Gauntlet or gantlet may mean:

* Gauntlet (glove), protective gloves used as a form of armour
* Gauntlet (marking), the white markings on one or more of the legs of an animal such as a cat or rabbit, making them look like they have a long white glove on
* Gauntlet track, a section of two railroad tracks that overlap to allow them to pass a narrow bridge or tunnel in little more than the space of one track
* Running the gauntlet, a corporal punishment

In video games:
* Gauntlet (arcade game), a video game originally produced in 1985 by Atari Games
* Gauntlet (shoot 'em up), a shoot 'em up video game for the Atari 8-bit computer

In comic books:
* Gauntlet (comics), a Marvel comics superhero
* Gauntlet (Inhuman), a Marvel comics supervillain

In entertainment:
* "The Gauntlet", a Clint Eastwood film
* Gauntlet (Gladiators), an event from the television series Gladiators
* Gauntlet for the Gold, a professional wrestling match type exclusive to TNA Wrestling
* Series titles of a reality game shows on MTV::*"" (2003–2004):*"" (2005–2006):*"" (2008)

In aviation:
* Gloster Gauntlet, a British biplane in active service in the 1930s and 1940s
* SA-15 Gauntlet, Soviet surface-to-air missile

Gauntlet may also refer to:
* Gauntlet (body piercing studio) founded by Jim Ward that pioneered the field of body piercing
* "Gauntlet" (newspaper), a weekly newspaper published by students at the University of Calgary
* "The Gauntlet (module)", an adventure module for Dungeons & Dragons
* Ruggedcom Gauntlet, a NERC-CIP Cyber Security Solution []

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