Asian Food Channel

Asian Food Channel

provides support in helping AFC to develop locally produced programmes and tap local media talents.

The channel was co-founded by Singaporean Hian Goh and Briton Maria Brown, both of whom have extensive experience in business and media. Mr Goh was a technology and media investment banker and Ms Brown, was a producer with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Both hold joint roles as managing directors of the company.

The Company's lead investor is Symphony Investment Holdings Limited, a strategic investment company that focuses on long-term direct investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. Symphony trades their shares and warrants on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange and have been operating in Asia since 1981.

The Company's headquarters is at fusionpolis, the newest purpose built media and technology building in the One-North business park in Singapore. The purpose built facility provides an integrated environment for the Company to handle all aspects of its operations, from post production to transmission logistics.



Subtitles are provided in almost every programme in this channel, in particular Chinese subtitles. English subtitles are present in non-English language programme, otherwise they are absent.

The programmes listed here could be previously, currently or scheduled to be aired on this channel. They are listed alphabetically and grouped into countries produced or distributed.


* A Fork in the Road Asia
* A Fork in the Road Australia
* A Fork in the Road Mediterranean
* Appetite For Asia
* Food Lovers' Guide to Australia
* Gondola on the Murray
* Savouring The World
* The Occasional Cook
* Wine Lovers' Guide to Australia


* A Greek Odyssey
* Chef at Home (chef)
* Chef at Large (chef)
* City Cooks
* Cook Like a Chef
* Food Jammers
* Licence to Grill
* Mountain Magic with Chef Michael Smith
* Opening Soon
* Restaurant Makeover
* Sizzle
* Sugar
* Sugar Christmas Special
* The Cookworks
* The Family Restaurant
* The Heat with Mark McEwan


* All About Tea
* Creative Chinese Cuisine
* Excellent Chef Series – Ah Jiao
* Excellent Chef Series – Da Bing
* Fantastic Chinese Cuisine with Chinese Medicine
* Path to Good Health


* Discover! The North Taste
* Dosanko Cooking (TV Station)
* Fit for a King
* Flavourful Passport
* Go! Hokkaido Fishing
* Journey Hokkaido


* Asian Cuisine Tour
* City of Taste
* Cuisine Korea
* Tasty TV


* Doug Chew Cooks Asia
* From the Garden to the Kitchen
* Sajian
* Selera Asean
* Selera Asia

New Zealand

* Dying To Eat
* Fat Man Slim
* Filth Files
* Hunger for the Wild (TV Station)
* Pacific Harvest
* Taste New Zealand
* Taste of Tea
* Taste Takes Off


* $2 Wonderfood
* A Fare Exchange
* All Star Potluck
* Chef in Black
* Chef Selebriti
* Chef Skuter
* Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks
* Cooking for Love
* Dish ...with Vivien
* Enna Suvai Enna Ragasiyam
* Extreme Gourmet
* Flavours of Australia
* Food Chain
* Food Glorious Food
* Gila Makan
* Glamour-licious
* Gourmet Hunt
* Home Flavours
* Just Desserts
* Kilo 123
* Makan King
* Makansutra
* Malaysia Road Feast
* Masak Apa
* Party Guide for an Urbanite
* Rusiyo Rusi
* Sedap
* Star Choice
* Sweets for My Sweet
* The Food Bachelor
* Ultimate Tastebud
* Yuk Buat Roti
* Yummy King

United Kingdom

* Apocalypse Cow
* Beyond River Cottage
* Boiling Point
* Christmas at River Cottage
* Christmas Cooks
* Costa Del Nosh
* Daily Cooks
* Drink of Kings – A History of Champagne
* Escape to River Cottage
* Fish Food
* French Leave
* Jamie Oliver Pukka Tukka
* Ramsay's Boiling Point
* Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
* Return to River Cottage
* River Cottage Forever
* Saturday Cooks
* Saturday Kitchen
* Tales from the River Cottage
* The F Word
* The Flying Picnic
* The Grape Escape
* The Naked Chef
* The Woman Who Ate Scotland

United States

* A Cook's Tour
* After Hours with Daniel
* Chef's Story
* Cooking Under Fire
* Follow That Tomato
* Food Hunter
* Food Trip with Todd English
* Hawaii Cooks with Roy Yamaguchi
* Hell's Kitchen
* How To Cook Everything (host)
* Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way
* Martin Yan's China
* Martin Yan's Hidden China
* The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter


* New Scandinavian Cooking (Norway, Sweden)


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