Mangowall Sharqi

Mangowall Sharqi

Mangowall Sharqi or East Mangowal in English, is the third largest village of Gujrat District with respect to its area. It is situated to the north of the city of Jalalpur Jattan, and is 14 km east of Gujrat city.


The history of Mangowall is not well known. According to local traditions, this village is about 300 years old, and founded by a Hindu Jat by the name of Mango. The name Mangowal in Punjabi means the place of Mango.

But recent archoleogical findings have revieled toys and many things which are made by mud which could be at least a 1000 years old.


Most of the population in this village belongs to the Jat tribe, Waraich (Haungra) being the main sub-division. The principal language is Punjabi.Some family members live abroad in countries such as United Arab Emirates and United States of America. The very famous and well known people are the Chaudhary Waraichs.

Famous personalities

Pear syed Said shah sab

Ch.Muhammad Ashraf Warraich.

Dr.Asjid Farooq Warraich (city Hospital)

Subedar Haji Chaudhary Mohammad Shafi.

Mr. Mudasar Warraich

CH Raheel Hameed Bajwa(Advocate)

Mirza Abid Hussain (Advocate)

syed Nusrat Ali shah

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Anjam (UOG)

Mr.Sajid Hussain Bajwa Teh Sport officer

Mr. Muhammad Sharif Dulia

Mr. Bismel Fajar Khan (Wahian waly) Mr. Haji Bashir Ahmed (Bankwalay)Ex-Banker Dr. Ehsan Ullah Minhas Mr. Nisar Ahmed Officer NBP

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