Love Metal Archives Vol. I

Love Metal Archives Vol. I

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Name = Love Metal Archives Vol.1
Type = Music DVD
Artist = HIM

Released = 2005
Recorded = 1996-2005
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Genre = Alternative rock
Region = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 0
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Label = BMG
Director = Teemu Järvinen
Producer = Teemu Järvinen
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"Love Metal Archives Vol.1" is a DVD compilation by Finnish band HIM, released in 2005 which features all the videos up until the compilation. This is the second DVD compilation released by HIM. The DVD is titled 'Love Metal' as the last studio album before this was "Love Metal".


# Main Menu
#"When Love and Death Embrace"
#"Wicked Game" (1996 Park Version)
#"Wicked Game" (German Version)
#"Wicked Game" (Razorblade Romance Version)
#"Join Me in Death" (Ice version)
#"Right Here in My Arms"
#"Poison Girl" (Live 2001 Video)
#"Gone With the Sin"
#"In Joy and Sorrow"
#"Heartache Every Moment"
#"Buried Alive By Love"
#"The Funeral of Hearts"
#"The Sacrament"
#"Solitary Man"
#"And Love Said No"
#"Close to the Flame"
#"Wicked Game" (Live, Viva Overdrive show '98)
#"Your Sweet Six Six Six" (Live, Viva Overdrive show '98)
#"When Love and Death Embrace" (Live, Viva Overdrive show '98)
#"Rebel Yell" (Live, Provinssi Rock '99) (Billy Idol cover)
#"Right Here in My Arms" (Live, Arena Berlin 2000)
#"Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart" (Live, Arena Berlin 2000)
#"Razorblade Kiss" (Live, Arena Berlin 2000)
#"Join Me in Death" (Live, Arena Berlin 2000)
#"Join Me in Death" (Live, no date/venue [13th floor] )
#Razorblade Romance Album Review
#"Pretending" (Live, Rock AM Ring, '01)
#"In Joy and Sorrow" (Live, Rock AM Ring, '01)
#"Heartache Every Moment" (Live, Rock AM Ring, '01)
#"Lose You Tonight (Live, Caribia Hotel-Turku '02)
#"Close to the Flame (Live, Caribia Hotel-Turku '02)
#"Heartache Every Moment" (Haggard cut Video)
#"Buried Alive By Love" (Live, Semifinal '03)
#"The Funeral of Hearts" (Live, Semifinal '03)
#"The Sacrament" (Live, MTV/no date)
#"The Funeral of Hearts" (Live, MTV/no date)
#"Sweet Pandemonium" (Live, Lycabettus Theatre '03)
#Love Metal Album Review
#"Your Sweet Six Six Six" (Live, Tavastia Club-Helsinki '03)
#"It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)" (Live, Tavastia Club '03)
#"Poison Girl" (Live, Tavastia Club-Helsinki '03)
#"Solitary Man" (Live, Tavastia Club-Helsinki '03)
#"Sweet Pandemonium" (Live, Tavastia Club-Helsinki '03)
#"And Love Said No" (Live, Tavastia Club-Helsinki '03)
#"Gone With the Sin" (Live, Tavastia Club-Helsinki '03)
#"Our Diabolikal Rapture" (Live, no date/venue)
#"Hand of Doom" (Live, no date/venue) (Black Sabbath cover)
#The Making of "The Funeral of Hearts"
#"Beyond Redemption" (Live, Record Release-Hamburg '03)
#"Soul on Fire" (Live, Record Release-Hamburg '03)
#"This Fortress of Tears" (Live, Record Release-Hamburg '03)
#"Soul on Fire (Live, Semifinal '03)
#"Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666" Biography
#"Razorblade Romance" Biography
#"Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights" Biography
#"Love Metal" Biography
#"" Biography
#This contains a run of all 15 Videos labelled on the DVD*
#This contains a run of all 24 Live Videos labelled on the DVD*
#More Credits
#Symbian S60 Mobile Phone Extras
#"Stigmata Diaboli" (Live, Turku, Caribia '02, in program chain 64)
#"For You" (Live, Turku, Caribia '02, in program chain 65)
#"Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666" pics
#"Razorblade Romance" pics
#"Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights" pics
#"Love Metal" pics
#"And Love Said No" pics

;HIM vs. BAM (82 mins.) (comes with special editions of Vol.1)
#"Buried Alive By Love" (Bam Margera's making of)
#"Buried Alive By Love" (Promo)
#"The Sacrament" (Bam Margera's making of)
#"The Sacrament" (Promo)
#"And Love Said No" (Bam Margera's making of)
#"And Love Said No" (Promo)

Bonus Material:
#"Solitary Man" (Promo)
#HIM EPK (Interview)
#HIM TV Spot - Love Metal
#Making of "Buried Alive By Love" (Trailer)
#"The Sacrament" (Trailer)
#"Solitary Man" (Trailer)

Glitches and Bugs

This DVD was made from previous performances and live clips. It's uncertain why the DVD has so many glitches, like the fact that it's not readable on some DVD-players. The DVD seems to be compatible with the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS2 DVD player. The UK edition of the DVD seems to have no problems.


*There are 2 known hidden videos on this DVD, which can be seen in the list above.
*There are over 5 videos that contain no info at the beginning such as, where and when it was performed at.
*The performances at "Arena Berlin" are in mediocore quality in comparison to the other clips.
*The Poison Girl music video was shot in Berlin and is also an altered version of the original video, whereas the original video has more colour.

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