.

NMC divides city in 10 zones and which are in turn divided into wards. Each ward is represented by a corporator. NMC comprises 136 corporators majority of whom are elected in local elections. NMC and NIT together are in charge of the civic and infrastructure needs along with development of new areas.[1]

Official Post Person
Mayor of Nagpur Mrs. Archana Dehankar
Municipal Commissioner of Nagpur Mr. Sanjeev Jaiswal

Financial status

In 2004-05, NMC’s revenues registered a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9 percent and revenue expenditure increased at a CAGR of 9.0%. In spite of this, due to a strong revenue base in form of taxes, there was a revenue surplus of INR 78 crores and an overall surplus of INR 18.98 crores (including capital account). Revenue income is primarily earned by NMC or for NMC by some external sources. Among own sources, the largest source is octroi (47%) followed by property tax (18%).

In 2004-05, a capital expenditure of INR 79 crores was incurred, mainly covering water supply, public works and roads. The cost recovery of services varies across sectors. For example, water expenditure exceeds revenue income each year, making it financially unsustainable. However, sewerage charges exceed the operation and maintenance expense but the current sewer coverage of the system is quite low [2].

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