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Rete 4

Infobox TV channel
name=Rete 4
logofile=Rete 4.svg
launch= January 1982
share as of= Prime time of December '05
share source= []
country= ITA
owner= Mediaset S.p.a.
web= []
terr serv 1=Analogue
terr chan 1=PAL, in Italy.Normally tuned on channel 4
terr serv 2=Digital
terr chan 2=DVB-T (on Dfree Mux), in Italy
sat serv 1=Analogue
sat chan 1=Not available
sat serv 2=Digital
sat chan 2=DVB-S (scrambled in Mediaguard 2 during some events) on Hotbird
cable serv 1=MC Cable
cable chan 1= Channel 206
cable serv 2=Cablecom
cable chan 2= Channel 98
sat serv 3=SKY Italia
sat chan 3=Channel 104|

Rete 4 (also known as "Retequattro") is an Italian television station belonging to the Mediaset network. It's an Italian private/commercial TV channel. The news bulletin editor, since foundation in 1992, is a famous Italian journalist named Emilio Fede who is also well known for his biased right-wing leaning political ideals, especially in favour of Silvio Berlusconi, main shareholder of Mediaset.

Legality of Rete 4 is disputed, due to the case of the Europa 7 Italian network, which in 1999 got the licenses to broadcast on the frequences of Rete 4 (causing it migrating to satellite television), but never could broadcast to some "save-laws" (later considered unfair and unconstitutional) of Berlusconi's government (note that Berlusconi is the owner of the Mediaset Group, which Rete 4 belongs to). Moreover, the European Court of Justice recently sentenced that the Italian broadcasting system does not abide the EU law and therefore Rete 4 should give up its frequencies to Europa 7. Despite all the qualified bodies ruled in favor of Europa 7, Rete 4 is still broadcasting through its usual frequencies with the "placet" of the Italian government, currently lead by Berlusconi. Up to now, Europa 7 is continuing its battle for its broadcasting rights, and may start broadcasting on mid 2008, hypotised time of migration of Rete 4 on digital satellite and terrestrial television. However, currently there are signals that Berlusconi's government will try to reiterate Berlusconi's property on Rete 4.


TV Series

Note: All are imports from the United States and Canada.
*"24" - first four seasons - afterward, the series was relocated on Italia 1.
*" (it: Degrassi: La Generazione Seguente)
*"Miami Vice"
*"Detective Monk"
*"The West Wing"
*"Walker, Texas Ranger"


*"La Macchina del Tempo" (translation: "The Time Machine")
*"Sai xChé?" (translation: "Do you know why?")
*"Appuntamento con la Storia" (translation: "Date with history")

oap Operas

*"Guiding Light" (it: "Sentieri")
*"Storm Of Love" (it: "Tempesta D'Amore")
*"The Young and the Restless (it: "Febbre d'Amore")


*"Cuore Selvaggio" ("Corazón salvaje")
*"Terra Nostra"


*"Top Secret"

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* [ Official Site] it icon
* [$docrequire=alldocs&numaff=C-380/05&datefs=&datefe=&nomusuel=&domaine=&mots=&resmax=100 COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES - JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (Fourth Chamber) 31 January 2008 - Reference made in proceedings between Centro Europa 7 Srl (‘Centro Europa 7’) and the Ministero delle Comunicazioni, the Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni and the Direzione generale per le concessioni e le autorizzazioni del Ministero delle Comunicazioni (collectively, ‘the defendants in the main proceedings’).]

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