Quiet Life

Quiet Life

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Name = Quiet Life
Type = Album
Artist = Japan

Released = 1979
Recorded = 1979
Genre = New Wave
Length = 44:33
Label = Hansa Records
Producer = John Punter
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|4|5 [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:kwjqoarabijn link]

Last album = "Obscure Alternatives"
This album = "Quiet Life"
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"Quiet Life" is the third album by the British band Japan, recorded and released in 1979. Musically, the album was a huge departure for the band and is often considered to be the very first New Romantic album. Their previous two albums had been more in the vein of alternative glam rock, as opposed to the New Wave leanings exhibited on this album.

"Quiet Life" was the last of three albums the band made for the Hansa-Ariola label (they switched to Virgin later in 1980), though Hansa would later issue a compilation album ("Assemblage") that consisted of highlights from the band's tenure on the label. The album is also notable for being the first album where singer David Sylvian used his newfound baritone vocal style, which later became one of the band's most distinctive hallmarks.

Though initially unsuccessful upon its release in the band's native UK (where it peaked at #72 in February 1980), the album sold steadily after the commercial success of 1981's album "Tin Drum" and the Hansa Records compilation "Assemblage" and was certified "Gold" by the BPI in 1984 for 100,000 copies sold.

Also initially unsuccessful, the title track and lead single "Quiet Life" would later be re-released and make the UK top 20 in 1981. Three other prominent tracks were also recorded and released by the band during this era and would later be re-released and become UK top 40 hits for the band in 1982, but were not included on the album ("Life In Tokyo", "European Son", and a cover of the Motown hit "I Second That Emotion" which would make the UK Top 10).

The track "Quiet Life" is featured as part of the soundtrack in station which also features other New Romantic and New Wave artists.

The album appears in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Track listing

Side A:
# "Quiet Life" – 4:53
# "Fall in Love with Me" – 4:31
# "Despair" – 5:56
# "In Vogue" – 6:30

Side B:
# "Halloween" – 4:24
# "All Tomorrow's Parties" – 5:43
# "Alien" – 5:01
# "The Other Side of Life" – 7:26

*All songs written by David Sylvian except for "All Tomorrow's Parties" written by Lou Reed

Bonus tracks on the 2001 UK CD reissue

  • "All Tomorrow's Parties (12" Version)" – 5:17
    # "A Foreign Place" – 3:12
    # "Quiet Life (12" version)" – 4:50
    # "Life in Tokyo (12" Version)" – 7:05

    * "A Foreign Place" was a b-side for the 12" Quiet Life single; the rest were remixes.
    * "Life in Tokyo" written by David Sylvian/Giorgio Moroder, produced by Giorgio Moroder.

    Bonus tracks on the 2004 remastered UK CD reissue

  • "All Tomorrow's Parties (12" version)"
    # "All Tomorrow's Parties (7" mix)"
    # "A Foreign Place"
    # "Quiet Life (7" mix)"

    * Also includes the video for "Quiet Life".


    # "Quiet Life"
    # "All Tomorrow's Parties"

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